Salvage Yards Near You [Junkyard Finder + Wrecking Guides]

Find salvage yards near you that sell parts. Search for junkyards with used parts in your locality.

However, finding a reliable junk dealer to meet your needs is not simple. Each deals with a specific article, and their mode of operation differs accordingly.

While you continue reading the post, we’ll guide you through locating a nearby junkyard. But until then, we will discuss the types of junkyards, how they work, the scavenger tips, and more.

Junkyards Near You that Sell Parts

For some reason, you’ll need the services of the junkyard, either to scrap heavy equipment and automobiles or to obtain replaceable parts for those articles.

Salvage yards sell used parts to customers at high discount rates. They also buy junk articles from individuals, insurance companies, and other businesses.

Why You Should Consider Local Junkyards

It would be best to consider getting used parts from salvage yards. First, they have excellent-quality spare parts.

They also offer a complimentary service fee for particular items. What’s more, they have trained technicians with many years of experience.

These experts will happily help you sort the best replaceable part.

  • What Kind of Wrecking Yard is Available?

There are various junkyards in your area. We have junkyards for household appliances, automotive parts, and general construction materials.

These ventures can offer you the best deals, whether you’re looking to buy functional parts or sell one. Let’s take a quick look at these types of junkyards.

  • Junkyard for Home Appliances

While most junkyards that deal with domestic appliances work online, we still have some on the surface. You can visit any of them to sell antique devices or get secondhand parts.

Their collectibles consist of big and small household items. These include refrigerators, freezers, wine fridges, toasters, dishwashers, AC units, and more.

  • Automobile Junkyards

You can also call it a vehicle scrap yard or auto salvage. These are commercial enterprises that buy wrecked vehicles and sell their functioning parts.

Such coins are sold at high discount rates compared to new ones. Most of the salvage yards deal with cars and trucks.

But a few extend their collections to motorcycles, bicycles, planes, ships, and more.

  • Junkyards For General Construction Materials

You’ll also find some junkyards that sell general building materials, such as furniture, lumber, bricks, windows, and more.

Depending on your needs, you may visit any of these landfills. Meanwhile, let’s review them and get a better understanding of them.

  • Furniture Junkyards

Furniture salvage yards collect used items from the public and resell them at a reduced price. Besides selling them cheap, they also serve as furniture recyclers.

  • Lumber Junkyards

Consider checking out nearby lumber salvage yards for those looking for wood with a rustic, old-school feel. These companies present the most beautiful pieces of wood of different sizes and grades.

They neatly placed them in a warehouse awaiting interested buyers. If you want a floorboard, you can get them in such facilities.

  • Bricks Junkyards

Buying pre-owned bricks at a junkyard will also provide an antique rustic atmosphere. Their bricks are integrated with a lovely nostalgic look and old textures.

Such bricks are recycled from hundred-year-old buildings.

  • Window Junkyards

There are several window junkyards with old units near you. You can patronize them for your home and art projects. Their articles will make your house unique.

As noted earlier, they are sold at affordable prices.

Here are some popular guides:

How Junkyards Operates

Most junkyards function locally. Meaning they’re privately owned. Like thrift stores, they collect and resell used items from different sources.

They must also abide by specific regulations.

These pre-owned items are usually sold at an affordable price, as mentioned previously. Only a few things might take a great deal from your pocket.

However, before entering certain junkyards, you must pay a certain amount. The cost is usually about $10. You can take a walk and see if they have what you need.

If yes, you can start a business right away. Here are some essential organizations to know.

How Services are Offered to Customers

Scrapyards serve customers in two ways.

That’s self-service yards (pick and pull) and complete services (pull for you). Both mediums are designed to serve individual clients’ needs.

Consequently, you should select one service that corresponds to your needs, time, and level of knowledge. But first, let’s look at each individually so that you can better understand.

  • Self-Service Junkyards (Pick and Pull)

Self-service junkyards allow customers to remove parts independently.

Maybe that’s why their components are relatively cheap. However, most of them charge a fee to walk through their facilities. But don’t worry—it’s something you can parcel out.

However, you must take along some work tools before picking and pulling the junkyard. This will make the dismantling process easier.

The tools you need depend on the type of junkyard you are visiting, but most will need a Sawzall, penetrating fluid, wrenches, pliers, brake bar, hammer, screwdriver, impact driver, and more.

Given the stress and risk involved in removing the parts yourself, it is best to visit junkyards where the details are pre-filled. We have customers who are not experts in parts removal.

They can either hurt themselves or destroy functioning parts.

  • Full-Service Junkyard

These kinds of salvage yards are in direct contrast to self-service yards. Here, the parts are taken off for you. In other words, you’ll need to come to buy what you need.

If you visit such junkyards, you will find their articles well organized. Some even rank these parts based on their make, model, and year of production.

This is to facilitate sorting the right pre-owned piece for you.

Moreover, the full-service junkyards have qualified and experienced personnel. These experts can address the exact problem a client may have.

Rather than spending hours removing parts, you can allow them to serve you within minutes.

Local Junkyards with Online Inventory

We have a few salvage yards that sell used articles online. You don’t necessarily have to visit the yard in person; you can order essays from anywhere.

They will be delivered to your gate quickly. Such scrap yards have partnered with significant freight and shipping companies.

Local Salvage Yards in the USA

However, finding a reliable supplier is the biggest challenge, as you can easily get scammed. Therefore, when looking for online junkyards, it is recommended to opt for registered ones.

We mean the “American Recyclers Association” members with warranty coverage for their items. They will provide you with an incredible e-commerce experience.

Selling to a Salvage Yards Near You

Selling an item to a junkyard is possible, but you must do a few things before doing so.

Firstly, remove your valuables and keep them secure. This includes your insurance, paperwork, accessories, etc. If you sell a car, you must check under seat belts, boots, the trunk, etc.

When you have removed your valuables, you can continue. Most junkyards provide reasonable offers for used items.

However, the remuneration of your article will depend on several factors, including the vehicle’s state, mileage, location, current scrap metal price, model, make, and production date.

How Do Junkyards Obtain Inventories?

There are several salvage yards where people get their junk items. Firstly, through public donations. Most people frequently discard their articles for various reasons.

Either it’s no longer their taste, or it is not worth the cost of replacement and repairs. Insurance companies also use junk-total items to offset the payout of a title.

Other sources include police seizures, auctions, or enterprises that are liquidated.

Is It Possible To Negotiate With Junkyards?

Remember, you’re here to buy used pieces. Consequently, negotiating with a salvage site is often possible. But it comes down to what you’re going to deal with.

Most junkyards with online inventory do not allow buyers to negotiate. This is because the prices are already set for every article in their stock.

So if you buy from them, your work will choose the part you want, and they will deliver it. As easy as that. But if you visit their facility in person, you can negotiate well.

Besides, you might spot some parts that aren’t worth the money. You’ll need to ask for a discount.

In other events, junkyards will love you guys to bargain if you’re junking your item. It’s part of the business, and each party will want to be profitable.

Working Days/Hours of Junkyards

Most junkyards are open Monday to Friday.

They begin work between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. However, some junkyards run for limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Those yards are mostly pick-and-pulls (self-service). Workers start work around 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and are often open for customers to remove workpieces.

Meanwhile, weekdays are the best time to visit a junkyard to buy new stock—preferably Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

One of the advantages of visiting salvage yards on weekends is that you’re likely not paying for the entrance fee. Second, you will not strip the same car as other people.

It can take hours before you see another person coming in to pull parts.

However, there are some downsides to visiting junkyards on weekends. First, you’ll hardly find an expert to help you remove parts.

If you find one, you must wait for them to help another person. There is also less negotiating flexibility on weekends. In other words, you are likelier to buy goods at high prices.

If your local junkyards don’t have a map, you’ll have trouble locating the correct item to strip. In other severe cases, you can lose your way.

Perks of Getting Used Items in Junkyards

There are many advantages to buying used parts at junkyards. As previously mentioned, secondhand parts are inexpensive in salvage yards.

Considering the atrocious inflation of new parts and the cost of repairs, dumps are the best place to fall back. Based on statistics, you can save approximately 60-70% on the cost of new parts.

These dumps are different from public landfills.

If you are lucky enough, you may trip over brand-new items. Sometimes, insurance companies and individuals junk their newly purchased items, which suddenly get totaled.

Another benefit of getting used parts in junkyards is that a higher percentage of their items are manufacturer-installed or assembled. This means they have plenty of guarantees in terms of durability and resistance.

Before proceeding, some salvage yards offer warranties for big-ticket items, such as auto parts such as engines, transmissions, radiators, steering, and more.

However, the warranty term is not as long as new items. In most cases, it lasts about 30-90 days.

During this time, you can make returns if you have issues with the item you bought. But you won’t get paid back. You can only exchange for another item or credit.

Disadvantages of Getting Secondhand Articles in Junkyards

As proficient as it seems to patronize junkyards, there are associated disadvantages.

Maybe that’s what you should consider before entering one of their facilities. But if you can handle such inconveniences, you are ready to go.

First of all, getting used parts from junkyards can be tedious. Why did we say so? Some self-service junkyards near my home contain hundreds of collectible items in their facilities.

There are thousands of parts to scavenge, meaning you will need hours to get the part(s) that correspond to your demand. It might be worse if you end up in an unorganized junkyard.

Second, you may end up with an unsuitable object in your hands. As such, it will not serve your purpose. Pieces that do not match can quickly wear out over a short period.

It would help to take precautions when buying pre-owned coins online or during actions. These are the possible places where you can potentially acquire misaligned objects.

Third, the quality of certain used parts is disabled. In simpler terms, they aren’t of high quality. Some scrap yards take certain items without knowing how much life is left in them.

When you get parts from those elements, they won’t last as expected.

Therefore, it is essential to check the quality of the parts before removing or purchasing them. If you don’t know how to check the quality, hire somebody knowledgeable to help you.

Platforms That Can Help You Locate Junkyards Nearby

Several platforms can assist you in finding a junkyard nearby.

But for the time being, we will highlight a few of them. You can patronize them anytime you desire to buy or sell secondhand items. USCarJuker, Peddle, U Pull It, YardsNearMe, and many more.

  • USCarJuker

This is one of the best online platforms for finding a junkyard near you. They also sell secondhand parts.

However, most of their collections fall under the category of cars. This site won’t be helpful if you’re not a vehicle owner.

  • Peddle

You can also count on Peddle for premium secondhand parts. It is also a renowned online automobile dealer that delivers professional services in all 50 American states.

They also have experience buying, selling, and reselling vehicles. If you have a car to junk, their working staff will pick them up from your location free of commission.

What’s more, you can sell your item in a short period. You can receive payment for your article within 24 hours.

  • U Pull It

This online platform can help you find a junkyard near you. On top of this, you can also get secondhand pieces from them at affordable prices.

For oversized items, they’ll give you a warranty for about 30 days. If you encounter problems with the item you bought, you may make returns or exchanges.

  • YardsNearMe

This online platform provides you with a variety of services. First off, you can locate the nearby salvage yard.

Second, you can purchase spare or replaceable parts at an affordable cost. You can also sell your property for a sizable price.

What’s more, they offer a warranty for most of their collectibles.

The only issue you might encounter with this platform is its complex user interface. They don’t post their contact address and number on their official site.

Salvage Yards Near You

Junkyards have answered prayers for all those looking for low-cost parts. These yards also buy articles from individuals in appreciable amounts.

As we have said, you can get a warranty for expensive items. This allows you to return an object each time you experience difficulties.

You can use the platforms highlighted above if you’re unsure where to find a junkyard near you.