This article has a detailed explanation about aluminum can recycling near me. You’ll learn how to reclaim aluminum cans and where to take your aluminum cans for recycling.

Other important details are the benefits and challenges of reprocessing aluminum cans, their monetary value, and more.

I hope you have all you need about can return near you.

Aluminum Recycling Near Me

An aluminum can is among the most recyclable item around the globe.

You can reclaim it multiple times without losing its properties. Additionally, recycling aluminum cans saves about 95% of the energy used to produce new ones.

Some experts also say reclaiming a single aluminum can save the energy to power a laptop or television for three to five hours.

So instead of throwing it in landfills and harming the environment, you can consider the option of recycling.

Where to Sell Aluminum Cans Near Me

Many people think past soda cans are the only recyclable aluminum. But that isn’t entirely true. There’s plenty more of this material that you can reprocess.

This includes aluminum pie pans, baking tray foil, car parts, frames, and more.

Now, there’re several cities with aluminum can recycling programs. In these cities, you can get private and commercial businesses that accept this material for reprocessing.

All you need to do is search the internet for “aluminum can recycling.” If your results are limited, you can try “recycle an aluminum can near me.”

You can also bring your empty aluminum cans for reclaiming to local grocery stores, scrap metal yards, collection centers, appliance salvage yards, and recycling centers.

These establishments often have stations for reprocessing aluminum cans and other containers. However, recycling in some of these facilities depends on the volume of your item.

Procedure for Recycling Aluminum Can

You don’t need a particular skill to reclaim aluminum cans, as the steps are simple. Unlike other items, you only have three steps to recycle your aluminum can.

First, save a decent amount of cans, clean them up, and crush and locate a recycling center near you. Let’s briefly go over these procedures individually.

  • Save Up a decent Amount of Cans.

It would be best if you did not take a few aluminum cans for reprocessing. What if you’re going to get paid for them? You’ll need plenty of them to get a reasonable payout.

Additionally, you can donate aluminum cans with other recyclables to increase your winnings. But this method could be more efficient because you don’t get a refund for your items.

  • Clean Your Aluminum Can

Most recycling facilities accept aluminum cans that are clean and dry. Thus, you’ll need to rinse your cans as soon as you collect them.

If they’re soda and drinks cans, use hot water to dissolve the sugar content. Cleaning your aluminum cans also eliminates odor and reduces the likelihood of pest infestation.

  • Crush Your Cans

Aluminum cans take up significant space when dumped in trash cans or bins. To get enough space for more cans, you’ll need to get them crushed.

Once you’re done, you take your cans to the nearest recycling facility. Above you are some places where you can take this material for reprocessing.

What Happens at the Reprocessing Facility?

Once recycling centers collect waste aluminum cans, they’re taken into the treatment plant.

There, they’ll be sorted out and get ready for reprocessing. The reprocessing begins by melting them into ingots and sending them to mills to flatten and roll out.

Next, they’re turned into new products such as meal packaging, foil wrapping, drinks cans, etc.

Troubles That Come with Aluminum Recycling

You must know there’re specific challenges associated with reprocessing aluminum cans. For one, removing contaminants is a big issue for most beginners.

Secondly, most reprocessing establishments need help to meet quality control standards. Every facility that gets evaluated and fails the audit for lack of quality gets penalized.

Additional troubles accompanying the reprocessing of this item include the emission of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. This causes a lot of environmental hazards.

Recycling Cans for Money Near Me

Oh yes! You can get paid for recycling waste aluminum if you live in a bottle bill state.

We refer to states such as California, Michigan, Oregon, New York, Maine, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Vermont.

These states have environmental protection laws that guarantee the payment of returned cans no matter what.

As for how much money you’ll get, recycling aluminum can depends on your location. But for the most part, you can get 5 to 10 cents for each can return.

This means 12 packs of soda cans can net you 60 cents to $1.20.

Where Else Can I Take My Aluminum Can for Reprocessing?

If you don’t live in the bottle above bill states, there’re other places you can take your cans for cash. These include local scrap metal yards, grocery stores, and collection centers.

However, how remunerative you’ll be depends on a few factors, where you’re selling your empty aluminum cans and the current price of aluminum scraps.

Your location also matters regarding how much you can make selling your scraps. If you live in rural areas, you should lower your expectations.

That’s because they’re limited options for selling scrap aluminum compared to urban settlements. Additionally, the high competition for such scraps in urban settlements improves the payout.

Perks of Recycling Aluminum Cans

There’re several benefits associated with recycling aluminum cans.

First, it reduces negative environmental impact significantly. As mentioned earlier, this item emits toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

Recycling this material conserves energy used in the production of new aluminum cans.

According to research, recycling a ton of aluminum cans saves about 14,000 kWh of electricity. Not just that, but you also save 40 barrels of oil.

Moreover, you’re creating job opportunities in reprocessing facilities by recycling aluminum cans. There are over 1,200 recycling plants in the US with around 10,000 workers.

Each facility reprocessed over a million tons of aluminum cans each year.

  • Wrap Up

It’s your responsibility and that of reprocessing industries to keep aluminum cans out of landfills. This material can take up to decompose. Until then, it releases a hazardous greenhouse gas, as pointed out earlier.

Thus, by recycling this item, you’re promoting environmental health and creating work opportunities. Besides, you’ll get paid for your services.