Do you want to save cost on used Audi parts?

If yes, visit an Audi salvage yard near you. These businesses provide high-quality used OEM Audi parts at affordable prices.

You can get various replacement parts for your vehicle regardless of its model and year of manufacture. Additionally, you can pick off restored Audi cars at high discounted rates.

Audi Junkyard Near Me

Meanwhile, before you step foot in any of their facilities, you’ll need to read this article. A lot has been discussed about Audi salvage yards near me.

Some of the things you’ll come across include their business type and inventory source. You’ll also learn how salvage parts are obtained from these businesses and more.

We’ll move right away.

How to Locate an Audi Salvage Yard

Finding an Audi salvage yard near you should be easy.

The reason is there’re several of them around the country. While some might not be exclusive Audi salvo lots, you can get what you want at local auto junkyards.

They may have a section for scrap Audis.

To locate one of these businesses near you, quickly search “Audi salvage yards + your location.” There’re several websites with a list of all Audi salvage yards around the country and their addresses.

If more is needed, consider asking people around. Sure, you’ll get someone who can give you a lead.

Audi Wrecking Yard Model

The business style of Audi salvage yards near me is similar to that of thrift stores. We mean, they also engage in buying and selling of items.

The only difference is that these businesses deal with automobiles, particularly Audi vehicles. They purchase cars that are either broken or aged and make money selling their valuable parts.

On top of that, they restore scrap vehicles to life and auction them off. If you need an affordable Audi car to ride, this is the perfect place for you.

But keep in mind that rebuilt Audi cars comes with their headaches. Let’s move on.

Where Do Audi Junkyards Source Their Scraps?

There’re several places Audi salvage yards obtain their junk. This includes insurance companies, private owners, auctions, police seizures, and more.

Most often, vehicles that come from insurance companies are victims of accidents. They’re scraped to recoup part of the money used in settling a claimed damage.

Private owners dump their Audis for multiple reasons. For one, they’ll be disposed of when they are deemed inoperable secondly if the cost to fix their damaged cars outweighs their value.

Additionally, some owners discard old vehicles for new models to come in. Either way, only some scrap cars are helpful. There’re valuable auto parts that are worth hundreds of dollars.

Tips About Getting Salvage Parts from Audi Scrap Yards

There are two ways to get used Audi parts in salvage yards.

You can visit a yard that allows customers to remove valuable components or those that assist customers with it. Audi salvage yards allowing customers to pull parts themselves are called “self-service or pick-and-pull.”

Those kinds of facilities might have a few used parts on their shelve, but you can be sure of getting them for cheap.

Before you walk through their installation, you’ll require a certain amount for admission. The charges vary from one salvage yard to the next.

As for those salvos removing auto parts for customers, they have a surplus on their shelves. But you’ll be charged extra for services. However, most such businesses only ask for admission for a fee.

You can get the quality used Audi part you’re looking for.

Scrap Audi Cars Stripped Down to Metals

The Audi salvage yards near me maximize profits in every step to strip a vehicle.

Upon the arrival of junk, they first test their condition and fix the serviceable ones. Cars without hope of returning to service will be stripped down to their metals.

Until then, toxic liquids such as fuel, motor oil, freon, wiper oil, etc., will be removed. Instead of throwing them, they’ll be repackaged and sold for reuse or recycling.

Next, some delicate auto parts, such as engines and batteries, will be removed. They’re sent to experts for rebuilding afterward; they’ll be old at affordable prices.

The remaining functional parts will be cleaned, inspected, tested, and stored. The only thing left lying down is the vehicle’s metal frame.

Since recycling centers will value their metals, they’ll be sold as scraps.

Popular Audi Models and Used Parts You Can Get in Salvage Yards

They feature numerous models if you visit an Audi salvage yard near you.

You can see A3, Q8, S3, Q7, Q6, Q3, Q4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A4 Q5, TTS, TT, 5000, 4000, 3000, TT e-Tron, RS8, RS7, RS6, RS5, and more.

Some used parts for these models include exhaust, mirrors, carburetors, pistons, panels, fenders, and doors.

Additional salvage parts are dashboards, tires and wheels, windshields, sound systems, air conditioners, seats, steering, starters, and more.

Things You Should Do When Selling Scarp Cars to Audi Salvage Yards

After finalizing selling your damaged or old Audi to scrap yards, you must do a few things.

First, remove the remaining fuel plus your personal belongings from the vehicle. Also, remove license plates and cancel all insurance policies and registration.

Moreover, wipe all personal data from the GPS and other digital devices. When you’re done, you find out the value of your scrap car.

The idea is to assist you in negotiating a better price. To estimate the worth of your scrap vehicle, you can use the “Kelly Blue Book.” It’s very efficient, fast, and reliable.

  • Working Days and Time

Most Audi salvage yards near me open their business from Monday to Friday.

Their work hours are from 8 am to 4 or 5 pm. But you can still find some salvos that operate on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Most such facilities offer self-services, and they work for limited hours.

While cutting costs on replaceable parts is good, you must know certain drawbacks. Some used parts you can obtain from Audi salvage yards might serve you differently than expected.

Either the components are worn out, or they need to fit better. Thus, you must be careful when selecting used parts.