Bicycle Salvage Yards Near You

You can learn more about bicycle salvage yards by reading this post.

We’ll share the business style of bicycle Salvage Yards Near You. Other things to include are their source of inventory, available parts, and more.

But before then, let’s see the possibility of a bicycle salvage yard nearby.

Junkyard for Bikes

Like vehicle owners, people riding motorcycles and bicycles also require cheap, used parts. It’s a great alternative to save money when restoring a damaged cycle.

One of the places you can get quality used parts for cheap is bicycle salvage yards. These businesses dished out replaceable parts for different kinds of bicycles.

  • How Rampant is Bicycle Salvage Yards?

Unfortunately, bicycle salvage yards are few around the country.

Finding one of such facilities is similar to digging a gold. However, there’re alternative places you can get what you want. One of them is searching online.

Several businesses are into the dealership of salvage bicycles and their parts.

Where you’re, you can order used bicycle parts and complete your restoration project. Since most of these businesses partner with top freight and shipping companies, you can receive your shipment quickly.

The only con is that item prices are higher than in a bicycle salvage yard.

Some online businesses you can patronize for used bicycle parts are eBay, Craigslist, neighborhood app, and Freecycle. You can also get salvage parts from individuals in the community.

  • Bicycle Junkyards are Privately Owned Business

Yes! Most of the bicycle Salvage Yards Near You are owned by private hands.

As such, they operate on the local horizontal surface. They purchase wrecked or antique bicycles and profit from selling their used parts.

While these businesses aim to make profits, their target is also to recirculate used bicycle parts. That way, it will reduce waste in landfills.

In addition to selling used bicycle parts, these junkyards restore not severely damaged bicycles. It’s another way of maximizing profit on their junk.

If you need a cheap bike, you can get one in their facilities.

  • Source of Inventory

Bicycle Salvage Yards Near You obtain junk from private sellers, auctions, or online deals.

Each of these donors has specific reasons for dumping their cycles. Private sellers are running away from the high cost of repairing or replacing new parts.

People or businesses wanting to give away their broken bicycles sell them online to salvage yards. The government auctioned impounded bicycles because they no longer have to use them.

Used Bicycle Parts Near You

You can find anything you want if you’re lucky to locate a bicycle salvage yard nearby. Starting from pedals, fenders, spoke wheels, chains, handlebars, crank kits, spinning wheels, tires, and more.

You can get salvage parts for antique bicycles. Only that, they might need to be in better condition. Thus, you must inspect them before purchasing.

Meanwhile, some popular bicycle brands in salvage yards include Bianchi, Cervelo, Trek Bicycle Corporation, and Colnago.

Others include Orbea, Raleigh, Giant Bikes, Kona Bikes, BMC Switzerland, and Merida.

Drawbacks of Getting Salvage Bicycle Parts in Junkyards

There’re certain drawbacks associated with the purchase of salvage bicycle parts. One of them is that you can end up with less quality or damaged parts.

Remember, most bicycles junked in salvage yards are broken or accident. Therefore, some of the used parts could be bent or malfunctioning.

Secondly, some bicycle Salvage Yards Near You could be unorganized.

They junked various bicycles in one place, making it difficult for customers to get what they wanted. You can wait several hours before salvage yard attendants locate your required bicycle part.

Can I Sell My Damaged or Old Bicycle in Salvage Yards?

Oh yes! Remember, we mentioned private sellers among the bicycle salvage yard’s inventory sources. But since few bicycle salvage yards exist, you should check your local cycle repair shops.

Most of them purchase salvage bicycles from individuals. You can strike a deal whether you have a famous or antique model.

However, calling and inquiring before visiting their installations would be best. You can ask whether they collect used bicycles or not.

  • How is Remunerative Selling Used Bicycles to Scrap Yards?

While bicycle salvage yards are the best to sell your damaged or antique bicycle, there’s no guarantee you’ll make much from your sales. That’s because they have less scrap metal value.

Secondly, valuable parts that are obtainable aren’t plenty.

If you want to make the most from your unwanted bicycle, strip the functional parts yourself.

There’re several online platforms where you can advertise those items and make a sweet profit. You can also consider selling them to private individuals.

Meanwhile, before you sell your damaged or old bicycle to salvage yards, you’ll need to consider a few things.

Possibility of restoring your bike and how much it will cost. You can sell if you discover getting it back to service is impossible. The same follows if the repair cost outweighs the cycle’s value.

  • Salvage Parts are Already Pulled

Unlike automobile salvage yards, bicycle junkyards don’t have pick-and-pull facilities. All valuable salvage parts are removed upon arrival of junked bicycles.

Their expert technicians strip, clean, inspect, and test salvage bicycle parts before storing them. When you visit their installation, their attendants will fetch the bicycle part you need.

  • Warranty for Used Pieces

You cannot get a warranty for salvage bicycle parts. That’s because bicycle parts aren’t as expensive as autos.

But the coverage period will be brief if you get bicycle salvage yards that offer a guarantee. In other cases, warranties are only provided for the most expensive bicycle part.

Although getting bicycle salvage yards is difficult, you can always count on the few for quality used parts. You can significantly save costs if you patronize one of these businesses.

However, you must be careful in selecting used parts.

As highlighted above, some bicycle parts need to be of better quality. Thus, they might last less than expected. If you need help spotting quality parts, hire an expert to accompany you.