Read further about box spring removal costs and services near me.

We’ll give you an overview of the cost of removing these items, where to find professional removal services, the best time for removal, and more.

After going through this page, you’ll know the suitable approaches to remove your box springs. Let’s not keep you waiting.

Box Spring Removal Cost And Services Near Me

Removing a box spring can be a challenging task, especially for starters. A professional service (s) will be required to do the job efficiently.

However, such services aren’t for free.

You’ll be required to pay a certain amount to have these items removed. How much you’ll pay will depend on critical factors such as your location, the services you’re booking, and more.

  • Who Can Pick Up Old Box Spring?

Being concerned about who can help remove your old box springs is normal. Remember, the removal process is complex and will require technical experts.

You can invite local junk removal companies such as CSN Cleaning Las Vegas, ABQ Household Services, LoadUp, Budget Dumpsters, and more.

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These service providers will offer a convenient way to remove and discard your box springs. Additionally, some services may provide same-day pickup and no extra labor cost.

What’s more satisfying than that?

  • Best Time to Remove or Replace a Box Spring

Typically, box springs act as support systems for beds.

Thus, you must know the right time to remove and replace them. On average, these components should be removed every eight to ten years.

However, you may be required to change your box springs in case of significant defects. Such defects could be either sagging or broken slats.

To purchase a new box spring, it’ll cost you around $100 to $250.

Average Cost of Box Spring Removal And Services

Before inviting a professional box spring remover, figure out their charges.

A Professional removal company charges between $50 to $145 per hour. This cost is for both standard box springs and foundation removal.

Furthermore, we have some removal companies who provide flat-rates services. Such services are more cost-effective than hourly rates.

You can get affordable removal services if you want your items removed immediately. All you need to do is conduct thorough research.

Cost of Hiring a Dumpster to Remove Old Box Spring

Hiring a dumpster could be better if you have extra junk to remove. These businesses often remove old box springs and disposables for just $75-$125.

They can also remove bulky items in just a gulp. However, they may take up significant space in your driveway. But if you’re cool with that, you can place an invitation call.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Box Spring Removal

As highlighted above, certain factors determine the cost of removing the old box spring. Among these factors are the size and weight of your item, the distance it’ll be carried to, and the service location.

We have removal companies that charge based on additional labor and equipment used in executing the job.

Furthermore, the charges for onetime-removal services differ from those for ongoing pickup. Therefore, you must discuss this with your service provider to get an accurate estimate before starting.

Removing Old Box Spring For Free

Fortunately, a few removal companies offer customers free box spring removal services.

Some have flexible removal programs that will fit your schedule. You can also call for their services if you have an old bunkie board or box spring to remove.

A few companies you can consult for free removal services include Hassleless Mattress, halo home, etc. Ensure you call the head and make further inquiries and possible arrangements.

Remove Old Box Spring Yourself

It’s okay to think about removing these items yourself.

You’ll be saving the cost of hiring a professional removal service. Additionally, it’ll improve your mental health and help you gain more skills and experiences.

When doing it yourself, cut the bottom lining using a sharp tool. Next, run your blade around the edges to remove the sides of the box springs. While doing that, keep your hands clear of where you’ll make cuts.

When finished, pry the wooden support off with a claw hammer and take such help off for a box spring. Some experts put metal support in the center to pull the top fabric from under the springs.

This step can be tedious for just an individual. Therefore, you can seek assistance from capable hands.

Why Should You Hire A Box Spring Removal Service

Here are a few reasons to hire a box spring removal service.

To get started, box springs are large and heavy items best handled by professionals. They can come to pick up your scrap box springs and dispose of them appropriately.

Some service providers may go a long way in cleaning up your area. They may not charge you for such extra services if you’re lucky.

How to Prepare for Box Spring Removal Services

To efficiently remove your old box springs, you’ll need to get prepared fully.

You’ll need to clean the surrounding area of all clutter and debris. Any furniture within the box spring must be removed for sufficient space for smooth operation.

However, ensure you put on your safety kits. We refer to close-toe shoes, gloves, and more. You can also invite firm masses to assist in lifting the box spring.

Finally, ensure that all mattresses are sheets-free before the appointment date.

Tips for Booking a Box Spring Removal Service

Hiring a box spring removal service is a simple task. You can do that in just a couple of minutes.

You can call or email them depending on the service provider you choose. They’ll give you feedback immediately after your mail has been received.

From there, you can proceed to schedule an appointment.

Until then, you must ensure your service provider is licensed and has a good reputation with customers. Also, inquire about their fees, terms, and discounts.

Doing so will ensure you get the best price quote and more.

Box spring removal is a cumbersome activity that needs to be executed by experts. For that, you should invite reputable removal services near you.

They’ll help remove these items successfully and dispose of them appropriately.