The beauty of antique reclaimed brick is one thing you can’t keep your eyes off.

Even the newly manufactured imitation can’t replicate the antique rustic feel. Entirely thanks to its patina-weathered look and texture.

Such can only be gotten from century-old bricks.

Reclaimed Bricks for Sale Near Me

Are you looking for used bricks for free near you?

Consider visiting a salvage yard to beautify your house with antique bricks. Until then, you’ll need to read this article until the end. We’ll share some details about brick salvage yards near me.

You’ll learn their business model, where to find reclaimed bricks, and more.

Top 20 Brick Salvage Yards

For those who want to add wrath and character to their homes, consider visiting brick salvage yards.

These facilities are home to various architectural salvage items, including bricks. If you’re wondering where to locate one, then worry no more.

This article will highlight the top 20 brick salvage yards in the U.S.

  1. Vintage Brick Salvage, LLC

Are you looking for an actual reclaimed brick wall with the ease of a brick veneer tile installation? Then, visit this salvage yard.

They offer various classes of vintage brick, perfect for your home or commercial installation. Their products can be great for recreation rooms, basements, walls or floors, kitchens, mud rooms, etc.

  1. The Brick Yard

You can count on this brickyard for all your vintage needs. The facility has an inventory of quality vintage brick products for your buildings and homes.

In addition to brick, you can also get other installation items. These include clawfoot, lap siding, beadboard, and more. These items are sold at highly discounted prices.

  1. Stockyards Brick and Timber

Stockyards Brick and Timber is a local business supplying reclaimed brick and timber to commercial, residential, and individual projects.

You can get vintage items like hardware, doors, flooring, metals, logs, beams, and more. They can be your best shot if you want to decorate your basement, recreational rooms, kitchen, mud rooms, etc.

  1. Relics of Architectural Salvage

As their name implies, you can get relics of the past at very affordable prices. The yard is an excellent source of authentic architectural salvage products.

Some items in their lot include reclaimed wood, beams, logs, flooring, mantels, windows & doors, hardware, brick & stone, and more.

  1. Brick + Board

You can count on this junkyard for all your brick-salvage needs. Because they understand the value of vintage products, they save the last brick, beam, and floorboard.

In addition to saving vintage items, the yard takes pride in harvesting, preserving, and preparing these materials for their next hundred years of life.

  1. New Orleans Brick & Stone

Do you live in New Orleans? Then, consider visiting this yard for excellent antique items. The facility has been serving architects, designers, builders, and homeowners with uncompromising quality for nearly 40 years.

Consider visiting this facility whenever you want to add warmth and character to your home or building.

  1. Chief Bricks

You’ll appreciate patronizing this salvage yard. The facility reclaimed the bricks and cobblestones without involving a middleman. So they will ship directly to you whenever you buy items from them.

They have a team of knowledgeable and skilled experts who will tell you about the availability of materials and the consistency of product quality.

  1. All Around Antique Brick

All Round Antique Brick provides a large selection of reclaimed brick from the surrounding area.

You can get reclaimed items like doors, double-pane windows, wood beams, wrought iron fencing, oak flooring, pine flooring, and more at lower prices.

The yard also welcomes anyone with a project, whether small or large.

  1. Orr Reed Wrecking Co.

Orr Reed Wrecking Co. is an architectural salvage yard that specializes in demolitions.

However, they provide other excellent services like reclaimed wood flooring, antique lumber, wrought iron fences, salvaged doors, and other treasures.

They are dedicated to keeping usable materials from going into landfills.

If you’re looking for a salvaged window and antique door supplier, think of this junkyard. They provide beautifully restored doors and window frames.

  1. Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed Materials is a reputable business with several qualified architects and design firms. Their main objective is to assist you in turning your vision into the perfect home designed for you.

They provide customers access to high-quality materials to make their dreams come true.

These include recycled wood, reclaimed heart pine, river reclaimed cypress, bead board, wormy chestnut, oak, teak, maple, beams, and brick, amongst many others.

  1. North American Thin Brick

Come to North American Thin Brick if you need to reclaim architectural products. They have a knowledgeable and skilled team to help you select antique brick veneer material.

That way, you can kickstart your building and look how you want. All these services and products will be delivered with higher quality materials at lower prices.

  1. Reclaimed Thin Brick

If you want to cut costs on your do-it-yourself project, consider purchasing salvaged items from this establishment. They provide thin brick paver and backsplash options for decorative applications across your house or business.

Solid ancient brick is divided into layers to form their product. Why settle for a thin brick when you can get an ancient brick?

14. ReUse Depot

ReUse Deport is a non-profit warehouse with private and public donations of salvaged building materials. You can also get other excellent architectural stuff to complete your home remodeling or building.

One of the main objectives of this facility is to spread the word about keeping reusable materials out of our landfills.

  1. BeatyAmerican

If you live around Philadelphia, consider patronizing this architectural salvage.

They provide reclaimed items like wood, stone, metal, and antiques. In addition to selling these salvage products, they reuse and repurpose architectural elements & building materials.

  1. Freeway Building Materials

Freeway Building Materials specializes in buying and selling building materials, fixtures, and rare objects built before 1960. They stock every day and hard-to-find objects for sale and rental.

Their products are of superior design, quality, and value. Homeowners, decorators, architects, contractors, collectors, restoration hobbyists, and professionals can visit this yard anytime they want vintage products.

  1. Fox Brick & Stone

Fox Brick and Stone are among the top rock, stone, patio, flag, river, boulders, and reclaimed brick suppliers.

They also sell decorative stone, landscaping stone, border stone, sand, gravel, topsoil, & more. If interested in these items, you can visit the yard or call their official line.

  1. Columbia Block & Brick

Columbia Block & Brick is a top supplier of brick and other architectural products. These include new, old, and reclaimed wood and stone veneer.

With 75 years of service, they have experience delivering the best customer service. So, you can visit their installation anytime you need a cheap brick.

  1. Bee Green Recycling & Supply

This facility can be listed among the best brick junkyards in the nation. Their area of expertise was the sale of secondhand bricks from completed demolition projects.

Before going on sale, their merchandise is cleaned, sorted, and palletized. They can be your best option to salvage bricks for various uses, including patios, pits, lawns, and more.

Like auto salvage yards, brick junkyards are excellent places to obtain used pieces at affordable prices. You can also get hard-to-find parts from these facilities.

So, anytime you have a DIY project, you can pick one of the listed salvage yards.

Business Model of Used Brick Salvage Yards

The business model of this establishment is similar to that of auto salvage yards. They obtained salvage bricks in perfect condition and sold them for profit making.

While a few of these businesses might need to be more organized, many arrange their inventory accordingly. We mean, they organize their bricks by type and size.

Additionally, most brick salvage yards near me cut their salvage bricks in square feet. If you need Milwaukee “Cream City” or Chicago “Queen veneer,” you can always get them in various sizes.

However, obtaining reclaimed bricks is a bit pricey. You’ll spend a lot on your construction project.

Alternative Places to Buy Reclaimed Bricks

Besides salvage yards, you can visit several alternative places to obtain quality salvage bricks.

Among them are rebuilding exchange and reuse Depot, architectural salvage yards, online vendors, excavators, dilapidated buildings, home remodeling companies, and more.

Let’s go over them individually.

  • Building Materials Salvage Yards

This is the first place to visit if you lack what you need at a brick salvage yard. They are businesses that specialize in the supply of various salvage building materials, including bricks.

However, you won’t find the quantity you need to execute a big project. That’s because they only have a brick in their inventory.

Besides bricks, you can also find other used building materials in these salvage yards. Amongst them are metals, wood, etc., and these pieces are sold at affordable prices.

  • Rebuilding Exchange and Reuse Depot

These non-profit organizations specialize in collecting masonry, stones, bricks, and other building materials. Volunteers often run these organizations and aim to recirculate building materials into the community.

That will create a sustainable environment and keep waste from landfills. You will likely get the kind of brick you’re looking for in these facilities.

  • Online Vendors

Surprise, you can obtain used bricks online. Several online platforms offer sellers the opportunity to sell their reclaimed bricks. Amongst these platforms are Craigslist, eBay, Freecycle, and more.

You can get the kind of salvage bricks from one of these platforms.

However, you’ll need to ask specific questions before you purchase used bricks from sellers online. Take, for instance, the bricks’ condition, size, and age.

You may also want pictures of what you’re buying and how many pieces are available.

  • Home Remodeling Companies

You can get salvage bricks from home remodeling companies. These businesses specialized in demolishing structures and rebuilding them.

Brick buildings aren’t an exception. Before obtaining reclaimed bricks from these firms, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount for labor.

Besides rebuilding homes, these companies also offer construction services. These include the installation of cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, windows, walls, flooring, and more.

  • Dilapidated Buildings

Do you have a dilapidated brick structure near you? If yes. They’re a good source of reclaimed bricks. All you need to do is find the owner and seek permission.

Most owners of such buildings don’t say no, so far something good will come from your pocket. In other cases, some owners will allow you to take what you need if you only demolish the building.

  • Excavator Companies

Excavators and home remodeling companies are of no difference. They are also companies with a specialty in striking down structures.

Telling them what you need beforehand will facilitate your success in getting reclaimed bricks. They’re often the first to know whether a building will be demolished.

What Can You Do with Used Salvage Bricks

Reclaimed bricks are applicable in diverse constructions, including walls, flooring, bathrooms, and wine cellars. You can also create a vintage look for your kitchen, man cave, hotels, casinos, sports stadiums, bars, etc.

  • Brick Veneer Can Be A Good Replacement

If you can’t get reclaimed bricks, you can make do with brick veneer. It’s a thin layer of bricks used in the exterior wall cladding.

Unlike the actual brick that supports the structural load, a brick veneer only adds beauty to structures. Some brick salvage yards slice vintage bricks into tile veneer for easy installation.

Why Should You Obtain Reclaimed Bricks at Salvage Yards?

You can obtain reclaimed bricks for several reasons. As mentioned above, you cannot get the rustic feeling it gives from newly molded bricks.

Also, finding salvage bricks is easy if you know where to get them. In most cases, this material is dished out to customers for free. Only a few places will demand compensation.

But never worry, it’s not going to be something huge.

However, the high cost of reclaimed bricks is the drawback associated with junkyards that exclusively deal with vintage bricks.

Most such facilities put high prices for their articles. This is because of the high demand for such materials. Secondly, you may get fewer pieces than you want in some salvos.

When Are Reclaimed Brick Yards Open for Business?

Most brick salvage yards near me are open from Monday to Friday. They start operation from 8 am to 4 pm. But a few yards are available from 9 am to 1 pm on weekends.

You are free to visit these installations within their days of operation and get whatever you need.

Brick salvage yards are different from auto junkyards, where you have the guarantee of saving costs. Instead of paying a lower price for vintage bricks, the reverse is the case.

As highlighted above, the rustic feeling it provides makes it costly materials. If you don’t have brick salvage yards near you, you can check the above alternatives for your construction needs.