Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me

If you keep reading this article, you can learn more about Cadillac salvage yards.

A lot has been discussed about their kind of business, how parts are obtainable, the source of inventory, and more. But before we move on, we’ll first show you how to locate a nearby Cadillac wrecking yard.

Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me

People riding Cadilac are considered wealthy, considering the pricey nature of the brand. The same perception follows when repairing or replacing new parts for such vehicle marks.

While true, you can find affordable Cadillac parts in Salvage yards.

These businesses sell salvage parts that are original OEM. This means you’re guaranteed quality used parts that will fit your Cadillac.

 Top 20 Cadillac Salvage Yards

As a Cadillac vehicle owner, you don’t have to spend your fortune fixing your old or damaged car. There are salvage yards that will provide you with excellent parts at affordable prices.

All you need to do is stick to this page. Let’s begin by listing the US’s top 20 Cadillac salvage yards immediately.

  1. Cadillac Parts and Sales

Do you have a repair or maintenance job on your Cadillac car or SUV?

Then, you’ll find this salvage yard ideal for your needs. They specialized in selling genuine OEM parts for different models of Cadillac. You’re sure to get what you need to fix your ride.

  1. CadillacHeaven

For over 25 years, this salvage yard has been meeting people’s automotive needs. They buy old, retired, and prematurely wrecked Cadillacs to give them a second life as vital organ donors.

They can be your best shot if you’re looking for a cheap car. The facility also sells used car parts to help those on restoration projects.

  1. Cadillac of Las Vegas Auto Parts

Come to this facility if you need help finding parts for your Cadillac vehicle. They are trusted dealers of recycled auto parts.

Regardless of the model and year, you can get the right part to fix your car. Additionally, their expert technicians can help you find items that are challenging to get.

  1. Cadillac Parts USA

Napleton Cadillac of Oak Lawn is proud to bring you a wide selection of new and used vehicles. They have components suited for different models of Cadillac.

Some items from their lot include engines, transmissions, fenders, bumpers, chassis, alternators, radiators, doors, and more. These parts are of high quality and are sold at cheaper rates.

  1. Cadillac King

Cadillac King has provided the highest quality used and refurbished parts for many years. With over 16 acres of Cadillacs, you can get everything you need to fix your car.

The facility features hard-to-find items for both classic and late models of vehicles. They also have knowledgeable and friendly staff who will make searching for parts easy.

  1. Central Houston Cadillac Parts

Visit this salvage yard anytime you need a spare or replacement part for your vehicle. They specialize in selling quality, genuine OEM parts to Cadillac owners in the country.

You can get the suitable component for your car, no matter its model or year. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff, finding what you need will be easy.

  1. Gately Cadillac Restoration

Gately Cadillac Restoration is an excellent place to get high-quality parts for your vehicle. They have a vast inventory of parts that you’ll be interested in.

To mention a few: engines, doors, chassis, tires, wheels, seats, starters, bumpers, and more. All these car parts are sold to customers at affordable rates. If you need some, you can call them at +1 617-445-3300.

  1. Gene’s Auto Parts

You can rely on this salvage yard to get the right part for your Cadillac. They are among the largest salvage yards in Northern Michigan.

With a vast inventory of parts for foreign and domestic cars, you can get everything you need to fix your car, truck, SUV, or van. Their items are delivered to customers at competitive prices and with an extended warranty.

  1. Cadillac Tempe Parts

Are you looking for auto parts for your vehicle? Look no further than Cadillac Temple Parts. They will provide the necessary components to get your car back in shape.

Their inventory is stocked with genuine OEM parts to ensure the best possible repair for your car, truck, or SUV. If you know which parts your vehicle needs, you can order them online or call their official line.

  1. Cadillac Parts Center

Visit Frank Kent Cadillac for high-quality parts. The yard specializes in selling quality auto components to our customers.

With a team of skilled technicians, you’ll get help finding the suitable element for your car. The facility has items for various models of Cadillac, including the XT4, XT5, XT6, CT4, CT5, and more.

  1. Classic Cadillac Parts

For many years, this salvage yard has satisfied the automotive needs of clients in the country. They provide high-quality parts for different Cadillac models.

You can get items suited for late models of the 1960s at highly discounted prices. The facility employs skilled experts to assist customers in finding the correct parts for their cars.

  1. Antique Cadillac Parts

Antique Cadillac Parts is a one-stop shop for all your auto parts needs. They have been committed to providing the highest quality Cadillac parts for sale online for many years.

No matter the model of your car, you’ll get what you need, including hard-to-find old stock parts in their original packaging.

  1. USA Parts Supply

For over 20 years, USA Parts Supply has offered customers quality merchandise at honest prices worldwide.

They are a full-service mail-order company that features outstanding components for classic and recent models of Cadillac. Some items from them range from transmissions to engines and axle assemblies.

  1. Ron Craft Cadillac Auto Parts

If you’re looking for the best in Chevrolet OEM and aftermarket parts, this is the right place to be.

The yard prides itself on having an inventory of thousands of used auto parts for different models of Cadillacs. You’ll get what you need if you’re driving a car, truck, sedan, SUV, or van.

  1. Heritage Cadillac Parts Department

Heritage Cadillac Parts Department is another salvage yard on which you can depend for high-quality parts. They maintain a comprehensive inventory of high-quality genuine OEM parts.

With a team of highly knowledgeable staff, all your questions will be answered excellently. For more inquiries, call their official line at +1 630-282-4149.

  1. Cadillac Auto Parts

Come to Cadillac Auto Parts if you need quality vehicle parts. The facility has a vast inventory of parts for both recent and late models of Cadillac.

You can buy brake pads, engines, axle assemblies, transmissions, and more. All these auto parts are sold at lower prices to fit the pocket of the average man.

  1. Bill DeLuca Cadillac Parts

Bill DeLuca Cadillac luxury dealership is another place to reduce costs on your restoration project. The facility offers the best parts for late and recent models of Cadillac.

With a team of highly qualified technicians, you’re sure to get what you want without hassle. They offer the best mechanical and electrical components.

  1. Herry’s Cadillac Parts

Include this salvage yard among the best that offers quality used parts for different models of Cadillacs. The facility has many of the most requested Cadillac parts in Weatherford.

Whether you drive a CT5 sedan, Escalade, or XT5, you’ll get the needed item. The yard has qualified and skilled staff that offers the best customer service.

  1. Cadillac Phoenix Parts

Are you looking for Cadillac parts in the Phoenix area? Then you’ve come to the right place. Coulter Cadillac Phoenix is your top source for OEM Cadillac auto parts.

The facility has a vast inventory of parts for different models and years of Cadillac. All you need to do is visit them at 1188 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85014, US.

You can also call their official line at +1 602-264-1188.

  1. CJ Auto Parts

At CJ Auto Parts, you can get quality used classic auto parts. The yard specializes in Cadillacs and classic GM cars. You can get high-quality OEM-used auto parts, regardless of your vehicle’s model or year.

They have trained technicians who can help you get the correct part. Their lot includes radiators, alternators, axle assemblies, tires, engines, and more.

You can explore many more salvage yards for your Cadillac’s needs. The ones listed above are the top 20 in the country. You can visit any of them near you for cheaper used or new parts.

  • Locating a Nearby Cadillac Wrecking Yard

Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these businesses around the country.

This means you’re less likely to get one of their installations exclusively dealing with junked Cadillacs. If so, consider getting what you need at GM salvage yards.

However, you can broaden your search online. Several websites contain a list of auto junkyards around the country. Some websites are under the yellow pages “automobile parts” or “salvage yards.”

These places may have a decent selection of Cadillac salvage parts.

  • Cadillac Salvage Yards are Mini Recyclers

That’s a brief description of Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me. These businesses are into purchasing damaged or antique Cadillacs and selling their valuable parts for profit.

They aim to keep the circulation of functional auto parts until the end of their life. Vehicles accepted as junked include Sedans, SUVs, trucks, and more.

Besides selling used parts, salvage yards also restore Cadillacs with little life. After making them road-worthy, they sell them to individuals needing cheap Cadillacs or via auction.

How Cadillacs End Up in Junkyards

Cadillac salvage yards get their inventory in several ways, including private sellers and insurance companies.

Police impound, auctions, and liquidated businesses are other ways they source their stock. These donors dumped their Cadillacs for one good reason or the other.

As for private sellers’ Cadillacs, they are old, decayed, not fixable, and worth less than the cost of repairs. Then, insurance companies dump accident Cadillacs in landfills for no apparent reason.

That’s to reclaim part of the money used in settling a claim.

Cadillacs Part Near Me

Some Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me allow customers to remove required used parts themselves. For that, most experts called them self-service or pick-and-pull yards.

Although they have a few items in their inventory, you can be sure of obtaining salvage parts cheaply. But before you can walk through their facilities, you’ll pay for admission.

Additionally, you’ll be required to bring tools for removal with you. Pick-and-pull salvos don’t lend customers their removal tools.

Thus, getting your hammers, spanners, screwdrivers, wrenches, and more would be best. Safety kits are equipment you should never forget to carry along.

Full-Service Salvage Yards

While some Cadillac salvage yards allow customers to remove valuable parts themselves, other businesses remove parts for customers.

You will get whatever you want if you visit those kinds of installations. They have plenty of salvage parts in the warehouse, and they fit both new and old models of Cadillac.

Some of the Cadillac salvage yards near offering services present their inventory online. You can place an order for a used part regardless of your location.

Additionally, you can inquire about salvage and purchase before picking them up in their facilities. However, the prices of their goods are somewhat higher than that of self-service junkyards.

Nothing Goes for Waste at Cadillac Salvage Yards

Cadillac salvage yards are economical in their approach to stripping junked vehicles. While doing that, they comply with environmental laws and regulations.

When wrecked Cadillacs arrive, they remove siphon toxic liquids such as fuel, motor oil, antifreeze, etc. Instead of throwing them in landfills, they’re repackaged for reuse or recycling.

After removing these fluids, the strip is functional and prepared for sale. The remaining shell of the vehicle is more valued for its metal. As such, they are sold to recycling centers for recycling.

Cadillac Models You’ll See At Salvos

You’ll see various vehicle models on their lot if you visit a Cadillac salvage yard near you.

They got Eldorado, Seville, Catera, Brougham, Escalade, STS, XTS, CT6, Calais, CTS, and CTS-V. Other models include Allante, Sedan De Ville, ATS and ATS V, XT5, and more.

Well-organized salvage yards arranged these Cadillacs according to their models and year of manufacture. If you enter their garage, you’ll see that the Seville section differs from XLR.

The aim is to make it easy for customers to move around and get their needed parts.

  • Available Cadillac Salvage Part

Whichever class of Cadillac you drive, you can find the salvage part you need at junkyards.

Is it the engine, transmission, fenders, doors, hoods, windshields, bumpers, mirrors, alternators, or intakes? You can also get exhausts, sound systems, electricals, tires and wheels, starters, batteries, panels, steering, and more.

  • Some Cadillac Junkyards in the Country

There are several Cadilac salvage yards across the country.

Lonestar Imports, CCI Auto Salvage, Mitch Auto towing, Williams Auto Salvage, All American Auto Salvage, Mobile Mechanic Plus, Philips Wrecker, and many more.

Those located around Hoston can find these facilities.

How Much Do Salvage Parts Cost at Cadillac Salvage Yards

The exact prices of used parts at Cadillac salvage yards depend on a few things.

What kind of facility do you visit, and what auto parts do you want? While these factors influence the price of salvage parts, you’re likely to pay around 15 for the mirror.

Salvage batteries cost $13, doors $60, and engines $500 and above.

  • Opening Hours

Cadillac Salvage Yards Near Me are open from Monday to Friday.

Work starts from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However, a few facilities are open on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). They start work from 9:00 am to 12 or 1:00 pm.

Those kinds of salvage yards are picked and pulled.

There’s no better place to save costs for used parts than outside Cadillac salvage yards. As mentioned earlier, they sell salvage parts at affordable prices.

While this sounds like a great idea, there are certain associated drawbacks. Some of the used parts you purchase might not fit with your vehicle. In other cases, they have less quality.