Is shredded paper recyclable? Can I put shredded paper in the recycle bin?

Paper, as a whole, is a recyclable material. It can be recycled or repurposed into a new paper product.

However, the degree of its recyclability depends on the type of paper you’re dealing with. Papers with high-grade fibers are more recyclable than those with low fiber content.

Having said this, can you recycle shredded paper?

To get a satisfactory response, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of this page. We’re going to look at the possibility of recycling shredded paper.

After that, we’ll tell you how to recycle this material and more.

Can Shredded Paper Be Recycled

The answer to this question is straightforward.

Yes, shredded paper can be recycled just as other recyclable paper materials. However, there are a few caveats associated with its recyclability.

First, shredding paper breaks down the strength of its natural fibers. When the fibers get shorter, they become less valuable in recycling.

  • Shredded Paper Recycle or Garbage?

Are you still confused? Let’s explain this further.

Paper reprocessing companies tend to downgrade the material with each subsequent reconstitution. Since the natural fibers of shredded documents have been broken down during shredding, they can’t further go down.

Furthermore, the shredded papers are hard to organize during the recycling process. Because of its tiny pieces, it can get mixed with other materials during reprocessing.

In most cases, it causes severe damage to the recycling mechanisms.

Do Recycling Programs Widely Accept Shredded Papers?

Several recycling programs do accept shredded papers for recycling. But they often send them to dedicated reprocessing facilities. In most cases, it costs them time and money.

In addition, most companies that deal with shredded papers don’t work with municipal recycling programs.

Therefore, you’ll need to do some things to ensure your shredded paper gets recycled. First, contact your local curbside pickup and ask if they offer recycling services for shredded papers.

A curbside pickup that accepts this material for reprocessing will ask you to package your shredded paper in plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

Secondly, identifying drop-off centers is critical to recycling shredded papers. The protocols for reprocessing shredded pieces vary among states.

Some localities might have designated sites for collecting such materials outside facilities where standard recycling happens.

Lastly, attending a take-back program will also go a long way if facilitating your recycling needs. Some cities have official days for the collection of shredded papers for reprocessing.

You can bring bags of documents that have been shredded.

Why are Papers Shredded?

One of the primary aims of shredding papers is to destroy sensitive documents.

Papers that hold confidential, financial, and personal information are shredded to be safe in the wrong hands. Eco-Cycle supports the shredding of documents with sensitive data.

This means it’s not wrong to shred papers.

Recycling Centers that Accept Shredded Papers

There’re several recycling companies you can take your shredded papers for reprocessing. Companies work with local authorities, recycling organizations, and other businesses.

One of the companies is Iron Mountain.

They offer recycling services for the most severely shredded papers. You can contact them anytime you want to recycle your shredded paper.

Here is where to find free paper shredding options near you.

Can I Throw Away Shredded Paper in The Trash?

No! Dumping the shredded paper in a public bin is not very safe. Some shredded documents that are a bit sizable can be put back together to steal your vital information.

But if you’re sure your shredded documents are too tiny, get the pieces back together. You can dump them. Alternatively, you can mix various shredded documents to prevent such ugly scenarios.

Are Shredded Papers Reusable?

Since recycling shredded paper can be complex and risky, you can check the possibility of repurposing them. This will also minimize waste significantly.

One popular way to repurpose shredded papers is to donate them to art groups or after-school programs. Such waste materials are used in their teaching centers and classrooms.

If this option doesn’t surface, you can make them usable around your home. Right below are some ways you can reuse shredded paper around your home.

  • Create Comfortable Bedding for Pets and Birds

You can use bundles of shredded paper to create a friendly, soft, and comfy bed for small pets and birds. This creativity comes with a few perks.

The insulating layer used in the creation can easily clean and pick up. Considering the large number of papers dumped daily, you’ll keep getting supplies of freshly shredded documents.

  • Compostable Shredded Papers are Good for Plants and Gardens

Among other types of papers, compostable papers seem to be the best for catering to plants. You can turn them into healthy soil for your garden or farm.

During colder months, you can use shredded paper to protect plants and trees from getting frozen. How do you do that? It’s pretty simple. You spread the documents around the base of potted plants or trees.

Next, you can also sprinkle shredded papers on plants in your garden. This will encourage moisture retention and root coverage. That way, it will facilitate the growth of your garden.

  • It Can Serve as a Good Filler.

If you have delicate items you wish to ship, you can use shredded papers to protect them from breaking.

The lightweight of shredded papers makes them ideal for safe shipping. Your items can scale through rough terrains when packaged alongside shredded documents.

  • It is Ideal for Composting piles.

Shredded papers can be ideal for compositing piles. So far, they don’t come with toxic chemicals such as inks or glossy. Such chemicals are hazardous and must be kept away.

Another factor that makes shredded papers suitable for compositing piles is their degrade more rapidly than other recyclables.

All you need to do is add the shredded paper in sawdust, straw, or leaves and cover it with grass clippings, fruit scraps, and coffee grounds.

This is all we got for you concerning shredded papers.

At least you have seen the possibility of reprocessing shredded papers. Although its, not every facility can handle such a process.

Instead of recycling, you can also see some ways to reuse shredded papers. We hope this question has been fully answered.