Do you own a heavy-duty machine such as a Caterpillar? If yes, you can build relationships with caterpillar salvage yards to satisfy your needs for cheap replacement parts.

These businesses have many second-hand parts suitable for caterpillars and other heavy-duty machines. You can get what you want, whether your vehicle is old or recent.

But in the meantime, it will be nice if you keep reading this article.

More details are provided regarding caterpillar salvage yards near me. A few topics to be discussed are their business style, available auto parts, how caterpillars are processed, and more.

CAT Junkyard Near Me

It’s relatively easy to find a caterpillar salvage yard.

Given the reason that Caterpillar is one of the largest, if not the largest, manufacturers of construction machinery. As the most popular construction equipment brand, they can be found nationwide.

While particular salvage yards exclusively deal with caterpillars, some facilities feature other construction machines. To locate a caterpillar salvage yard nearby, check online.

Alternatively, you can ask people around or check the yellow pages under “automobile parts” or “salvage yards.”

  • Business Style of Caterpillar Junkyards

The business style of caterpillar salvage yards is similar to that of a typical market trader.

They typically collect antique or wrecked caterpillars and make money by selling their functional and non-functional parts. Most of these parts are sold at highly discounted prices.

In addition to selling pre-owned parts, they restore caterpillars near running conditions. After that, they auction or sell to individuals needing cheap construction machines.

However, navigating through caterpillar salvage yards can be extremely challenging. To get someone to respond to your problem is a bit difficult as they have less work staff.

More so, most salvage yards demand admission fees to walk around their facility.

  • Source of Inventory

Most caterpillar salvage yards acquire their construction machinery from different sources. This includes insurance firms, construction companies, government auctions, and private sellers.

Each donor has specific reasons for dumping its caterpillars in the junkyards. But the most common cause is the high cost of replacing new parts or fixing severe damages.

However, insurance companies often discard totaled caterpillars to compensate for the payment of a claim. Next, if the government has no use for impounded caterpillars, they dump them in scrap yards.

Used Parts at Caterpillar Salvage Yards

Some caterpillar junkyards near me allow customers to remove required auto parts themselves.

Those facilities are also called “pick and pull or self-service yards.” to patronize such kinds of salvage yards, you’ll need to carry with you tools for removal.

This includes hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches, among others.

However, you’re less likely to get pre-owned parts for newer models of caterpillars. This is because they have a little on their shelves. But the good part is that these facilities’ auto parts are incredibly cheap.

  • Auto Parts are Removed For You

Similarly, some caterpillar scrapyards remove auto parts upon the customer’s request. Such businesses are called “pick for you or full service.”

They have much on their shelves, making it possible to get appropriate auto parts.

Furthermore, salvage yards post auto parts they have already removed online. This is to ease the process of searching for and eliminating salvage parts.

Additionally, you mustn’t visit their installation to get replacement parts for your Caterpillar. Wherever you’re, you can finish such a transaction.

However, the prices of items in these facilities are somewhat higher than in self-service yards.

  • Style of Vehicle Arrangement

Although only a few caterpillar salvage yards are well organized, a few are.

Those kinds of businesses arrange their caterpillars according to their manufacturers. This means the section for SEM, MWM, Solar Turbine, FG Wilson, Perkins, Progress Rail, and more.

However, some salvage yards also categorize caterpillars according to their classes. They have a separate group for dump trucks, forklifts,  and more.

You’ll be able to get the right parts if you visit a well-organized salvage yard. Also, they have working staff who helps customers locate and remove auto parts. But you’re likely to pay for labor.

  • Before Dismantling Caterpillars

Do you want to know what caterpillar salvage yards do before dismantling cars?

If you do, don’t worry, you’ll find out soon. Most caterpillar salvage yards perform two tasks before stripping junked caterpillars.

First, they check the caterpillars’ condition to see if some can return to service. As highlighted earlier, the fixed caterpillars that are near running condition and auctioned them.

Secondly, these businesses remove toxic liquids from damaged caterpillars before stripping them. These liquids are put back into their containers for repurposing or recycling.

  • What Happens Next

All functional auto parts are removed after removing toxic liquids. Some yards verify, inspect, and test parts before cataloging them in their inventory.

Next, whatever remains of the vehicle will be sold to scrap metal recyclers for reprocessing.

Auto Parts, You Can Get at Caterpillar Salvage Yards

No matter the kind of Caterpillar you have, you can get fitting replacement parts in salvage yards.

They got excellent and robust engines, transmission, axle assemblies, transfer cases, window regulators, and doors. You can obtain other auto parts, including axle beams, batteries, starters, control panels, wipers, windshields, etc.

  • Warranty For Used Parts

Most caterpillar salvage yards offer a warranty for their second-hand parts.

This is aimed at assisting customers in building confidence and trust in their products. Also, to provide customers with satisfactory transactions.

However, most junkyards require a warranty fee for each item you purchase.

Additionally, their warranty period varies accordingly. While some facilities offer you coverage for 30 days, others might last 90 days or more.

You are expected to return the purchased item in case of malfunction or sudden damage within your warranty period. Most yards give the option of swapping or getting on credit.

However, only a few of them will refund you.

If you want to save a great deal in fixing your Caterpillar, quickly visit a salvage yard nearby. As you can see, they are gold mines for cheap replaceable parts.

To interest you, most of their auto parts are OEM. Meaning they are of high quality.