Are CDs, DVDs, VHS, etc., recyclable? Yes.

Where can I recycle these items? Are there alternatives to recycling? All answers to these questions are provided below. Therefore, you must read this article thoroughly.

With that being said, let’s get into action.

Where to Recycle CD DVD VHS Tapes Near Me

CDs, DVDs, VHS, and cassettes are relics of a bygone era of entertainment. Some even call them prime examples of dead technologies.

It is rare that people still use these items for entertainment. The world today has decided to opt for streaming or digital storage. It’s more convenient, faster, accessible, and better for the environment.

If you’ve been a music or movie fan for decades, you have plenty of CDs, DVDs, etc., in your storage. Do you have a plan for disposing of or recycling them now?

There are better options than throwing these items in a landfill. They can endanger the health of the surrounding area. Recycling or reusing these devices are some possible ways to go green.

  • Can I recycle CDs, DVDs, and VHS?

Oh yeah! All listed equipment is recyclable.

They are made from highly recyclable polycarbonate, aluminum, etc. As a result, several recycling plants across the country accept these items for proper recycling.

However, finding one of these units in your area can be challenging. CD, DVD, and VHS recycling are next to nothing.

Reclaim Old CDs, DVDs, and VHS Cassettes

When it comes to where you can recycle this entertainment equipment, several options are available.

Among them are plastic recycling centers, drop-off locations, BestBuy recycling programs, private companies, and more. Let’s briefly take a look at them.

  • Local Plastic Recycling Center

Your local plastic recycling center is one of the best places to recycle old DVDs, CDs, and more. These agencies are experts in handling all types of plastics, including #7.

But you’ll want to call ahead before taking these items for reclaiming. Ask if they accept compact discs and versatile digital discs for recycling.

  • Local Collection Point

Likewise, you can recycle the aforementioned electronic devices at your local collection point. We have many of these businesses across the country.

You can use Earth911’s service to find one of their facilities near you. These stores will accept CDs regardless of their condition. Those with minor scratches are likely to be repaired and sold out.

  • BestBuy Take Back Program

BestBuy is in the right place if you want a free CD and tape recycling program. They accept a wide range of electronics for recycling, including DVDs, VHS, and tapes.

However, they only receive individual offers. They reject everything from companies and organizations. The same applies to items that pose a health or safety risk.

  • Green Disk

This is a private company that recycles CDs and tapes.

They provide practical and comprehensive services to help individuals reduce the environmental impact of outdated technology.

Each professional and convenient recycling program suits different types of technical waste.

They handle electronic equipment and accessories such as televisions, computer parts, etc. If you have a lot of old CDs, VHS, and DVDs, you can explore their recycling service.

They do, however, charge a recycling fee of approximately $14.95.

Recycling DVDs, CDs, and VHS Tapes

Specialized companies best handle the devices listed above.

After collecting these items from individuals and businesses will be loaded in a “granulator.” It’s a particular machine that shreds discs into powdery fragments.

Once they’re done shredding, the tiny fragment will again be loaded into a machine. They will remove any ink residue, metal, and lacquer this time.

What’s going to come out will be a purified polycarbonate. At this stage, it can be used to create new products. These include mobile phones, traffic lights, cladding, and lots more.

Can I Dump my Old CDs, VHS, and DVDs in Curbside?

You shouldn’t dump these items in your local curbside. That’s because they can get caught in the sorting machine.

For this reason, most curbside recycling programs don’t accept DVDs, CDs, and VHS. As mentioned earlier, your local recyclable collectors or units are the best place to take these items for recycling.

Is it Still Possible to Sell Old DVDs, CDs, and VHS?

Do you know how to get rid of VHS tapes for money?

Oh yes! It’s still possible to exchange these old items for cash.

However, DVDs and CDs sales chances are higher than VHS. Places you can sell these entertainment articles include secondhand and music record stores.

There’re also dozens of websites to find buyers for your old tapes. Among these sites are eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

Meanwhile, how much you’ll make from your sales depends on a few factors—the condition, location, type of tape, and more.

What Else Can I Do with My Old DVDs, CDs, and VHS?

We have two more alternatives if you can’t recycle or sell your old DVDs, CDs, and VHS. Reuse or donate them. How can you get rid of, repurpose or donate these items? Read further.

  • Reuse your Old DVDs and Tapes

You can reuse old CDs and other tapes in the craft.

Arts students in high and tertiary institutions used this waste to make attractive mosaic projects. Those mosaics can be attached to walls, table tops, or other pieces of furniture.

Apart from creating a mosaic, you can also use them to make chick coasters. You can use them over and over again.

  • Donate your Old Entertainment Tapes

If donating is all you left, you’ll have several options. Several charitable organizations will be willing to take these items from you.

Among them are Goodwill, Salvation Army, Freecycle, and more. While some charities will resell the good ones, others will give to needy people. Either way, they’ll ensure these items are put to proper use.

For this reason, it’s not advisable to donate DVDs, CDs, and VHS in lousy condition. Since they can’t resell or reuse these items, they’ll toss them in curbside.

Reclaiming old or damaged CDs and other tapes is a viable way of sustaining the environment. You can also resell these items and make extra money.

However, your top priority is finding a reliable company to handle your waste. At least you can be confident that your items will be appropriately managed.