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As you keep reading, you’ll learn how to recycle this device, where, and how to embark on the recycling process. Moreover, we’ll highlight some benefits and drawbacks of reclaiming this device.

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Cell Phone Disposal Near Me

Over the past decades, cell phone users grew over a billion benchmark.

Some users may want to upgrade their outdated smartphones or change the broken ones. While it’s exciting to get a new or recent model of phone, what happens to the old or damaged ones?

Do you throw them in bins or have them recycled? You can properly dispose of your old cell phone in three ways. You can either recycle, donate, or sell it.

You’ll prevent these devices from ending landfills in whichever option you choose.

Are you looking at where to take old cell phones near me?

  • Can I Recycle Old Cell Phones?

The answer is yes! Mobile phones are 80% recyclable.

These devices comprise recyclable materials like glass, plastic, and alloy metals. Some cell phones are made with precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

To recycle your old cell phones, you’ll need to take them to standard facilities. They’ll process these items into new products.

How to Recycle Scrap Cell Phones

Reclaiming old phones can be a challenging process, especially for beginners.

But with appropriate guidance, you can get it done smoothly. To recycle a scrap mobile phone, you must determine whether it still works.

The functional ones will be good for donation. Several developing nations will be willing to accept such devices. But phones that aren’t in working condition should be recycled.

The paragraph below will show you how to recycle these items.

The first thing you should do when reclaiming a scrap cell phone is to detach the battery. They need special handling, as mentioned above.

Therefore, it should be sent to the department specializing in recycling batteries. Next, you shred the device into tiny pieces and heat the particles. Usually, a high temperature of 1100C is used for the heating process.

After heating the cell phone, you process it using some powerful chemicals. These chemicals will help in reducing the device to dust.

After that, you take the dust to the smelter for further reprocessing. Smelters often extract essential metal products and repurpose them into something entirely new.

How to Prepare Cell Phones for Recycling

Before reclaiming your old phones, a few things need to be done. Firstly, you’ll need to back up your files, such as music, pictures, contacts, and more.

Next, you factory reset your phone to wipe all data and personal information. Once you’ve done that, remove all SIM and SD cards from the device.

For those using Android devices, you may need to encrypt your data. Factory reset may not entirely erase all your data. Lastly, as highlighted above, you must separate the battery for special handling.

Where to Recycle Cell Phones Near Me

Several installations are open for mobile phone recycling.

You can start by visiting your local appliance reclaiming centers. These businesses specialize in handling all electronic devices, including cell phones.

Some retailers may also take your old mobile phones for proper recycling. You can get free recycling from the retail shop you initially purchased your device.

Moreover, online retailers often send Freepost envelopes to collect scrap mobile phones.

Besides these recyclers, you can also take your items to households or local waste management services. These facilities often provide particular bins to deposit scrap cell phones for recycling.

You only need to use their locator to find the nearest outlet.

Will Drop-Off Locations Accept Scrap Cell Phones for Recycling?

Oh yes! Many drop-off locations often provide recycling programs specifically for mobile phones. With such programs, you can dispose of your waste responsibly.

Some programs drop-off locations you can count on our Best Buy, Wico, Target, and Walmart among the drop-off locations.

Others include Staples, Kroger, Safeway, Home Depot, Batteries Plus, Office Depot, Lowe’s Radio Shack, and more.

Are There Trade-In Programs for Cell Phone Recycling?

A lot of stores around the country offer trade-in programs for mobile phones. They’ll take your scrap phones to refurbish or recycle them into something entirely new.

Some stores will even give you a little money for reprocessing your items. They’re doing so to ensure these devices aren’t in landfills.

Payment for Cell Phone Recycling

Are you aware you can make some cash while reclaiming your device? Some local kiosk machines, such as ecoATM, offer instant cash for phone recycling.

They accept all major brands of phones and tablets regardless of their condition. Once you reach out to them with your device, they’ll give you an offer. It’s up to you to accept it or not.

You can also recycle your device for cash with local kiosk machines and mail-in programs. Moreover, programs such as Gazelle often accept all major brands of mobile phones.

We’re referring to Apple, LG, Samsung, Google, HTC, Motorola, and more. All you need to do is visit their site and input all your basic information. You’ll be given an instant quote.

Selling and Donating your Scrap Phone

As mentioned above, selling and donating are the two alternatives for recycling an old cell phone. You can opt to sell if you want some extra cash.

Depending on your kind of device and selling point, you can get a reasonable amount. Typically, scrap Motorola Dyba TAC 800 is around $500, Nokia 3310 $35, iPhone 2G $100, and more.

We have many donation centers for those who want to give out their phones for free. Among them are charitable organizations, women’s shelters, Cell Phones for Soldiers, Secure the Call, and more.

These establishments often used these phones to provide essential services for 911 emergencies. Some sell the phones to recycling or refurbishing companies to generate income.

They use the money to provide talk time for service members stationed overseas, call home, and more.

There’s no point throwing your old phones in the garbage when they’re profitable alternatives. As highlighted above, you can recycle, sell or donate your item.

Doing so will not only profit the environment but your pockets as well.