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A summary of what you’ll learn are the places you can reclaim your Christmas tree, how to recycle it, and more. We’ll start right away.

Christmas Tree Recycling, Disposal & Pickup Near Me

You may want to know more about Christmas tree recycling. If that’s true, then stay tuned to this article.

After a few weeks or months of Christmas celebration, most people no longer have use for their Christmas trees.

While some will think of disposing of them, others will find a way to recycle. Whether you have an artificial or natural Christmas tree, it’s improper to dump them in landfills or curbside bins.

You should find a recycling program or facility that handles such items near you. It would be better for your natural Christmas tree to return to nature than sitting in landfills or trash cans.

Where to Recycle Christmas Tree

Finding a recycling facility that accepts Christmas trees should be your first action.

Most municipalities nationwide offer Christmas tree pickup or drop-off service around January. While some will pick up your tree right from the curb, others set drop-off times.

You can do well to know the drop-off time of your location so you can deposit your tree at the right spot. Depending on the condition of your tree, some recyclers will compost or reclaim your tree into wood chips.

What If There’s No Christmas Tree Recycling Program Near Me?

Other alternatives exist if your community doesn’t offer a program like this.

Home Depot provides Christmas tree reclaiming at some selected stores. You can search if there’s one of their outlet around your locality.

These businesses recommend turning trees into wood chips using a wood chipper from local stores.

Apart from them, you can also contact “Earth911” using your locator. They offer a recycling service for various materials, including Christmas trees.

If your tree is big enough, they can provide haulage for free or a tiny peanut.

Finally, you can deposit a real Christmas tree in your backyard or a nearby forest. It’s a safe and economical way of keeping these trees out of landfills. Plus, animals will enjoy a new habitat.

However, you must remove all ornaments, tinsel, and lights before recycling. As for trees decorated with paint or flocking spray, I’m afraid they’ll be safe in the trash.

How Artificial Christmas Tree is Recycled

Sadly, you cannot recycle artificial Christmas trees. They’re made from plastics, cartons, glass, and metal.

If you must recycle unwanted artificial trees, you’ll donate them to charity shops, local churches, etc. These establishments will re-sale or re-use them.

However, before reclaiming an artificial Christmas tree, you’ll need to check your municipality’s guidelines regarding NYC.

If your region doesn’t have one, you can keep using your tree until it reaches the end of its life.

  • Can I Sustain My Christmas Tree To The Next Christmas?

Oh yes! It’s possible to keep your real Christmas tree sustainable next year. All you need to do is to grow it/them locally. You can also buy or rent a living Christmas tree still attached to its root ball.

This will save you the cost of purchasing a new tree for the coming celebration. If the price goes up, you’ll have no business with that.

However, you’ll need to consider your tree’s lifespan when sustaining it.

Should I Burn My Christmas Tree in the Fireplace?

We know tossing your old or damaged Christmas tree into the fireplace is tempting. But doing so is a colossal disaster. There’re a lot of reasons for that.

First, many Christmas trees are treated with a chemical preservative known as creosote. When you burn such trees, it will cause significant buildup inside the walls of your chimney.

Moreover, it can also lead to creosote deposits in the flue. It’s just a matter of a spark to start a flue fire in your house.

Another reason you shouldn’t burn your Christmas tree is that the tree and needles can quickly dry off. When combined with their high sap content, they’ll catch fire quickly.

If care isn’t taken, it can produce sparks that will leap out the fireplace into your home or up the chimney.

Can Christmas Tree Be Compost?

Yes! You can compost your unwanted Christmas that are real.

But because the needles are slightly rubbery and challenging, they are resilient to the typical bacteria composition. As such, it might take longer to decompose, especially the trunk.

To facilitate the decomposition of the tree, you can cut it into pieces or shred it better. Some people use its slow decay to strip off the needles and sprinkle them over a muddy path in the garden.

Other people use the bare-bone tree to make a habitat for wildlife and birds.

However, you must know that a Christmas tree with pine needles can be acidic to the soil when it’s fresh. But when you want to compost, the acidic content will reduce drastically.

As mentioned earlier, you must remove all sorts of decorations before turning your tree into compost, whether it’s plastic, metal, glass, or other materials that aren’t recyclable.

What Should I Do With Decorations on Christmas Tree?

It’s an excellent question to ask. Christmas trees are decorated with different materials. But the most common decorations are baubles, tinsel, and wreaths.

All these decorations we’ve just mentioned aren’t recyclable materials. As such, you’ll keep them aside for special handling when you want to recycle your tree.

  • Opening Days and Hours

Most recycling facilities near me that handle Christmas trees are open from Monday to Friday. They start work anywhere from 9 am to 4 pm.

But some do work from 9 am to 1 pm on Friday. Meanwhile, some centers are open on weekends and work from 10 am to 1 or 2 pm.

This is what we have for you regarding Christmas tree recycling near me. At least you have seen how and where to reclaim your tree after the celebration.

But you must ensure to adhere to the regulations regarding recycling such trees.