Do you know how to reclaim scrap copper? You’ll find answers to your questions as you keep reading this write-up.

We’ll walk you through the step-step-processes of recycling copper, where you can recycle, the perks of reclaiming this resource, and more. If you’re ready, let’s start discussing it right away.

Copper Recycling Center Near Me

Copper is among the non-ferrous metals that need to be recycled. Over the past decade, the usage of this resource for innovative and clean energy technology significantly increased.

This resulted in a massive buildup of copper waste. If these wastes aren’t handled carefully, the environment and its occupants’ health will be in jeopardy.

Recovering and recycling this material should be everyone’s business to prevent such a situation. That way, you can build a sustainable future for people and the environment.

  • Can I Recycle Copper?

Of course, you can reclaim your scrap copper. The materials it’s composed of are 100% recyclable.

Experts say copper can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality or original performance. However, the process needs to be carried out in a standard facility.

  • Types of Copper You Can Recycle

Various kinds of copper can be reclaimed.

This ranges from #1 to #3 copper. #1 Copper is expensive and has no insulation, oxidation, or oil. #2 Copper has lower quality and has some imperfections on it.

Therefore, it makes it difficult to be cleaned and recycled.

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Places You Can Get Scrap Copper

There’re numerous places you can get scrap copper.

Among them are construction sites, remodeling or demolition sites, household plumbing, copper statues, household appliance, old electronics, and more.

Most of these sites intentionally or accidentally discard this material in the trash. So if you’re looking for scrap copper, you can check their waste bins or surrounding areas.

How to Recycle Copper

To reclaim these resources, you’ll need to complete several steps.

Firstly, you’ll start by collecting the copper to an appreciable amount. You can do the collection yourself or have someone do it for you.

Next, you take them to the nearest recycler, sorting them according to their classes.

The scrap copper will be put in a copper stripping machine at the recycling center. The device will shred this material into granules. After that, they’ll be transferred to a furnace and melted.

The melted copper will then be poured into molds or casts to produce new items.

Centers You Can Recycle Copper

It’s essential to understand where you can reclaim your scrap copper.

Several facilities accept this resource for recycling in and around your home. Which facility you should choose depends on how much copper have and where you’re located.

Some places you can take your copper for reprocessing include scrap metal facilities, local recycling centers, and local hardware stores. You can also contact your local junkyards, waste management service, and drop-off locations.

Meanwhile, if you have high volumes of copper, you should take it to your local recycling center. Then for heavy-weight copper, you can sell it to scrap metal recyclers.

You’ll make a reasonable amount from your sales.

Do Landfills Accepts Scrap Copper?

Landfills may not accept your scrap copper for a couple of reasons. First, they get total daily and need space to keep new trash.

Secondly, throwing scrap copper in landfills has adverse effects on the environment. It contains a poisonous substance that can temper with underground water and the soil.

That said, everyone is responsible for keeping scrap copper out of landfills. Failure to do so will result in copper disappearing more quickly than it has to.

Moreover, it will spike the price of copper in the market.

Alternative to Recycling Copper

Apart from recycling, there’re other ways to dispose of copper appropriately. One of these ways is to sell your pile of scrap copper. Confuse? Allow us to review this alternative quickly.

  • Selling Your Scrap Copper

Selling scrap copper is a viable way to make extra money from your scraps. Considering this resource’s value, any recycler will pay you a reasonable amount.

As for how much you can get from your sales, it depends on a few factors.

That’s the quantity, quality, and current price of copper in the market. The type of copper and whom you’re selling to can also affect the pricing of these resources.

Regardless of these factors, scrap copper is generally around $2-4 per ounce. Meanwhile, copper transformers cost between $0.25 and $0.50 per pound.

You can do more research to get the proper amount of scrap copper in your locality.

Are There Free Pickups for Scrap Copper?

Oh yes! There’re lots of scrappers who go around the neighborhoods to pick up scrap copper. Although these scrappers will not pay you for your items, their services are free.

They’ll take these items to standard recycling facilities and get paid. Additionally, their scraps will be appropriately recycled.

Benefits of Recycling Scrap Copper

Recycling scrap copper has a few benefits for the environment, businesses, and individuals.

First off, it conserves resources and, therefore, reduces the need to mine new materials. Next, it causes less erosion as fewer resources are consumed.

Recycling copper also helps preserve nonrenewable such as ore by 90%. To top it all, it increases competitiveness and job opportunities in the local economy.

Challenges Faced By Copper Recyclers

In the same vein, reclaiming scrap copper is associated with a few challenges.

Its sheer volume makes it difficult to sort out at home or in the reprocessing industry. Secondly, hunting for this resource is challenging, especially when buildings are structurally unhealthy.

You need to learn more about the recycling process of copper to get started. That’s why we encourage starts to understand how it works before engaging in recycling.

Final Words

To wrap up our discussion, reclaiming scrap copper is an excellent way to keep the environment sustainable. You’ll prevent hazardous substances from ending in landfills and contaminating the soil or underground water.

As mentioned earlier, this is another fantastic way to increase your income. Copper is among the highly sought-after material. For that, it’s costly in the market.

If you recycle a significant amount of copper, you’ll smile home with a full pocket.