Now, how do you go about recycling or disposing of old dehumidifiers? If not, keep on reading this article. More details will be provided on getting rid of this appliance.

Recycle Dehumidifier Near Me

Dehumidifiers can provide you with maximum comfort when living in a humid environment.

They are designed to reduce the air’s humidity level and prevent mauled growth and other damage around your home. If you have allergies or breathing issues, dehumidifiers can also help greatly.

However, your dehumidifiers may stop working for several reasons. You’ll be required to either dispose of them or recycle them appropriately.

  • Why You Should Dispose or Recycle Dehumidifier

There’s more than one reason to recycle this appliance. First off, dehumidifiers contain toxic substances such as ammonia and mercury.

These chemicals are capable of causing respiratory problems and damaging the brain and nervous system. Other toxic substances, such as chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons, contribute to climate change.

Furthermore, some dehumidifiers contain freon, which can deplete the ozone layer. Therefore, these devices must be recycled responsibly and not discarded in trash cans.

Contact your local waste management company or manufacturer for appropriate disposal or recycling guidelines.

Steps to Disposed of Dehumidifier Appropriately

The procedure for recycling these appliances is pretty straightforward.

However, the steps to be taken largely depend on the type of appliance you’re dealing with and your recycler’s preference. For instance, energy-efficient models are best recycled in approved recycling centers.

To begin your disposal, unplug the device and drain its water. You may need items such as a wrench or sockets and a pair of gloves to aid the removal process.

Additionally, you’ll require a container for the water collected by the unit.

Once you’re done, you schedule a pickup date for your scrap appliance. You can call the recycler of your choice to make such arrangements.

But while you do that, ensure that your item has met all the requirements for recycling or disposal. Additionally, some recyclers will demand you pay a certain amount for their services.

Places You Can Take Dehumidifiers for Recycling

You don’t have to worry about where to reclaim these items because several options are available.

You can take your item to a unique facility that accepts household appliances. These businesses may present you with a special recycling program or pay a small fee to buy the machine.

Apart from them, you can also visit a dehumidifier customer support or local hazardous waste facility. These centers have recycling options for old or damaged household appliances, including dehumidifiers.

Apart from recycling and disposal, you can see their options for advice. Until then, ensure you discuss with them how to recycle or dispose of your waste responsibly.

Finally, electrical stores, local recycling centers, plumbers or HVAC services, and hardware stores accept this appliance for recycling.

While some will make use of your appliance’s components, others will sell them for the sake of profit. Either way, they’ll ensure your item isn’t in landfills.

Recycle Dehumidifiers Through Reputable Recycling Programs

It’s exciting to recycle this appliance through reputable disposal programs.

You can rest assured your item will be discarded responsibly. Some respected recycling programs you can count on are our rebates, Bounty, Credit, and Exchange Programs.

These schemes are often organized by sellers, manufacturers, waste disposal services, and other businesses. They aim to give you cash back and other rewards for responsibly handling your waste.

Some retailers may offer you credits that can be used for another friendly purchase or exchange. Isn’t it exciting? If yes, don’t hesitate to recycle your old dehumidifiers.

How Much Does it Cost to Recycle or Disposed of Dehumidifier?

Fortunately, many recycling facilities or programs will not ask you to pay for dehumidifier disposal.

Instead, they’ll pay a peanut for bringing your appliance to them. Depending on where you live, the type of dehumidifier, and who you’re selling to, you might receive around $15 to $25.

However, you might be required to pay a small fee if you invite a pickup service. How much you’ll pay will depend on the factors highlighted above.

Therefore, ensure you inquire with your pickup service before inviting them over. You can negotiate or find a cost-effective service provider if their charges are high.

Regulations Surrounding the Disposal and Recycling of Dehumidifiers

There’re specific regulations governing the disposal and recycling of these appliances.

One such restriction is that refrigerants must never go into landfills. Additionally, only specially licensed persons recover refrigerants from dehumidifiers.

Anyone that breaks the local or national rules regarding the disposal of these items will be punished. In some municipalities, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount as acceptable.

Alternatives for Recycling or Disposing of Old Dehumidifiers

Apart from recycling, there’re other ways of disposing of these devices appropriately. Here with us are some viable alternatives.

You can either donate, sell or upcycle. Keep on reading; we’ll give you a brief explanation of these alternatives. That way, you can understand better.

Donate Old But Working Dehumidifiers

If your device is still in working order, consider donating it. Several organizations, including the charity, family, and friends, will be willing to take it.

While some will sell it for profit making, others will put it to use. Some organizations may even give it out to homes needing such a device.

A few places you can donate your dehumidifier include Goodwill, Salvation Amy, thrift stores, and more. Whichever organization you want to contribute to, ensure you know a lot about them.

Sell Old or Broken Dehumidifiers

Same here; you can sell this appliance if in excellent condition. It’s a great way to make extra income while promoting environmental health.

Some places you can sell your item include eBay, Facebook Marketplaces, Freecycle, and more. You may also sell your device at flea markets or pawn shops.

Numerous options are available regarding appropriate recycling and disposal of dehumidifiers. As you can see above, you can upcycle, sell, recycle, or donate your scrap device.

But before you opt for either of these options, you should weigh its perks and cons.