Does Goodwill accept mattresses? Keep reading this write-up for a satisfactory answer.

Donating old mattresses is another feasible alternative for disposal. Several organizations, including Goodwill, may be willing to take such items from you.

They’ll either resell your scraps for money or recycle them appropriately. Either way, they’ll ensure such things don’t end up in landfills and affect the environment negatively.

Goodwill Mattress Donation

However, you may wonder if Goodwill accepts old or damaged mattresses.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight some items this organization took and the rejected ones. We’ll also give you other possibilities for disposing of your old beds.

Until then, let’s review who Goodwill is.

  • What Do You Know About Goodwill?

Goodwill is an independent and nonprofit organization that aims at serving the local community. They have over 156 member agencies around the globe.

Each agency is independently operated, funded, and guided by its board of Directors. The board is typically made up of volunteers from the community.

At Goodwill, fund programs help people find jobs to reach financial stability. Such programs are financed through the sale of items at affordable prices.

  • Will My Old Mattresses Be Accepted At Goodwill?

Before now, Goodwill accepts various kinds of items, including old beds. But now, mattresses are no longer accepted at any of their stores.

This is due to safety and health concerns. Yes! Your old beds might be in excellent condition, but they can pose safety and health risks for their staff or customers.

The following paragraph will explain better why this agency doesn’t accept old beds.

Why Does Goodwill No Longer Accept Old Mattresses?

Recently, some sanitation regulations were instituted by the U.S. government.

According to the rules, new mattresses must be cleaned and reconditioned before being sold at stores. For Goodwill to abide by these laws will take so much from their pocket.

Moreover, old bedding is considered hazardous and a health risk for their workers. Plus, it’ll cost more to transport and recycle mattresses.

Can I Donate Box Spring to Goodwill?

No! these stores will still not accept your old box spring or bed frame for donation. These items are bulky, and it will be challenging to transport them from your home.

Transportation costs are another factor that affects the recycling of these items. Thus, you should explore other options if you have any old mattresses to discard.

However, some humanitarians and institutions may take your undesirable box spring and bedframes. But you’ll need to ensure they’re in excellent condition.

While some will resell them for cash, others will give them out for reuse.

  • What’s Accepted at Goodwill?

Besides old beds, Goodwill accepts other bedding accessories such as bed sheets, pillowcases, and flat sheets. Other items include linens, blankets, and other small furnishings under 25 lbs.

You can also donate shoes and bags, jewelry, clothing, sports kits, toys, small power tools, mittens, and scarves. Electronic devices such as DVD players, laptops, hard drives, televisions, mobile phones, and more are welcome.

Meanwhile, some items that aren’t accepted at Goodwill include heavy furniture such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, desks, stools, and couches.

Computer monitors, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water heaters, pianos, bookcases, paint, and batteries, are rejected.

How to Donate Items at Goodwill

As mentioned earlier, some facilities may accept your bedding apart from Goodwill.

Habitat for Humanity International, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Local Nonprofit Thrift Stores are among them. Others include the National Furniture Bank Association, Donation, and Local Homeless.

To locate either of these establishments, you can use Earth 911 website. The site features all the available stores that accept old mattresses.

Another excellent resource you can count on is “Mattress Recycling Council .” This organization can also help you locate these organizations.

But before you visit their installations, call ahead and make detailed inquiries. First, ask if they accept your kind of bed for recycling, reuse, or disposal.

Also, inquire about other terms and conditions. Moreover, you’re to check the condition of your items before taking a step further. As mentioned above, things that need better shape are rejected.

Alternative Options for Disposing of Your Old Mattresses Via Goodwill

Apart from donations, there’re other ways you can dispose of your unwanted bedding responsibly.

One of these ways is to recycle them. You will take this item to your waste recycling facilities so they can be reproduced into new products.

Some places you can take these items for recycling include local recycling centers, municipality waste management, drop-off locations, and more.

You may also reclaim your unwanted mattress through local curbside programs. However, you’ll need to know their terms and condition.

Apart from recycling, you can also sell your scrap beds for cash.

It’s another way to make extra income from your scraps. You can make a reasonable amount for your trash depending on your item’s condition, brand, and size.

As for places to sell this item, there’re several of them.

You can start by contacting your friends who require used mattresses. We also have some online platforms that will link you directly with buyers.

Such media include eBay, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplaces, and more.

  • The Warranty of Your Mattresses Matters A Lot

There’re a few things to remember before you donate or recycle these items. First, check your item’s warranty. On average, a mattress is expected to last for about ten years.

Latex beds can last up to twenty-five years.

Removal Services Can Also Help Dispose of Old Mattresses

You don’t have to go through troubles if Goodwill doesn’t accept your unwanted bedding. There’re removal services that can come pick up your items and recycle them responsibly.

While some services will demand payment, others are free. However, you should ensure you’re inviting a skilled, licensed, and insured removal enterprise.

Despite the fact Goodwill doesn’t welcome the use of damaged mattresses due to sanitary laws, all isn’t lost. Several other organizations across the country accept these items from individuals and businesses.

With a little effort in research, you’ll come across such stores. Pick one of them and explore their services. Sure, they can help you dispose of your time responsibly.