As you stick around with us, you’ll learn much about eggshell waste recycling near me.

We’ll be talking about the procedures for eggshell waste recycling and how to repurpose eggshells. We’ll also highlight some benefits /uses of eggshells.

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Eggshell Recycle Near Me

Many people consider eggs one of the healthiest foods.

That’s because of the large amount of protein it contains. While some will want their egg cooked scrambled, others prefer hardboiled, over-easy, side up, etc.

Some experts say the annual consumption of eggs is around 280 per person in the US. That’s a massive consumption of eggs.

The massive egg consumption will surprise you that most eggshells end up in landfills. This waste takes up significant space in dumps and makes them fill up more quickly.

It then means there’s a need for eggshell recycling on all levels. Doing so will free landfills, and the environment will be safe for humans and animals.

  • I Heard Eggshell Isn’t Recyclable

Yes! Technically, eggshell isn’t recyclable. Because it’s considered kitchen waste or a better food item, it’s not strong enough to undergo recycling.

Moreover, there’s no identified reprocessing possibility for this waste. Instead of wasting time taking these articles to reprocessing facilities, it’s better to weigh the option of repurposing.

Can I Dump Eggshell Waste in Recycling Bin?

No. Most recycling industries need to recognize eggshell waste as reclaimable material. Remember, they are just food items with less strength to reprocess.

You’re doing more harm than good to recycling facilities by dumping this waste in curbside bins. It takes a great deal of time and effort to sort these materials.

Additionally, eggshells can contaminate other recyclable waste materials.

What Should I Do with Egg Shell Waste?

Even though you can’t recycle eggshell waste, that doesn’t mean it’s useless. You can use it as a composite in your home garden.

Since it comes from a natural source, its biodegradability is high. As such, you can dump it in the composite bin without fear of spoiling your compost or the environment.

How to turn eggshell waste into composite has been a challenge for many. But don’t worry; we’ll give you a simple explanation of how you can go about it.

Now, first, collect eggshells and clean them up. Once you’re done, please place them in an open container where they can air dry.

Next, you crush the dried eggshell waste into tiny pieces or, better fine form.

When ready to use the powdery eggshell as compost, you then till them into the soil. Just give it a couple of months; they’ll become fully decomposed.

Researchers say eggshell waste is composed of calcium carbonate.

By tilling this waste, you’re introducing minerals into the soil, which will, in turn, support the growth of your home garden. Additionally, it will help reduce the acidity of the ground.

Unusual Way of Recycling Egg Waste

Besides turning your eggshell waste into compost, there’re other ways to repurpose this waste.

You can use it to make chalk, chicken feed, and artwork as an alternative to scouring powder, pesticides, and more. Let’s quickly take a look at these ways of repurposing.

  • Make Chalk with Eggshell Waste

Are you surprised? You don’t need to. For a long time, eggshell waste has been a  significant ingredient for making chalk.

All you need to do is grind them into fine form and mixed with hot water. But if you want to be creative or have variety, you can add colors with food coloring.

  • A Good Ingredient for Chicken Feed

When chickens lay eggs, they lose a significant amount of calcium.

This is why eggshell is rich in calcium. To replenish chicken’s lost nutrients, you must ground this waste into fine form mixed with their feeds.

This is one of the efficient ways of recycling eggshell waste.

  • Use in the Creation of Artwork

For lovers of arts, you can use eggshells to create exciting masterpieces.

Making a mosaic craft with pieces of eggshell waste will give you a popping feeling. You’ll need to crush eggshell waste into your desired sizes and paint it with different colors to make it more appealing.

  • It can Serve as an Alternative to scouring powder.

Eggshells are the perfect alternative for scouring powder.

It will instantly restore the factory settings of your burnt pot, frying pan, or grill. You don’t have to worry about side effects because it’s 100 percent natural.

Thus, this alternative will serve you best if you’re the type that gets lost on the phone while cooking. Besides, it’s cost-efficient.

  • Used To Deter Pest

Take note; eggshell waste isn’t a pesticide capable of killing pests in your home garden. However, it will do an excellent job deterring them from harming your plants.

This is entirely the making of its abrasive feeling.

It’s not welcoming for soft-bodied pests such as snails, slugs, etc. You only need to spray crushed eggshells around your flower bed or veggie garden.

  • Good Alternatives for Starting Seedlings

If you’re tired of using paper bags for starting your seedlings, you can use broken eggshell waste as a viable alternative. Just pieces your eggshells into half and sink them in the soil along with your seedling.

For proper drainage, you can carefully create a hole at the bottom. However, you must be careful not to break them because you will transplant the seedlings afterward.

Other than these, you can repurpose waste eggshells in many more ways. You can use them to make candles, paint cups, strain water, liqueur, glue, and more.

However, before you can reuse your eggshell waste in this direction, you must crush them powdery or break them into pieces.

This is what we have for you regarding eggshell waste recycling near me.

As you can see, despite this waste being biodegradable, it is still not recyclable in reprocessing facilities, unlike other materials.

However, you can see that the waste is still resourceful and, therefore, not worth dumping in trash cans. You can use it for various purposes such as fertilizer, arts and crafts, an alternative to sealings, and lots more.