If you want to know more about electrical wire recycling, read this article.

We’ll explore where to reclaim electric wire near me and the recycling procedures. We’ll also discuss the kinds of recyclable electrical cables, the benefits of reclaiming them, and more.

By the time you finish reading this post, you can do your part in creating an environmentally friendly community.

Recycle Electrical Wire

Electric wire recycling involves the conversion of waste electrical wiring into reusable material. This technology has been around for some sometime.

By reclaiming your old or damaged electrical wire, you’re taking steps to reduce your carbon footprint and promote environmental health.

  • Electrical Wires that are Recyclable

Several electrical wires are accepted for recycling.

Among them are phone cables, equipment wires, coaxial cables, power cords, ethernet cables, speaker cables, and home appliance wires.

Before reclaiming either of these wires, inquire whether the recycler you wish to patronize will accept your kind of wire. If they don’t, you can check with other recyclers.

Where To Recycle Electric Wires

There are several options if you’re looking for where to reclaim your old or damaged electric wire. You can start by contacting your local electric wire recycling center near you.

Finding a responsible and reliable facility to handle your waste can be easy. Google “electric wire recycling center + your location” or “appliance salvage yard.”

Furthermore, some municipalities around the country have local appliance recycling centers where these items can be reclaimed appropriately. These facilities ensure these wastes aren’t in landfills or other places.

Remember, electrical wires hold toxic materials that can harm the surrounding.

Besides recycling centers, many stores devoted to electrical items may accept scrap wire for recycling. Some may take them for the sake of repurposing.

Either way, they’re putting these junks into use.

However, before turning in your items, you should check with any potential drop-off locations. You can also call ahead and ask questions regarding their electrical wire recycling services capabilities.

Procedure For Electrical Wire Recycle

Reclaiming electrical wire is easy and a great way to help the environment. To begin your recycling, first, separate any insulation from the conductor.

You can do that by removing plastic or rubber coating. Once you’re done, the next step is placing all the electrical wires into one container or bin. This is to make it easy for transportation.

Electric waste contains small pieces of metal and other hazardous materials. As such, it’s essential to wear gloves when handling them.

Next, it’s time to find an electronics recycler near you who accepts items for proper recycling. While some certified recyclers will demand reclaiming fee, others are free.

But remember that different states have different laws regarding e-waste. Once everything is collected and ready for recycling, drop it off in a collection bin.

You can dump the containers at the local electronics recycler of your choice. Alternatively, call any near you to haul this waste.

What Happens at Electrical Cable Recycling Facility

Reclaiming electrical wires is simple when handled in a standard facility. Most recycling installations have a copper wire recycling machine that deals with electrical wires and cables.

This machine can crush scrap wires into good pallets. After that, these fine particles can be loaded in an air separator to separate copper from plastic.

Some experts say the machine can divide about 99 percent of copper and plastic.

However, most reclaiming centers near me use a dry physical separating method. This is to avoid fire outbreaks or contaminating the environment with water and chemicals.

Do Scrap Metal Yards Accept Electrical Wires for Recycling?

Electrical wiring is something that many people take for granted.

They take up much space when allowed to pile up over time. Fortunately, there’re several options for reclaiming electrical wire near me.

Many scrap metal yards and other recyclers take electrical wirings like copper and aluminum. These kinds of cables can be broken down into components and reused.

You can consider taking them to an electrolysis plant if you have a significant amount of copper. These facilities use this material as raw material to manufacture new products.

As for the plastic insulation, they’re better handled by plastic recyclers.

Meanwhile, reclaiming this type of material helps keep the environment clean. At the same time, you’ll be satisfied with repurposing what would otherwise go to waste in landfills.

Can I Sell My Old Electrical Wires?

Oh yes! You can sell your unwanted electrical wires and make extra money.

The secondary market accepts every consumer product, including used or old cables. But we’re not sure about the amount you can make.

That’s because several factors will determine your payout.

Alternative To Electrical Recycling Wire

An alternative to reclaiming electrical wire is upcycling.

Upcycling involves repurposing old wiring into something new and valuable. These include wind chimes, sculptures, or decorative planters.

This option allows reusing old wires without relying on recycling centers. At least, it’s an easy way to be environmentally conscious and save money.

Donating your old electrical wires is another way to give them a new life. Apart from that, it’s a fast and easy way to eliminate these items and prevent them from reaching landfills.

Several charitable establishments are open to accepting such donations from you. While some will resell them, others will find a way of repurposing them.

However, you must ensure your old electrical wires are in excellent condition before donating. Remember, those who will receive the items aren’t recyclers. Thus, donating items that aren’t functional will end up in landfills.

Benefits Of Recycling Electrical Wire

Recycling electrical wire is beneficial to the environment and your wallet.

Not only does it helps conserve natural resources, but it reduces production cost. It also helps protect our finite resources while reducing air pollution caused by manufacturing factories.

What’s more, reclaiming electrical wire also conserves space in landfills. You’ll give these materials a new life if recycled into new products.

Therefore, finding an electrical wire reclaiming center nearby can help reduce your environmental footprint.

Finding an electrical recycling center can be a massive benefit to the surroundings. As mentioned earlier, not only will it help reduce e-waste in landfills, but it may also save you money.

You can take extra steps to research a few reclaiming centers to help reprocess your waste.