Electronic Scrap (E-Waste) Buyers Near Me

In our discussion, we’ll be looking at electronic waste buyers.

As you read, you’ll see the kinds of electronic waste you can sell, who can buy from you, how much money you can get, etc. Before reclaiming your scrap electronics, let’s see what you should do.

Who buys circuit boards near me? This guide answers all your buyer’s questions.

Electronic Waste Buyers Near Me

With the advancement of technology, more electronics are produced daily. This can be either a blessing or a curse. It all depends on where you stand.

If you have old or unwanted electronics, selling these items can be a great way to make extra cash. While making money from your old things, you’ll significantly reduce e-waste.

Meanwhile, when it comes to selling old or broken electronics, most people find it challenging. Because they’re scraps, most people may not be interested in buying them.

Top 20 Electronic Recyclers

If you’re here in search of the top-ranking electronic recyclers in the US, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the right spot, where all your recycling needs will be met.

This article will list the top 20 electronic recyclers in the USA. You’ll find a facility that meets your needs as you navigate the page.

  1. E Recycle USA

You may get everything you need for reclamation at E Recycle USA. Computer and used electronics recycling is the facility’s area of expertise.

They have a group of devoted workers who will assist in recycling various devices, including your old computer. The facility complies with EPA regulations by remanufacturing scrap goods.

  1. Rubicon Global

Rubicon Global offers reasonably priced garbage and recycling solutions to companies seeking a more sustainable, intelligent choice.

The business preliminary screens a client’s waste streams using machine learning and visual recognition technologies.

This is to determine the kinds and amounts of garbage, design a system for separating waste, and then create a collection schedule.

  1. Urban Mining Company

Another recycler of electronics that has created ground-breaking technologies is Urban Mining Company. They aim to economically recycle rare earth magnets from abandoned hard drives or motors.

They reprocess them to create high-performance magnets, essential parts used in the automotive, clean energy, industrial, and defense industries.

  1. Verdantly Beneficiated Resources

You may find everything necessary to meet your recycling needs at Verdant Beneficiated Resources. The facility creates solutions for resource recovery, emphasizing waste streams that are often ignored.

Their primary goals are to support supply chain resilience, resource retention, and environmental protection.

  1. Computer Recyclers USA, LLC

Computer Recyclers USA LLC is your reliable source for all-inclusive IT asset solutions. Their proficiency lies in handling IT resources, emphasizing optimizing value, and reducing ecological footprint.

Maintaining a zero-landfill philosophy, they handle equipment in the most green way possible. You can contact them for the most terrific deal possible, cost savings, and a seamless transfer to new technologies.

  1. US Electronics Recycling Center, Inc.

One of the top recycling businesses you can trust is US Electronics Recycle Center Houston. They have been effectively and safely meeting the recycling demands of clients all over the nation for more than ten years.

Tablets, laptops, disks, servers, computer monitors, cell phones, calculators, and more are among the equipment they accept.

  1. Cash for Electronic Scrap USA

Would you like to get money in return for your pilfered electronics? Next, get in touch with this business. They take large amounts of scrap from companies and schools.

They recycle them in a way that is opposed to throwing them away.

In addition to keeping peace of mind that your equipment is appropriately retired per ecological and data safety standards, you will earn genuine, fair asset market value.

  1. United Electronic Recycling

Homeowners, companies, and municipalities can benefit from the full-service electronic recycling options United Electronic Recycling offers.

Hospitals, associations, governments, and property management firms are other beneficiaries.

This salvage yard provides various services, including IT asset disposition (ITAD), hard drive shredding, data security services, and electronic recycling.

  1. ERI (Electronic Recyclers International)

For all of your electronic demands, you can rely on ERI. The junkyard has carefully built a global network spanning 46 nations.

They provide their clientele from these regions with worldwide coverage. They can assist you in properly getting rid of your unwanted electronics.

Additionally, you may get recycled goods from them for a meager price.

  1. Elian Electronics Recycling

You may get all of your recycling needs met at EER. They are experts at minimizing hazardous electronic trash that may otherwise turn your house or place of business into a massive electronics junkyard.

The facility will provide you with a substantial payment in exchange for your scrap electronics donation for recycling.

The yard also provides other outstanding services like pickup service, data destruction service, and secure and convenient e-waste recycling.

  1. E-Solutions USA LLC

E-Solutions USA LLC has served the nation’s electronic owners’ recycling needs for over 25 years. They have great experience in the recycling, logistics, and technology sectors.

They can aid in the monetization of your outdated, underutilized IT hardware.

You can be sure you will receive the best return on your investment because a group of experts is thoroughly aware of current market values.

  1. Global Electronic Recycling

If you require high-quality electronic recycling, visit this business.

The yard provides next-day pickups countrywide, ITAD/asset management services, brand image protection, and onsite and remote data destruction.

You can go there if any of these services pique your interest. 325 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85024, US is where you may find them.

  1. Electronic Recycling Center

One of the nation’s top recycling facilities in the sector is the Electronic Recycling Center. With their wide range of recycling services, they are committed to assisting in reducing trash.

Additionally, they have put much effort into offering various services to promote a high degree of environmental consciousness. You can call their main number, +1 305-482-9100, to see their services.

  1. eWaste US Electronics Recycling Hard Drive Shredding

Of course, you want outstanding recycling for your unwanted electronics. You can visit eWaste US if you live around Hollywood, CA.

They offer free e-waste drop-off, data destruction, and IT asset recovery. All you need to do is visit their address: 7341 Fulton Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605, US.

  1. Green Century Electronics Recycling

You can get the most significant recycling experience possible with Green Century Electronics Recycling.

The facility specializes in helping clients recycle printers, computers, hard drives destroyed onsite, and other devices. They will find your services enjoyable, regardless of the size of your company.

  1. Techno Rescue, MD

Techno Rescue is the leading provider of secure data destruction services for hard drives, electronic storage devices, and non-paper media, with AAA NAID certification.

They also offer data wiping, hard drive cremation, shredding, and degaussing services. Consider Rescue, MD, if you need a dependable recycler you can trust.

  1. Electronics Recycling Plano

ERP offers a range of recycling services to its clientele around the nation. They offer IT asset disposal (ITAD), computer recycling, and enterprise electronics recycling.

Governmental organizations, corporations, hospitals, and schools are the target recipients. Additionally, the yard provides organizations with free ITAD services, computer liquidation, laptops, and tablets.

  1. R2 Recycling, 

Renowned electronics recycling provider R2 Recycling offers services to cities, companies, government agencies, hospitals, schools, and warehouses.

The inhabitants of this nation have had their electrical requirements met by them for over twenty years.

Electronics recycling and computer recycling are only a couple of their offerings. Extremely professional and attentive service is offered by R2 Recycling.

  1. Electronics Recycling Arlington

To name a few, ERA offers computer recycling, IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, enterprise electronics recycling, and computer recycling to electronic owners in the United States.

Governmental agencies, hospitals, schools, and companies are their intended beneficiaries. Thus, feel free to contact them whenever you require these services.

Electronics are items that shouldn’t be disposed of carelessly. They can contribute to environmental hazards as they contain harmful elements in their composition.

Instead of doing more harm than good to the earth, you can pick one of the electronic salvage yards above and dispose of your e-waste.

You can also buy used or recycled electronics from them.

Finding a Reliable Electronic Waste Buyer

Are you looking for scrap circuit board buyers near you?

It would be best to consider a few factors when searching for a potential electronic waste buyer. First, you should opt for licensed buyers to collect and dispose of e-waste appropriately.

If it’s a company, verify its history of reliability with current and past customers. You can do that by reading customers’ reviews. There, you’ll see how they handle customers and transactions.

Furthermore, choosing competitive prices and quality service purchasers would be best. Of course, you shouldn’t ignore those who offer eco-friendly recycling services.

Lastly, ask whatever question you have during the consultation.

You should know the process and timeline for collecting electronic waste. As you look into these considerations, ensure your waste items are professionally handled.

Kinds of Electronic Waste You Can Sell

Most people need help identifying what electronic waste can sell. Perhaps it’s because there are plenty of them.

Some general electronic waste you can sell are computers, keyboards, projectors, monitors, and printers. Others include mobile devices, TVs, tablets, speakers, headphones, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and more.

Before selling the items listed above, you must ask your buyer about the requirements. This will let you meet their needs.

E-Scrap Buyers Near Me

If you’re wondering who will buy your scrap electronics, you have nothing to worry about.

The market features numerous potential buyers who will be interested in your items. Among these purchasers, you can get some who will offer you good cash.

Are you curious to know who these buyers are? Check below.

  • Appliance Recycling/Salvage Center

If you are looking for where to buy e-waste, your local appliance recycling center could be your best shot. These businesses typically purchase and turn old or damaged electronics into new products.

In some cases, they fix functional appliances and resell them affordably. As such, they’ll gladly buy your waste, no matter their condition.

However, you might not get the amount you’re anticipating. These businesses often offer low prices when purchasing electronic waste.

This is because they want to make an enormous profit when selling recycled or refurbished products.

You’ll have to visit a specialized appliance junkyard to profit from scrap electronics. If you have an old computer, you’ll need to visit a manufacturer specializing in computers.

  • Scrap Metal Yards

Scrap metal yards‘ mode of operations is similar to appliance recycling centers. They also accept electronic waste regardless of its condition.

But the difference is that only some of these facilities specialize in turning scraps into new products. Additionally, they don’t restore dead or serviceable electronics.

These facilities are more interested in the scrap metal content of your appliances and automobiles. After taking out these metals, they take them to manufacturing industries.

There, they’ll turn them into new products.

Therefore, how much you’ll get from scrap metal yards depends on one key factor—the current price of metals in the market. The brand, condition, location, etc., are secondary.

  • Online Purchasers

Among other buyers of e-waste, selling online is the best.

Many private and commercial businesses specialize in purchasing used electronics. These buyers will be willing to net you reasonable pay for your scraps.

However, you must search for a reputable site to sell these items. Some reliable online platforms you can count on include eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Meanwhile, ensure you accurately provide complete details about your item. These include describing the condition of your item, defects, and missing parts.

This will let your buyers know what, exactly, they’re purchasing. Having done that, you wait for offers from interested buyers and enjoy the extra income.

Cash for Electronic Scrap Near Me

The value of e-waste depends on a few factors—your item’s brand, condition, and model number.

Electronics with high-quality components often have a higher resell value. Objects made of cheaper materials are frequently bought at lower prices.

Who will buy your electronic waste can also determine how much you’ll get. Buyers such as appliance recycling centers don’t offer reasonable prices for e-waste.

That’s because they want to give room for profit. The same applies to retailers and other go-betweens purchasers. Therefore, you must be mindful of who you want to sell your items to.

Alternative to Selling E-Waste

Upcycle is one of the great alternatives to selling scrap electronics. Remember, most of these items contain materials that can be reused.

Instead of throwing them away, you can give them new life. Some upcycles you can do include turning an old laptop into a tablet, making lamps out of computer parts, and more.

Apart from upcycling, you can also donate your old electronics. Several charitable organizations and individuals will gladly receive these items from you.

While some agencies will resell usable scrap electronics, others will find a way of repurposing them. Either way, these items will be prevented from ending in landfills.

However, ensure you donate old or used electronics that are in excellent condition. Remember, those you’re contributing to aren’t repair shops. Thus, giving them damaged items is as simple as throwing them in landfills.

In conclusion, buyers of old or broken electronics do a great job of discarding unwanted items. As they purchase your electronic waste, they’ll find a way of repurposing or recycling.

That way, this waste will be in a good place. All that’s required of you is to find a reliable buyer for your items.