European Salvage Yards Near You

You must read this article before setting foot in any of these facilities. You’ll learn a great deal about European junkyards near you.

We’ve discussed their management style, available automotive parts, a warranty for used parts, and more.

European Salvage Yards Near You

Do you have a euro-imported vehicle that needs parts replacement?

Whether it’s BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, etc., European salvage yards are the best source for cheap pre-owned parts.

They are dedicated to supplying high-end second-hand car parts for EU domestic and import vehicles.

You can call any of their facilities for your restoration projects. They have excellent auto parts for your vehicle’s interior and exterior design.

You may stumble on almost new car parts if luck is on your side.

Best 20 European Salvage Yards

You’ll appreciate your time with us. This article will briefly highlight the USA’s top 20 European salvage yards.

These businesses are renowned for providing various auto services, including selling quality and affordable auto parts, purchasing salvage cars, and recycling auto parts.

If you need any of these services, check out the businesses below.

  1. ConEquip

Don’t worry about where to find quality parts for your European vehicle. This salvage yard is renowned for selling dependable auto parts for foreign and domestic vehicles.

The yard also partners with manufacturers to get specifics for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. This facility can be your plug for affordable parts if a vehicle needs restoration or repair.

  1. MotoRad

You may get the right part for your European car at this facility. This salvage yard has a large inventory of genuine auto parts for different makes and models of foreign vehicles.

You can buy engines, tires, doors, starters, fenders, alternators, steering, and more from them.

  1. European Import Auto Parts

Since 1998, this salvage yard has been meeting the auto needs of European vehicles. The yard has a large inventory of used car parts for different makes and models of European cars.

You’ll get the necessary parts if you drive a Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Peugeot, etc. The yard also employs knowledgeable staff to help customers get their needed parts.

  1. Gagel’s Auto Parts

You can trust this family-owned and operated business for excellent parts.

The yard has a massive inventory of used car parts, both U.S. and foreign-made. Whether you’re driving a European car, truck, SUV, or van, you’ll get the right part for your vehicle.

They have engines, transmissions, bumper assemblies, door assemblies, air conditioning compressors, radios, speakers, and many more. These auto parts come with a generous 6-month guarantee.

  1. Foreign Auto Salvage

Foreign Auto Salvage has been meeting customers’ auto needs since 1987. They specialize in selling new and used auto parts for foreign vehicles.

They have an extensive inventory of recycled auto parts from cars 3 to 15 years old. In addition to that, they also have a large assortment of aftermarket parts, which are sold at affordable prices.

  1. Euro Parts

Are you on a budget? Then, visit this salvage yard to buy quality recycled auto parts at discount rates. The facility carries both foreign and domestic parts.

You can get items for European vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar, Audi, VW, Volvo, Range Rover, and Mini. These parts are of high quality and also come with a standard warranty.

  1. All Foreign Auto Parts

Do you live in Pennsylvania? Contact this salvage yard if you need high-quality auto parts for your European vehicle.

The yard is an indoor facility that maintains over 120,000 of the highest-quality late-model foreign and domestic used parts.

Whether you’re a car owner, collision or auto repair shop, or dealership, this yard is ideal for your parts needs.

  1. European Auto Recycling

Do you want to find quality parts all over your area? Then consider visiting this junkyard. You’ll find everything you need to restore your vehicle at affordable prices.

They have electrical, mechanical, and interior items you’ll be interested in. You can contact them via their official line or email or visit their facility in person.

  1. All Foreign Used Auto Parts

All Foreign Used Auto Parts is the ideal spot to get replacement components for your car. They’ve been delivering dependable used auto parts for different makes and models of foreign and domestic cars for years.

Some items for your European vehicle include engines, doors, axle assemblies, starters, chassis, differentials, headlights, transmissions, and more.

  1. PartsHotlines

When you patronize this salvage yard, expect the best parts for your European vehicle. They are renowned for offering high-quality auto parts for different makes and models of foreign and domestic cars.

You’ll get the right part whether you’re driving a sedan, truck, SUV, or van. The facility also employs highly trained technicians to assist customers in getting the best part at the best price.

  1. Chesney Auto Salvage

Chesney Auto understands the hassle of finding quality auto parts. For that, they specialized in selling used auto parts for different makes and models of vehicles.

They’ve covered you if you need spare or replacement parts for your European car.

They have a vast selection of parts that are sold at competitive prices. With 40 acres of used parts and over 7,000 vehicles, you will surely get what you need.

  1. A.A. Foreign Auto Parts

Visit this salvage yard to reduce vehicle repairs or upgrade costs significantly. They are a reputable business selling used and rebuilt foreign auto parts.

No matter the make and model of your European car, you’ll get what you need, whether it’s Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Peugeot, or more.

  1. American Dismantling, Inc.

Salvage Yard covers you if you want the right part for your European sedan.

They carry all makes and models of sedans, so you’ll get what you want. A team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians will ensure you get what you need.

  1. Lone Star Imports Used Auto Parts, Inc.

You can trust this salvage yard for high-quality parts and accessories for your care. For years, they’ve been offering parts for European and Japanese cars.

All their items are inspected and tested before being put up for sale. This is to ensure they meet quality standards at the highest level. Apart from these high-quality items, they also come with a 90-day warranty.

  1. Stoystown Auto Wreckers

Stoystown Auto Wreckers is an excellent place to buy spare or replacement parts for your European vehicle.

The salvage yard specializes in late-model used car parts and provides aftermarket, OEM surplus, and remanufactured items.

You can get parts like accurate axle assemblies, differentials, transmissions, tires, engines, etc.

  1. U.S. Auto Supply

All your auto parts needs will be met at this facility. As a full-service junkyard, they provide high-quality parts for foreign and domestic vehicles. Their lot features 30 total acres of used cars.

So you’ll surely get what you need to fix your European car at a very affordable price. For items you need help getting, their expert technicians can help you get them quickly.

  1. Morrison’s Auto Parts

Morrison’s Auto Parts is a family-owned business that has operated for over 50 years. The yard sells high-quality parts for different makes and models of European vehicles.

Some of their items include fenders, doors, wheels, engines, tires, transmissions, hoods, differentials, axle assemblies, and more.

  1. Pride Auto Wrecking & Sales

Don’t hesitate to visit this salvage yard. They specialized in selling used parts for European vehicles. With over 30 years of experience, you will surely get your customer satisfaction.

All used auto parts at this facility are handpicked and have a standard warranty. They can be your best shot at selling your unwanted or damaged vehicle.

  1. French Lake Auto Parts

For over six decades, this salvage yard has been meeting customers’ auto needs in the country. They are among the leaders in the automotive industry.

Whether you are looking for a complete vehicle for restoration or affordable parts to complete your auto repairs and restorations, the yard has got you covered.

They also provide scrap metal recycling services. Call them at 320-274-8497.

These are the top 20 European salvage yards in the U.S. However, there are other reputable yards you can count on for excellent auto parts.

As noted above, they have high-quality parts for different makes and models of European vehicles. You can get these items at a very affordable price.

Why are European Auto Salvage Yards the Best?

Several elements make European salvage yards the best.

First and foremost, they have quality parts used in your old and recent Euro car. All those auto parts are hand-sorted and tested to assure customer satisfaction.

Next, they will help you save on your vehicle’s maintenance. They also have skilled and efficient staff who provide a satisfying experience for buyers.

This includes rapid response to a client inquiry, prompt delivery, and more.

Operational Differences

The European Salvage Yards Near You operate differently.

While some offer self-services, others provide full services. Salvage yards offering self-services are often referred to as “pull-apart.”

They are a superior alternative to digging through a salvage yard.

Before visiting these salvage yards, you must understand what high-quality parts are. Also, note that most customers are charged to walk around their facility.

Meanwhile, euro salvage yards offering a complete service are often called “pick-part-for-you.” This kind of salvo will help you reserve your time and energy.

However, you’re likely to pay extra for labor.

Nature of Business

European salvage yards primarily engaged in the purchase of wrecked cars and selling their functional parts.

Private sellers, insurance companies, and car auctions are places where they get such cars. There are a few reasons why these donors junk their vehicles.

In most cases, private sellers dispose of their vehicles because of the high cost of repairs. At that point, their cars are valued more for their metals and other components.

Insurance companies often discard accidental vehicles to compensate for the payment of a claim.

In addition to selling low-cost, functional auto parts, some European dumpsites restore vehicles close to working conditions.

Then, they put it up for auction or sell it directly to people who need cheap vehicles.

How Does The Story Of Vehicles End In Rescue Courses?

Although every European salvage yard has its ways of handling vehicles, the sense of economy is not forgotten.

They first check the condition of each damaged vehicle to see if it can be revived. Carlos mentioned earlier that cars in near-working conditions would be restored and sold cheaply.

The hazardous liquid will then be emptied and stored for reuse or recycling. These toxic fluids include gas, engine oil, coolant, antifreeze, etc.

After toxic fluids are removed, functional automotive parts will be removed and sold for a small profit margin. Until then, particular salvage yards select parts in good condition, clean them, test them, and store them.

Whatever remains of the vehicle will be sold to recycling centers as scrap metal.

European Vehicle Types And Used Parts Featured In Salvage Yards

Euro salvage yards feature many vehicles of different makes in their lot. You can get both regular and exotic cars.

This includes BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Fiat, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Mini Cooper. Additional brands include McLaren, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Bugatti, Ferrari, and more.

Among the car parts you can get for those vehicle brands are transmission, dashboard, and wings.

Additional parts include engines, doors, windshields, hoods, starters, alternators, mirrors, panels, sound systems, and many more.

Alternative Places for European Salvage Parts

You can try other installations with similar stocks if your community doesn’t have European salvage yards.

Other places to get pre-owned parts include general or European vehicle salvage yards and online businesses in European vehicle dealerships.

They include Craigslist and eBay, among others.

You can order used parts from anywhere in the country. Your packages will arrive in hours or days. While some companies offer complimentary shipping, others charge a certain amount.

Purchasing Second-Hand Auto EU Parts In A Junkyard

There are several advantages to buying used parts at EU landfills. First, most of their automotive components are installed and assembled by the manufacturer.

This implies that they are authentic and top quality. Second, if you visit scrap salvage yards, you will get several functional parts you might be interested in.

  • What To Consider When Buying Reclaimed Auto Parts

Before patronizing European scrap yards, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Not all salvaged auto parts you see are tested for quality. Thus, you’ll likely fetch details that won’t last as expected. This often happens if you go to a self-serve salvage yard.

In other cases, finding auto parts at pick-and-pull salvos is difficult. Most of them are not organized, and removing them could take a lot of time if you can obtain what you want.

  • Opening Times

European Salvage Yards Near You are open from Monday to Friday.

Their work hours begin at 8:00 am and continue until 5:00 pm. You can pay them a visit on any of these days. But we do have some salvage yards that open on weekends.

Such salvage yards are pick-and-pull. They are open for customers to remove auto parts, but they work for a limited period, i.e., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

While obtaining used parts in European salvage yards is cheap, maintaining some exotic cars can be expensive.

You must know that Salvos, specializing in your exact vehicle model, is your best bet. Whatever you need can be found in those facilities even more.