Do you want to learn more about fluorescent tube recycling near me? This article explores where to reclaim fluorescent tubes and the steps involved.

Moreover, we’ll also discuss how to properly discard fluorescent tubes, whether or not to recycle them at home, and more.

Where can I recycle fluorescent tubes near me for free? Here are some great options.

Recycle Fluorescent Tubes Near Me

Because fluorescent lights can last about 15,000 hours, most business centers and households use them. While this may sound great, this lighting system has its con.

It contains a toxic chemical called mercury. If it eventually falls and breaks, the chemical can spill around your space and put your family at risk.

If you have a broken or old fluorescent tube, consider reclaiming it.

That’s the best way to keep this item from landfills. Other options, such as repurposing and disposal, might only solve the problem temporarily.

Where to Recycle Fluorescent Tubes Near Me

You’ll not lack where to reclaim this waste. Several C.F.L. recyclers are available across the country.

However, your best shot will be a local electronic recycling center near you. Such businesses specialize in handling fluorescent tubes along with other hazardous materials.

Some municipalities near me also offer drop-off locations to reclaim this material.

You can check if your locality offers such programs. If they don’t, we have other options. You can check your local waste management facility.

Most of them provide reclaiming services for fluorescent tubes.

Apart from these recyclers, your local Home Depot or Lowe’s store are other places to check in. Meanwhile, ensure you call ahead and ask about their recycling services for these items.

Other Recyclers Near Me

Aside from the recyclers mentioned above, other businesses and agencies recycle this material. Waste Collection Agencies, Retailers, Mail Back Services, and more are among them.

Let’s briefly review a few of these recyclers.

  • West Collection Agencies

Numerous West collection establishments offer safe and compliant fluorescent tube collections. To begin with, they provide customers with durable and flexible specialist fluorescent tube containers.

This is for you to handle and store unwanted fluorescent tubes safely. Once you’re ready to recycle them, their friendly driver will collect them quickly.

Some waste collection agencies you can consult include E.E.R.I. Estate Recoveries, C.C. Tech Collections, and Instant Account System.

  • Retailers

It’s possible to reclaim your damaged fluorescent tube with retailers. Most retailers that sell fluorescent tubes often take back damaged, faulty, or old fluorescent tubes for recycling. Once you

locate their outlet near you; they can offer you in-store recycling services.

Steps Involved in Reclaiming Fluorescent Tube

Recycling this item can be done with minimal effort while protecting the surrounding.

First, safely transport your used fluorescent tube to a drop-off location that accepts this material for reclaiming. But before then, provide the end caps of fluorescent bulbs that are correctly sealed.

This is to avoid them smashing while in transit.

On reaching a recycling center, all tube components will be separated. We mean they’ll remove contaminants like bulbs and debris.

Once these items are sorted out, they’ll be placed in a designated container for transport. On reaching the manufacturing industry, these materials will be shaded into tiny pallets.

After that, they’ll be turned into new usable products.

Can I Recycle Fluorescent Light Bulbs at Home

Is reclaiming your unwanted C.F.L. tube at home possible? Yes, it’s possible to recycle this waste at home. However, it’s not advisable to do that yourself.

That fluorescent tube is composed of toxic materials, which can be a potential hazard in your home. The best place to reclaim unwanted C.F.L. tubes is in a recycling center.

We have other alternatives if you can’t find their installation near you. Give the good ones to friends who may still use them or donate to a charity organization.

Most of them will be glad to accept such items from you. You may also be awarded a receipt that will fetch you a tax write-off.

Can my Fluorescent Scrap Tube Be Collection for Free?

Whether or not you will pay for your waste collection depends on a few things.

Your location, quantity of recyclable, and the recycler you’re dealing with. While some fluorescent tube recyclers offer a free collection, others might ask for peanuts.

For instance, some recycling centers provide free collection for unwanted fluorescent tubes. However, the free services are only offered to people within a 50-mile radius of their approved and authorized treatment facility.

Fluorescent Light Bulb Disposal Near Me

Disposing of fluorescent tubes correctly is an essential step in maintaining environmental health. As mentioned earlier, the best way to dispose of these items isn’t to dump them in trash cans.

That’s because they’ll end up in our landfills and incineration in one way or another. Of course, you know that will temper with environmental health.

The proper way to dispose of these materials is to take them to your local recycling or hazardous waste facility. These establishments are experts in handling such materials.

But if you don’t have one such installation, try to locate a specialized recycling center. We mean recyclers who specifically deal with light bulbs and tubes.

Important note: when disposing of this item, you must ensure the facility handling them is doing it correctly.

Can I Dispose of Fluorescent Tubes at Home?

Absolutely no! Disposing of this waste in your home trash can is unsafe.

Remember, this material holds a toxic chemical known as mercury. Instead of exposing your family to this chemical, you can find a local electronic recycling center to handle this waste.

Benefits of Recycling Fluorescent Tube

Recycling this item can provide substantial benefits to our environment and your wallet.

First, you’ll preserve resources as new ones don’t have to be produced again. Secondly, you’ll help reduce the cost associated with producing virgin materials.

Moreover, recycling helps protect our environment from harmful toxins from fluorescent tubes or bulbs. To top it all, reclaiming facilities will offer a rebate for those who recycle their damaged fluorescent tube.

With this, you, your friends, or your family can earn money to reclaim this waste. You can use such a rebate and get a new fluorescent tube.

Reclaiming unwanted fluorescent tubes comes with numerous benefits aside from those mentioned above.

As you look for where to recycle this material, you’re not only cutting down on waste but positively impacting the community.

Having read this post, you can see what fluorescent reclaiming is about.