Ford Tractor Salvage Yards Near You

We have good news if you’re considering tearing down your tractor. There are Ford salvage yards near you where you can get used auto parts at affordable prices.

You can get nearly new pieces if you are lucky.

So what used Ford tractor parts are available and how much they cost in a salvage yard are what we’ll review very soon. Continue reading this article.

You will also understand their service method, hours of work, and more.

Old and Used Ford Tractor Parts Near You

The cost of repairing or changing new automotive parts is always high.

Most owners of Ford tractors are increasingly worried about this. Those who aren’t financially vibrant have scrap metal or are thinking of throwing their tractors for money in a landfill.

Where Do I Get A Ford Tractor Salvage Yard Close By?

There are only a few Salvage Yards Near You that have Ford tractors.

Most landfills deal with multiple tractor brands, including Ford. As for their location, they’re often found in regions where farming is prevalent.

We’re discussing places like Texas, NC, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and more. Only a few are found in prominent areas around the country.

Is It Worth It Getting Used, Ford Tractor Parts?

It’s worth getting pre-owned parts in a junkyard for your Ford tractor.

Why do we say so? You can quickly obtain quality parts at significantly reduced prices compared to the new ones. Secondly, you’re helping local businesses succeed.

That has a positive influence on the environment.

Collecting used or damaged tractor parts keep the environment clean and secure. Moreover, the salvage yards dispose of hazardous oil and gas, which can temper groundwater.

So always smile if you get parts of a reclaimed yard for your cars. This is because you are part of the team supporting environmental health behind the scenes.

  • Order parts online

Most of the Ford Salvage Yards Near You are using existing technology. That means they present their inventory online. Regardless of where you are located, you can order parts.

You will receive your articles in only a few hours/days. While some landfills offer you free shipping, others charge you several dollars.

The only issue with purchasing Ford items online is the authenticity of their coins. Your order may not be exactly what you’ll obtain in other cases.

If it’s not poorly adapted, it will be of inferior quality.

  • Chances Are Slim You Will Get Coins At Pick & Pull Junkyards

Most car salvage yards have high chances of obtaining second-hand parts in their facilities. But that’s not often the case for Ford tractor Salvage Yards Near You.

Most of the yards have a few tractors in their lot. This lowers your chances of getting the pre-owned parts you need. Instead of wasting your transportation fee, it’s better to shop online.

Any Idea How Ford Tractors Ends in Salvage Yards?

Don’t worry, you’ll learn soon. Most of the Ford tractor Salvage Yards Near You built their inventory through donations from farmers.

As mentioned before, replacing new parts or repairing seriously damaged tractors is expensive. This makes many people ransack their tractors for money.

Auctions of agricultural equipment are another way salvage yards get their tractors. Lastly, when a tractor is totaled, insurance companies junk them to compensate for the payment of a claim.

What Are Auto Parts Available At Ford Tractor Junkyards?

There are several classes of products in the Ford scrap yards near me.

Depending on your tractor model, you can find pre-owned parts such as swivel rings, runway springs, torque converters, and transmissions.

Other parts include swing drives, track idlers, engines, oil coolers, pumps, differentials, and radiators.

Push the blades, drawbars, quick hitches, front bumper, planters, and side planters are other pieces of tractors you can get in the rescue yards near me.

Ford Tractor Models You Can Get in Junkyards

The Ford tractor salvage yards near my house have many tractor models in their facilities. 1975 Ford 5000, Case IH 695, 1975 Ford 2000, 1978 Ford 2600, 1982 Ford 7610, and 1983 Ford 2810.

Other brands include 1990 Ford 5610, 1994 Case IH 695, 1998 Case IH 4230, 2003 Case IH JX90U, 2007 Case IH JX90, 2015 Case IH Farmall 130A, and more.

Spare Parts Prices For Ford Tractor

The exact cost of pre-owned Ford tractor parts depends on a few factors—your choice of salvage yards, geographical location, and tractor model.

However, for the most part, a coupling costs around $35-$40, accessory cover $25, cover plate-front $50, drift lock pedal rod $50, and cover plate rears $18.

Heavy parts such as crankshaft cost around $675, cylinder head $400, cylinder block $550, differential assembly with ring and pinion $495, distributor & governor drive assembly, and more.

How Ford Tractors are Processed in Salvage Yards

Not all Ford tractors discarded at salvage yards are entirely dead. Some have a chance of coming back to the farm.

Thus, they’ll be handled by specialized technicians. As soon as they are resurrected, they shall be auctioned off. Those with no hope of coming back to life will be stripped.

Functional parts will be sold at significantly discounted rates. The remaining tractor will be sold as scrap metal for recycling. Because most tractors are metal, the salvage yard gets high payouts.

Guarantee On Used Ford Tractor Parts

Most Ford tractor Salvage Yards Near You offer a warrant for used parts. The guarantee period is generally about 30-90 days. However, some have a warranty of up to a year.

As you know, you can return the item during these periods if something goes wrong.

You can swap the item for another or obtain credit. But you don’t get your money back. That’s the tradition in most Salvage Yards Near You.

Finally, verify their authenticity before securing your Ford tractor parts in a recycling yard. We have some salvage yards that distribute fewer quality parts to customers.

In other cases, you may buy items that you never get. As you navigate through their online web pages, be sure to review feedback from other clients.