We’ll discuss the types of golf cart salvage yards near us and how they operate. Beyond this, you’ll also learn about their salvage parts list, prices, and more.

After your time with us, you should be able to deal with a golf cart salvage yard near your local area.

Salvage Yards for Golf Carts

Are you looking to complete custom repairs, replacements, or reconstruction of a golf cart?

If so. You may like the idea of going to a golf cart salvage yard. They sell functional pieces for the golf cart at significant discounts. Moreover, they also buy old/damaged golf carts from clients at appreciable prices.

  • Kinds of Golf Cart Salvage yard

Near me, there’re two kinds of golf cart salvage yards.

The full-service and self-service junkyards. Each of these facilities aims at selling functional parts at affordable prices. But their service delivery is quiet and different.

Let us explain this further.

Self-service golf cart salvage yard is also called “pick and pull.” That is, they allow customers to remove parts on their own. Before you walk into such facilities near me, you’ll pay.

That’s typically about $10 or less.

Full-service golf cart salvage yards are also called “pick for you.” Instead of allowing customers to remove parts, their technical specialists do the work.

Customers are only to step in and pay for the parts they need. Most full-service golf cart junkyards have a digitized inventory. From anywhere, you can order or request the details you need.

  • Are Golf Cart Junkyards Well Organized?

This is an essential question before visiting a golf cart salvage yard.

At least you’ll have some idea of what’s coming your way. If that requires special preparation, you can make it on time. Not all the golf cart salvage yards near me are well organized.

The well-organized golf cart junkyard carefully arranges its items into rows. Each row presents a specific make and model of a golf cart and its year of production.

For example, Harley Davidson has a different section than Yamaha, Club Car, etc.

Moreover, a well-organized golf cart salvage yard employs professional and experienced technicians. They are to help you find the proper salvage parts and perform needed repairs.

Each damaged item is put together in a single place in an unorganized golf cart salvage yard. Finding your required parts will be difficult unless their personnel help.

They are the only ones who know what is in stock, their location, and which is in good condition.

How Do Salvage Yards Acquire Junk Golf Carts?

Of course, you might wonder where those facilities get that many golf carts in their possession. This is not magical. There are many paths through which these buggies come.

Firstly, private owners junk their golf carts for a few reasons. High cost for repairing/replacing new parts. Others are no longer interested in the brand due to aging.

Rental companies also junk golf carts due to age, safety issues, and expensive repairs or replacement parts. Beyond that, salvage yards also obtain their golf carts through auctions.

What Are Makes Of Golf Carts Found In Salvage Yards?

There’s more than one. E-Z-Go, Cushman, Club Car, Polaris, Garia, Lektro, and Yamaha. You can also locate historical legacy models.

For instance, some salvage yards had a 1960 Harley Davidson golf cart. Not just that, there are also vintage golf cars built around the 1930s.

Used Golf Cart Parts Near Me

Missing the part you need in a golf cart salvage yard is hard. That’s because they manage a large number of cart lots. They have pre-owned details running from hundreds to thousands.

The engines, windshield, rear-view mirror, voltage regulator rectifier, and smoke windshield are among those salvage golf cart parts.

Others include CDI igniter, carburetor carb, inductive throttle, folding fold-down windshield, starter solenoid relay, and many more. Golf cart salvage yards near me

  • How Golf Cart Is Processed In A Salvage Yard

Salvage yards near me don’t strip golf carts immediately after trashing them.

Their expert technicians will first verify their condition. Golf carts near operation will be revived and sold to low-priced buyers. If not, they’re going to be auctioned off.

The ones with zero chance of returning to the field will be stripped. Until then, the valuable pieces will be removed and sold at an affordable price.

Whatever’s left of the vehicle is going to be scrap metal.

  • Can I Obtain A Warranty For Second-Hand Parts?

Sure! Most golf cart dumps near me provide a warranty for their used parts. Although the duration may not last long as the new coins, this is better than nothing.

Most golf cart junkyards offer a warranty of about 30-90 days. Only a few can provide six-month to one-year guarantees.

The good part is that you can return the article if you encounter issues in those periods. You are free to trade for a different item or get credit. If you’re looking for repairs, it’s free.

However, it is rare to obtain a refund. That’s the sad part of it.

Sell A Golf Cart to A Junkyard

Do you have a golf cart that you would like to dispose of? If yes. The golf cart salvage yard is among the best places for such deals. They accept the golf cart no matter how bad they get.

However, your remuneration depends on certain key factors—the state of your golf cart, the current cost of scrap, mileage, and geographic location.

  • What’s More?

Before drawing cotton to our discussion, we would like you to know that there are drawbacks to getting used items at junkyards. The quality of specific components is not guaranteed.

As a result, they may not be sustainable as intended. Secondly, finding functional pieces in pick and pull is stressful. In some instances, you’ll find what you need, but their removal is complex and may not be worth your effort.

Golf cart salvage yards are a lifesaver for those with shallow pockets. Replaceable pieces can be found at reasonable prices. You can stumble on virtually new parts if it’s your lucky day.

If you don’t have a golf cart salvage yard, there are many you can contact online.