Hyundai salvage yard is a popular and dependable facility for some auto users.

The company processes a variety of junked Hyundai vehicle models. Thus making it possible to find pre-owned parts you need. Their automotive parts are available at affordable prices.

They also have workers who can help you get the necessary auto parts.

Hyundai Salvage Yard Near Me

However, before visiting a Hyundai junkyard near you, you must know much about them. For example, where they can be found, their car parts, and how they treat customers.

You might also be interested to know how they acquire their scrap vehicles and what happens to them in the salvage yard.

All these details will be supplied in this article.

Most Hyundai Junk Yards Are Locally Operated

The majority of Hyundai salvage yards near me are privately owned.

As such, they’re run on a local level. In other words, they buy used, damaged, or old Hyundai cars and make money selling their valuable parts.

However, a few salvage yards offer extra services such as restoration, major and minor repairs, real-time advice, automatic query response, and much more.

How To Get Used Hyundai Parts From Junkyards?

There are two ways you can obtain car parts from Hyundai Salvage yards. To begin with, you can visit their facilities in person and get your vital auto parts.

Second, by ordering the parts online. If you visit their facilities in person, there are self-service and full-service Hyundai salvage yards.

Each of those landfills works differently.

Self-service salvage yards allow customers to remove auto parts themselves. Before you stroll into their facility, you must pay an entrance fee.

On the other hand, full-service salvage yards remove parts on demand from customers. They have experienced technicians who can get the right auto part you need.

Next, some Hyundai salvage yards and other private companies post second-hand auto parts online. This enables customers to purchase second-hand parts for their broken-down vehicles easily.

Regardless of location, you can get your requested car parts in just a few clicks. Both recent and antique Hyundai car parts are available.

  • Origins of their Junked Vehicles

Hyundai’s wrecking yards obtain their junked vehicles from various sources.

But the most common are private dealers, car auctions, insurance companies, and seized vehicles. Each donor has a specific reason for dumping cars in the trash.

For example, private sellers scrap their Hyundai cars because of the high cost of repairing or replacing new auto parts—only a few junk their vehicles due to aging.

Insurance companies, on the other end, take damaged vehicles to landfills to compensate for the payment of a claim.

Finally, seized vehicles are donated by the government and other private entities because they no longer have use for them.

  • Can I Get the Exact Second-Hand Auto Parts for My Vehicle Model?

There are practically no Hyundai auto parts you’ll not get at a salvage yard. They feature Hyundai models from the 90s to the present.

This means they have replaceable automobile parts for Accent, Excel, Elantra, Azera, Genesis, Entourage, and Sonata. Other models include Tiburon, Santa Fe, XG series, Veloster, Venue, Kona, Palisade, and lots more.

Automotive parts include engines, transmissions, cowlings, doors, bumpers, wings, generators, headlights, rear lights, and mirrors.

You can also get auto parts: windshields, starters, radiators, sound systems, wipers, batteries, dashboards, tires and wheels, steering, etc.

Hyundai Wrecking Yards Make Money From Each Portion Of Junked Cars

Before Hyundai salvage yards remove or allow customers to remove automotive parts, they examine the condition of their junked vehicles.

The idea is to see if vehicles hope to return to the road. If there are, they will be fixed and sold to customers at affordable prices. But if not, the parts with value will be removed.

Until then, they will remove all motor fluids that can harm the environment and resell or recycle them. We discuss liquids like gas, coolant, wiper oil, and anti-freeze.

Whatever remains of the car will be sold to metal recyclers for a few dollar bills.

  • Cost of Auto Parts

The exact price of used parts in Hyundai’s salvage yards depends on some factors.

The type of installation you visit and the automotive part you need. However, you can have alternators for $20, doors at $60, batteries at $12, engines at $500, and more.

Scrap Your Vehicle at Hyundai Junkyard

Hyundai’s salvage yards near me accept cars from private vendors, whatever their condition. However, several factors depend on how much you sell your old or damaged vehicle.

These factors include the make and model of your car, its condition, the current price of scrap, and a lot more. This means you can only get the best value for your vehicle if the above factors are in your favor.

Meanwhile, before you dispose of your vehicle in a salvage yard, you must remove all personal belongings. Also, take out license plates and council vehicle insurance coverage and registration.

Lastly, delete all personal information from the GPS.

  • Does Hyundai Salvage Yards Provide Warranty For Pre-Owned Car Parts?

Yes! Most salvage yards offer a warranty for their second-hand parts. However, you have to pay a guarantee for every item you buy.

Depending on your visiting facility, the cost is usually $12 or less.

Moreover, coverage varies in duration. While some salvage yards can offer you a 30-day guarantee, others last from 60 days to a year.

  • Working Hours for Hyundai Dismantlers

Most Hyundai salvage yard works from Monday through Friday. I am starting from 8:00 am to 4 or 5:00 pm. However, some operate on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

But they work for a limited period. That’s from 9:00 am to 12 or 1 pm. You can visit them anytime to get the replaceable parts you need.

Although getting used parts at Hyundai salvage yards may seem attractive, there are a few disadvantages. Some of the auto parts you get from a salvage yard can get questionable.

Hence, they may not last as expected. For this reason, it is advisable to check the quality of the parts before removal or purchase.