John Deere Salvage Yards Near You

You’ll learn much about John Deere’s salvage yard as you read this article.

We’ll discuss their business model and where to find such salvage yards. We’ll also highlight some available used parts, how vehicles or machines are stripped, and more.

 John Deere Tractor and Lawn Mower Salvage Yards Near You

John Deere salvage yard is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for inexpensive auto parts. They are businesses that specialize in supplying used John Deere vehicle components.

Depending on the salvage yard you see, you can get alternate parts for recent and antique automobiles. What’s more, most of those components are OEM.

This means you have a high-quality guarantee.

  • It’s Hard to Find Exclusive John Deere Salvage Yard

Finding salvage yards that specifically deal with John Deere vehicles and machines takes a lot of work. That’s because there aren’t many of them in the country.

As such, you might not get one of their facilities near you. In this case, you must check alternative places like heavy equipment junkyards.

But you’re lucky to get one of their installations nearby; you can get a variety of heavy automobiles. These include forestry machinery, drive terrains, farming, and construction equipment.

Top 20 John Deere Salvage Yards

The U.S. is home to several John Deere salvage yards. Here in this article, we’ll outline the top 20 John Deere salvage yards you can explore.

These facilities will help you cut your vehicle’s repairs or maintenance costs.

You can also exchange your old clunker for money with them. They pay handsomely for scrap vehicles, no matter the model and condition.

  1. John Deere Hydraulic Pump

If your hydraulic pump needs repairs or replacement, contact this salvage yard.

They specialize in handling auto parts for John Deere drivers. They sell new and remanufactured hydraulic pumps at affordable prices.

In addition to selling or fixing this component, the yard provides valuable details relating to John Deere excavator machinery, heavy equipment, and products.

  1. ConEquip

You can trust this salvage yard for cheap replacement parts for your vehicle. They specialize in selling recycled auto parts for car owners on a budget.

Axles, gearboxes, new and remanufactured hydraulic pumps, engines, and more are some of the cheap items you can buy from them. To order the parts you need, call this toll-free number: 1-800-997-0279.

  1. Vander Haag’s, Inc.

Vander Haag’s, Inc. is a renowned commercial truck, trailer, and heavy equipment buyer. They can pay top dollar for your scrap John Deere, regardless of the make, model, and year.

If you want to eliminate your wrecked vehicle, this facility can make the process as easy as possible. They also sell used truck parts at affordable prices.

  1. All States Ag Parts

If you’re looking for affordable parts for your John Deere, consider contacting this salvage yard. They sell high-quality recycled parts at competitive prices.

You can buy engines, transmissions, starters, brake pads, alternators, radiators, and more from them. Give them a call or visit their installation if you need cheap parts.

  1. Cross Creek Tractor Parts

Cross Creek Tractor Parts is among the best salvage yards in the country. Their mission is to provide quality auto parts and services at lower rates.

They are committed to offering customers the most professional service in the industry. A team of knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you get the right parts you need.

  1. Wengers of Myerstown

This salvage yard has served customers’ auto needs for several decades. It’s a family-owned and operated business that buys and sells used farm tractors and other heavy equipment.

They can be your best shot to sell your old or broken John Deere. They’ll offer you a handsome amount for your vehicle.

  1. All States Ag Parts

If you’re looking for cheap parts, contact this salvage yard. The facility specializes in selling recycled auto parts at competitive prices.

No matter the model and year of your vehicle, you can get the items you need. Some components you can buy from them include engines, transmissions, radiators, alternators, starters, and more.

  1. Hill-T Farm Tractor Parts

Contacting this salvage yard can cut the cost of your restoration project. They sell high-quality tractors and other heavy equipment parts at highly discounted rates.

Whether you have a late or recent John Deere model, you’ll get the item you need. The yard has parts from thousands of dismantled, burned, wrecked, and salvaged tractors.

  1. Midland Tractor

For more than 40 years, Midland Tractor has offered the best parts for John Deere and other heavy equipment.

In addition to providing the best parts for agricultural equipment, the yard offers grower education and a form of partnership. For more details, visit the yard or call their toll-free line.

  1. Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor Parts is an excellent place to get spare or replacement parts at affordable rates. The facility has a large inventory of different models and years of heavy equipment, including John Deere.

You can buy cheaply from them, including transmissions, axle assemblies, wheels, tires, alternators, radiators, and starters.

  1. Gulf South Equipment Sales

Gulf South Equipment Sales is a one-stop shop for heavy equipment parts.

The yard is committed to delivering high-quality used, rebuilt, new, and aftermarket parts for hundreds of makes and models of tractors and other heavy equipment.

At their facility, you can shop for spare or replacement parts for your John Deere. These items are sold at lower rates compared to new ones.

  1. Equipment Trader

Equipment Trader is another fantastic place to buy used parts for your John Deere. The yard specializes in dismantling John Deere vehicles and selling their functioning parts.

You can get items like engines, transmissions, hoods, axle assemblies, and more at lower prices by contacting them via phone or visiting their yard.

  1. MacFadden & Sons Inc.

This salvage yard is ideal if you want to buy heavy equipment or its parts at affordable prices. The yard offers the finest new and used tractor parts for different makes and models.

You can also get components suited for farm and construction equipment. They can be your best shot if you want to buy a John Deere at an affordable price. Likewise, if you’re going to sell one,

  1. Vintage John Deere Parts

For many years, this salvage yard has offered excellent parts for John Deere and other heavy equipment. Whether you’re looking for late or recent parts, they are available at this facility.

Highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians can help you get the item you need. All you need to do is call their official line at 618-731-6625 and do business with them.

  1. Paige Tractors, Inc.

Residents of Texas should consider patronizing this salvage yard. It has a large inventory of parts for different makes and models of tractors.

They are the right people to contact if you want spare or replacement parts for your John Deere. They also sell used tractors at very affordable prices.

  1. Used Tractor Parts | Jonesboro, TX

UTP has been in business since 1986, specializing in John Deere-used and remanufactured industrial parts, components, and attachments.

The facility has an extensive inventory that changes daily, and all parts are guaranteed. They also buy John Deere machines for parts. If you have one to sell, call them and receive a quote instantly.

  1. Steiner Tractor Parts

You can get affordable parts for your John Deere at this salvage yard. They are in the business of tractors and other heavy equipment parts.

You can buy manifolds, emblems, switches, mufflers, gauges, rims, tachometers, tractor lights, sediment bowls, spark plugs, distributor caps, and more from them.

  1. Rock Valley Tractor Parts

Rock Valley Tractor Parts is among the best sources for used or aftermarket parts. The yard provides a full line of salvage parts for all domestic tractors.

They also have access to highly demanded or hard-to-find replacement parts. If you need cheap components for your John Deere, they are the right people to contact.

  1. Frontier Tractor Parts

Frontier Tractor Parts is another excellent place to get parts for your heavy equipment.

They specialize in supplying construction equipment attachments and dismantled machinery to customers in Texas, the Greater U.S., and other parts.

With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, you’ll find the items you need.

  1. MacFadden & Sons, Inc.

Macfadden & Sons has the most extensive used parts inventory in the Northeast.

The yard boasts over 2,000 tractors and construction machines in its salvage yard. Its parts inventory includes John Deere, and Case I.H. combines planters, plows, and choppers.

You can order new parts online, stop in, or submit a parts request. You can also call them and order parts over the phone with a trusted parts professional.

As highlighted above, many John Deere salvage yards exist in the U.S. The list above is just a few out of many. However, they can provide all the necessary items to fix your equipment.

They are your best shot to buy a restored John Deere.

What Kind of Business is John Deere Salvage Yards Into?

John Deere Salvage Yards Near You are in the business of used farm implements and heavy construction equipment. They purchase heavy John Deere broken or antique equipment and sell their valuable parts for profit.

While some businesses exclusively deal in the vehicle brand, others have dedicated sections for large John Deere autos.

Besides selling used parts, John Deere Salvage Yards Near You are excellent restoration spots. They revive vehicles in near-running condition and auction them.

You can visit one of their installations for an affordable John Deere collection.

  • Source of Inventory

John Deere Salvage Yards Near You obtained their scrap vehicles and machinery from several channels. These include private sellers, insurance companies, auctions, liquidated businesses, and police impounds.

Vehicles and machines that come from private owners often because of severe damage. But sometimes, people dump their autos because they’re not worth the cost of repairs.

Insurance companies throw mowers, tractors, etc., at John Deere salvage yards to recoup part of the money to settle a customer’s claim.

No matter the routes these scraps get into junkyards, they’ll handle them according to their condition.

  • You Can Remove Used Parts Independently

Some John Deere Salvage Yards Near You are called “pick-and-pull.” This means they offer self-services to customers.

If you visit their facility, you can remove used vehicle components yourself. However, before you are allowed to walk around their lot, you must pay an admission fee. The charges are usually around $10 or less.

Moreover, you’ll need to take some essential removal tools, including wrenches, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, and more. You’ll also need to wear safety kits for maximum protection.

  • Used Parts are Removed for Customers

While some John Deere salvage yards allow customers to remove used vehicle components, others do not. Such businesses have technical experts who remove salvage parts for customers.

Sometimes, these businesses strip and warehouse all valuable items from newly junked vehicles. You can find whatever you need for your restoration project from these junkyards.

  • Kind of Equipment You Can Get at John Deere Junkyards

John Deere salvage yards are dumping grounds for numerous models of heavy equipment and machines. As noted above, you can get lawnmowers, UTVs tractors, commercial equipment, and other accessories.

More organized salvage yards classify this machinery according to their models and year of manufacture.

Scavenging for used parts in such installations is easy and fast. They often have online inventories where you can purchase used parts regardless of your location around the country.

However, you must know that not all John Deere salvage yards have such an organizational culture. Some have scattered lots; finding what you need will take much work.

How John Deere Salvage Yards Handle their Junks

It’s quite interesting how John Deere salvage yards handle their junk. They make sure they profit from each part of their scraps.

For instance, when agricultural equipment is junked in their lot, they’ll first drain all hazardous fluids, such as motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, and so on.

These fluids will be rebottled and sold for recycling or repurposing.

Once these toxic liquids are drained, delicate components, such as batteries, engines, and spark plugs, will be pulled.

Some John Deere salvage yards send them to third-party vendors for rebuilding. Afterward, they sell them with a warranty. Lawnmowers’ blades are unscrewed and resharpened.

Now, what will be left are mere metal frames. Scrap metal recycling centers are more valuable than salvage yards. Thus, they’ll be sold out.

Used John Deere Salvage Parts Near You

There are numerous secondhand parts available at John Deere salvage yards. That’s what makes them the best bet for restoration projects.

Depending on your John Deere collection, you can get engines, transmissions, throttle, blades, alternators, and radiators. You can also obtain front wheels, brakes, differential units, control panels, and more.

  • What to Consider When Selling

Selling your inoperable farm or construction implements at John Deere salvage yards is an excellent idea. However, there are some things to consider before making such a move.

Find out whether your automobile or machine is fixable. If yes, also find out how much the repairs will cost. Junking your worthless item at John Deere salvage yards is wise.

If you can sell your item to a private buyer, do it.

Most salvage yards don’t offer appreciable amounts to salvage automobiles. But if they’re your last option, find out the value of your machine before heading for negotiation.

You’ll only know you’re saving money by patronizing John Deere salvage once you ask about the price of new parts at stores. Experts say you can save about 50 to 70 percent off the price of unique auto parts.

While this sounds sweet and economical, you must know that not all are Rosey at John Deere salvage yards. You can obtain used parts that are of less quality.