We’ll be talking about bed removal in Colorado Springs. As a resident of this region, you’ll not have trouble disposing of your bedding. Let’s not waste time here.

You’ll need to get rid of your unwanted mattress for many reasons. The most obvious is when it’s no longer comfortable to sleep on or unsanitary.

Such bedding can cause aches and pains all over your body. It can also invite dust mites and molds that can cause or worsen respiratory symptoms.

To restore your comfort and peace, you must have your worn-out mattress disposed of responsibly. How do you do that? It’s pretty simple. Just keep reading this blog post.

Mattress Disposal Colorado Springs | Options

Fortunately, several effortless choices are available to eradicate unwanted beds in this region. They include taking to landfills, donating to munificent institutions, and hiring a junk disposal firm.

You can also reclaim your undesirable mattress in Colorado Springs. It’s an effective way of sustaining environmental health. Let’s briefly review these efficient disposal methods.

  • Donating Old Mattresses

Do you want to change your old bedding for a new one? Instead of throwing the old one away, consider giving it out. Several charitable stores, stray refuges, thrift marts, and non-profit organizations will be willing to take this item.

There’re a few charitable centers you can donate your item in Colorado Springs. They are Habitat for Humanity and ARC Thrift Store Donation Center.

Habitat for Humanity is located at No.411 Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs. They are open from Monday to Saturday and work from 10 am to 6 pm.

The ACR Thrift Store Donation Center is at No.1815 Briargate, Colorado Springs. They open Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm and Sunday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Meanwhile, before donating your item, ensure it’s in excellent condition. Most charitable organizations will not accept beds that are infested by harmful allergens.

Additionally, they’ll not take mattresses with severe structural damage like holes, tears, stains, odors, and rips.

  • Taking Worn-Out Beds to Landfill

Typically, landfills handle the treatment of non-reclaimable materials. If you want to discard your old mattress, you can transport it to the nearest landfill.

Colorado Springs is blessed with many landfill sites offering excellent services. You can opt for any of them that can handle your disposal needs.

You can consult a few landfills in Colorado Springs, including VM Solutions and Green for Life. Clean Management Environmental Group, INC, and US Ecology are other companies you can explore.

They provide all-encompassing solutions to their industrial clients. They also partner with communities to reduce and manage waste.

A few of their management solutions include on-site services, oil and gas, and total resource management. Others include hazardous and industrial waste, residential services, and transportation management.

  • Utilizing Junk Removal Services

Worn-out mattresses that can’t be recycled should be taken to specialize junk removal services. Remember, they aren’t even suitable for donation or upcycling.

Therefore, you can contact Junk’ N Haul to remove and dispose of such mattresses. They are among the leading junk removal services in Colorado Springs.

Junk’ N Haul are expert in disposing of trash, including old mattresses. Their services are offered at fair prices. Therefore, you mustn’t have enough in your pocket before you can call for their services.

They can remove your waste from anywhere, including basements, attics, bedrooms, upper floors, and offices.

It’s better to recycle your old bedding than take them to landfills.

These items are composed of toxic substances that can cause deletion in the ozone layer, among other environmental damages. According to experts, recycling a single mattress can save nearly 65 pounds of toxic materials.

Now, Colorado Springs has a few recycling options and companies for unwanted beds. You can explore these options and responsibly discard your waste.

Most recycling companies in Colorado Springs offer free pickup services for old bedding. So you don’t have to use your hands or waste your time taking your waste to a collection center.

Furthermore, if your mattresses have bed bugs, it’s not a big problem too. It can also be recycled. However, you must contact pickup services for safe removal.

Benefits of Contacting a Mattress Junk Removal Services

There’re many benefits to utilizing junk removal services to dispose of your waste.

To mention a few, they’ll help prevent possible diseases associated with damaged or worn-out mattresses. They’ll also help prevent the spread of these diseases by maintaining the item being removed from your homes.

Furthermore, mattresses are large and heavy items that require more than an individual to remove. By inviting junk removal services, they’ll offer you hassle-free removal.

These providers often employ experts to remove and dispose of old bedding.

Cost of Disposing of Mattress in Colorado Springs

As mentioned, some junk removal and disposal services in this region may demand compensation. How much you’ll pay will depend on the company you invite.

But generally, the cost of disposing of any size of mattress is around $30. The box springs only cost $15; if there’s any addition, it’ll be around $10.

Sell Your Old Mattress is in Immaculate Condition

If your bed is in perfect shape, consider selling it. You can make some extra cash from it and settle other expenses.

There’re rare spots you can trade your old mattress. One of them is to sell online. Although you may make less money, someone among your friends might purchase your item.

A few online platforms you may sell your bed include eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplaces, and more. Meanwhile, you must know that Colorado Springs has laws regulating the sales of used mattresses.

So you should do well to be familiar with these rules.

Finding an appropriate way to dispose of your old beds is essential. As you can see above, Colorado Springs has many disposal options. You can choose any that matches your needs.

However, you must know that some disposal methods may demand monetary compensation. Therefore, ensure you’re financially capable before embarking on such a mission.