Mattress Recycling Near Me

Keep reading this blog post to learn more about mattress recycling near me.

You’ll get to know where you can reclaim your old mattress. Not only that, but including recyclable beds, tips about bed removal, mattress reprocessing programs, and more.

Where can I throw away a mattress near me?

Here is all about cloth recycling, disposal, and donating old mattresses.

Free Mattress Recycling Near Me

Do you know what to do with an unwanted bed?

Instead of discarding it in dumps, consider the option of recycling. That’s the best way to keep this item from landfills and incinerators.

Throwing it in landfills will take up more prominent space and negatively impact environmental health. Of course, that’s not what you want.

Here is what mattress removal cost.

  • Parts of Mattresses You Can Reclaim

Before reclaiming a mattress, you must know what part can be recycled. Less you take items that reprocessing facilities or programs will reject.

In this regard, the foam and steel springs are recyclable parts of the mattress. Complementary items like wooden frames can be reused, and you can recycle cotton with textiles.

Furthermore, some newer mattresses with gel tops have certain highly recyclable parts. This is entirely the making of chemicals used in the formulation process.

  • Preparatory Steps for Recycling an Old Mattress

When preparing an old bed for recycling, you place it onto a conveyor belt.

Now, separate the padding, foam, and cotton from the metal framework by cutting through with a saw. Next, take the foam and springs to a reprocessing facility.

How to Recycle an Old Mattress

If you must recycle your old mattress, you can arrange with the delivery company that initially brought it when it’s new. Alternatively, you can ask your local recycling center if they take old mattresses.

We also have some people posting their used beds online and requesting pickup.

Retail stores are an additional alternative to recycling an old mattress. Most of them include the removal of beds in their delivery price.

You can set delivery arrangements through their salesperson and ensure your old mattress is hauled to a reprocessing facility.

Most of these retailers don’t charge for moving an old bed.

  • You Can Recycle Old Mattresses at Local Reprocessing Centers.

Most local reprocessing facilities accept used mattresses. You can get some that can pick up your bed.

However, contacting different facilities to know whether they recycle mattresses would be best. If they do, ask about their terms and conditions for reprocessing such an item.

You should avoid a situation where you’ll be caught up in an unnecessary trip.

  • Why is Mattress Disallowed in Curbside Bin?

Several reasons made the bed to be disallowed in the curbside bin.

Remember, it’s a bulky item that can consume a larger space. This puts a strain on resources and poses potential health and safety risks.

Most trash collectors don’t pick up discarded mattresses because of this highlighted factor.

Will I Pay For Recycling an Old Mattress?

Of course, you’ll pay a certain amount when reclaiming your used mattress.

Most retail stores that collect and reprocess unwanted mattress charge a small fee. The same follows when you call a junk removal company to haul your used mattress to a recycling facility.

How much you will pay to reclaim an old mattress depends on certain factors. Your location, the mattress size, and the facility you’re dealing with.

However, you’ll likely pay around $20-$40 per mattress. These businesses charge such an amount to compensate for the labor in dismantling recyclable mattress portions.

Where Can I Donate Unwanted Mattress for Free?

Donating an old mattress is good if you want to avoid reclaiming it. But before you do that, you must first examine its condition.

A mattress that is still in good condition can be donated to charity. Then those that need to be in better shape, such as worn or stained, shouldn’t be granted.

Donating such beds to charity will do more harm than good. The burden of hauling such items to a reprocessing facility will be on their heads.

Sell Your Old Mattress for Cash

You can make money selling your used mattress if you are unaware—however, the kind of mattress you may want to sell matters a lot.

It would be best if you didn’t donate a bed with some infestation or damage. Such types of mattresses are sent for recycling.

However, selling an old mattress is a bit tricky.

You may not want to home with a few bucks for a good bed. Likewise, buyers will want to purchase only good-quality items at higher prices.

In this case, you must learn to set a favorable price to suit both parties. If you can sell your old mattress, you’ve performed recycling by repurposing.

  • Taking Used Mattresses to Landfills Should Be Your Last Option

Although landfills accept used mattresses, they should be your last option for recycling.

As highlighted above, throwing unwanted mattresses in landfills is a colossal disaster. It doesn’t only cause mini crises between them and reprocessing centers but tempers with the environment’s health.

Today’s world is trying to prevent these items from ending up in landfills due to their negative impacts.

Thus, even if your local or state landfill sites accept old mattresses, you can use other recycling methods or repurpose them.

Mattress Removal Program

When recycling an old mattress, you can apply for MassDEP grant funding. It’s a “Recycling Dividends Program.”

They pay municipalities to implement specific waste reduction, reuse, and reprocessing policies or programs. These funds are provided for specific waste management and recycling expenses.

Fortunately, the mattress is one of the selected items for such funding.

Most cities nationwide use the grant to collect, transport, and process mattresses and other massive waste materials.

This is to assist people who find it challenging to handle such waste due to its size and weight.

Other helpful reclaiming programs you can explore include Initiative Approved Spending Categories, FAC90 Statewide Carpet & Mattress Recycling Services Contact, and more.

Research has indicated that you can reprocess more than 75-80 percent components of mattresses. But millions of beds are dumped in landfills every year.

If you can employ the recycling methods listed above, you’ll significantly reduce the pressure these materials put in landfills. That way, you’ll enhance the health of the environment.