This article has compiled a list of salvage yards in Melbourne, FL, to help you with your research.

You will sort through them to determine if they include what you require. We’ve also provided their phone number and address if you have more questions.

Junk Yards In Melbourne, Fl

Purchasing new parts to complete your repair effort is costly.

In some instances, certain things cost a fortune to obtain. But don’t worry; we’re here to provide a less expensive option for finishing your house or car maintenance.

Many junkyards in Melbourne, FL, sell aftermarket goods and recycle them. Some focus on architectural objects, while others specialize in automotive parts.

Examine these facilities to determine which one best suits your needs.

  • We Pay Top Dollar For Cars

If you want to exchange your old clunker for money, this is the right place. The salvage yard specializes in buying junk cars from residents of Melbourne, FL, and other areas.

You can receive top dollar for your scrap car, regardless of its make and model. The facility is renowned for providing local services with integrity, valid values, and transparency.

Friendly and professional staff will sell your car quickly and conveniently.

You’ll also be offered free, no-obligation appraisals. They’ll provide an instant, free online valuation on their official site whenever you’re ready to sell your car.

You can visit their installation at 436 Nieman Ave., Melbourne, FL 32901, U.S., or call them at +1 407-329-9873.

  • Braniff Used Auto Parts

Several auto services are provided at this facility.

First, they sell quality used vehicle parts for all years, makes, and models. However, they prioritize Volkswagen and Audi parts. So, if you’re driving any of these cars, this is the right place to get cheap parts.

Some items in their inventory are used transmissions, bumpers, electricals, differentials, and engines.

Others include brakes, alternators, batteries, radiators, starters, hoods, axle assemblies, headlights, and more. All mechanical items come with a 30-day warranty, and electrical parts have a 7-day warranty.

You can order items online if you need more time to make it to their facility in person. With over 150 million parts, you can get what you want. Whatever item you buy, they’ll ship it to your doorstep within a few hours or days.

What are you waiting for? Visit their head office to see for yourself. Their location is 2259 Avocado Ave, Melbourne, FL 32935, U.S. You can also call them at +1 321-259-3000.

  • A & M Auto Salvage

This salvage yard is ideal for selling your broken or old car.

They specialized in buying unwanted cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. If you have one you wish to sell, it can be your best bet. You can get a handsome offer, no matter your vehicle’s condition, make, and model.

Apart from cars, A & M Auto Salvage also purchases motorcycles that are in running or imperfect condition. You’ll get a sweet offer no matter your bike’s make, condition, or model.

For more inquiries, visit them at 2617 Aurora Rd., Melbourne, FL 32935, U.S. You can also arrange pickup by calling their official line at +1 321-751-0600.

  • The Parts House

As the name implies, it is “Part House.” You can get whatever you want to complete your restoration project. The facility is into the sale of recycled automotive parts at highly discounted prices.

They have components suited for all makes, models, and years of automobiles. All these items are delivered at low prices and have a standard warranty.

For more details, visit them at 864 Washburn Rd., Melbourne, FL 32934, U.S. You can also call them at +1 321-216-2350.

  • Car Buying Melbourne, FL

If you visit this facility, you’ll have everything you need to complete your vehicle repairs.

The yard is renowned for offering high-quality recycled car parts across all makes, models, and years. With over 200,000 parts covering 400 brands and value lines, you can be sure to get your desired item.

The yard also maintains sound relationships with the most respected OE and aftermarket producers.

Their experienced staff offers outstanding tech, speedy delivery, and a robust product assortment. All these services and items are delivered at very affordable prices.

To get the benefit of the doubt, visit their head office in person. They are located at 2617 Aurora Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935, U.S. They are also open for calls at +1 321-426-1825.

  • LKQ Melbourne

Visit this junkyard to solve your auto parts needs. They offer an extensive nationwide inventory of recycled OE, reconditioned, refurbished, new aftermarket, and remanufactured car parts.

Some items from their lot include door assemblies, fenders, bumper assemblies, tail lamps, mirrors, headlights, and more.

All these components are of high quality. They also come with a standard warranty, which allows you to return items you’re uncomfortable with.

For more details, please visit them at 7298 Waelti Dr., Melbourne, FL 32940, U.S. They also receive calls from +1 800-242-7288.

  • Junk Cheapo Removal

Are you worried about how you’ll remove the junk in your home?

Then your worries have come to an end. This facility specializes in junk removal and hauling. They’ll clear up your space, transport the garbage, and dispose of it appropriately.

The yard is renowned for serving the city with the same values: integrity, trust, and respect. In addition to removing junk, they donate and recycle most of the items they remove.

Each project is manageable for them. So call them if you need to upgrade your bedroom, plan an estate, make home improvements, and more.

Their head office is 1111 Sparkman St., Melbourne, FL 32935, U.S. You can also call them at +1 321-821-8145.

  • Florida Recyclers of Brevard

If you need recycling services, call this recycler.

They are a nonprofit agency that has existed since 2011. They focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainable living through advocacy, education, and action.

One of their primary objectives is to promote sustainable living by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste in the community.

To that end, they provide educational programs focusing on young children and families and partner with schools and organizations to help sustain waste in the community.

If you have waste materials, you’ll want them disposed of appropriately, so visit their installation. They are at 3351 Sarno Rd., Melbourne, FL 32934, U.S. You can also call them at +321-255-6625.

  • Palm Bay Auto Parts, Inc.

You don’t need to go anywhere to get high-quality, genuine OEM parts.

This junkyard has everything you want. It sells high-end recycled car parts for all makes, models, and years at affordable prices.

If you drive a Toyota, Ford, Nissan, or other car brand, you’ll get what you want.

Just give them a call at +1 321-312-6030. You can also visit their stock at 2625 4th Ave. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905, U.S.

There isn’t much time left. If not, we must list every junkyard in Melbourne, FL. But from the handful we’ve offered, we’re confident they can satisfy your requirements.

Make sure you research them more before doing business with them.