Do you want to know more about Melbourne junkyards and vintage markets?

Then keep reading this article. We’ll tell you how they operate, some reuse items you can get, opening and closing times, and more. Without further Ardo, let’s start our discussion.

Melbourne JunkYards & Vintage Markets 

Melbourne is blessed with many outstanding Junkyards and vintage markets. Some experts say they are the vintage capital of Australia, if not the world.

You can get numerous secondhand items at very affordable prices. So those who are into restoration projects will find this place appropriate.

What You Should Know About Melbourne Salvage Yard 

Melbourne wreck yards are businesses that take in broken or aged items and sell their functional components.

In other cases, they may restore broken items and sell them to customers at an affordable price. As noted earlier, if you’re into restoration projects, these facilities are an excellent solution for secondhand parts.

Types of Salvage Yards Available in Melbourne 

There’re different kinds of junkyards in Melbourne.

Among them are architectural, automobile, and appliance salvage yards. Each of these yards operates differently. Let’s review these yards individually.

  • Architectural Salvage Yard in Melbourne 

The architectural junkyard in this city deals exclusively with vintage building materials and furniture. Some items in these facilities are doors, mantles and grates, lighting, roof tiles, bricks, and windows.

Other things are recycled timber, fretwork and lacework, and other outdoor products.

  • Automobile Salvage Yards in Melbourne 

Consider visiting a Melbourne automobile junkyard for those looking for vehicle salvage parts. These businesses exclusively deal with scrap vehicles, including convertibles, sedans, trucks, SUVs, hatchbacks, and wagons.

Some used features include engines, transmissions, brakes, steering, bumpers, dashboards, fenders, and doors. The radiator, windscreen, starters, alternators, tires and wheels, hoods, battery, and more are other parts.

Top Salvage Yards Located in Melbourne 

We will list some junkyards you can visit in Melbourne for your secondhand needs.

  • Halsey Road Recyclers 

This facility is not just a salvage yard or collection shop. It’s where you can get various antique items, including scrap materials.

They also have a range of exciting, classic, traditional, and historical pieces. Some secondhand items in these facilities are blanket boxes, chest trunks, molding tools, and more.

  • Bendigo 

If you want original secondhand French doors, walk to this salvage yard. They also sell leadlight doors and windows, fire inserts, windows, recycled timber flooring, sash, casement, cast iron baths, and more.

  • Wooden 

This salvage yard includes heritage hardwoods, designer finishes, and recycled timber furniture. They also have a large section of wharf, railway timbers, wool store, and pier.

Places they obtain their scraps include industrial sites and heritage demolition.

  • Castlemaine 

You can also get excellent secondhand building materials from this Melbourne wreck yard. The yard is a one-stop shop for architectural salvage and used building materials.

Castlemaine also ventures into sustainable design and construction expertise.

Melbourne Vintage Markets 

Melbourne Vintage Markets Melbourne antique markets have sprung up in recent years, creating a vibrant melting pot of old-style fashion and hip creativity.

Moreover, the market has inner-city conners teeming with old-fashioned designer shops and bars. They offer old-style slow experiences, valuing sustainability and quality.

You can also get some shops that jumped on the vintage craze and sell vintage clothes at prime rates. Below are a few antique markets you can visit in Melbourne.

  • Hello, Sailor Vintage Fair 

This older styles market is typically a quality, vinyl, and bric-a-brack. They offer many old-fashioned men’s and vintage ladies’ dresses.

Other items include shoes, bathers, scarves, trinkets, etc. The markets are typically open late. Plus, they got music, entertainment, and fabulous wares to enjoy.

What’s more? Pop-up stores from well-known vintage collectors sell their finds, with some U.S. and European items.

  • North Melbourne Market 

This is a small funky monthly market in the Lithuanian Club at slap bang in the middle of Errol Street, North Melbourne. The market is full of cute designs and original old-fashioned items.

You’ll get vintage fabrics and clothing, local designer fashion, and sweet treats. You can also get handmade jewelry, head-to-toe cute stuff for kids, homewares, and other unique artistic creations.

  • Blackbird Market 

This is another fantastic indoor vintage market in Melbourne.

It’s held in the cozy rooms of the Perseverance Hotel in Fitzroy. It’s the heartland of hip Melbourne culture, art, and design. You can get up-and-coming fashion, handmade designs and creations, and vintage clothing from this market.

While you shop, you’ll be entertained by live music, DJs, artist installations, excellent cuisine, and drink.

If you want to visit Blackbird Market, come every second Sunday of the month. They open up from 11 am down to 4 pm. The address is The Perseverance Hotel, 196 Brunswick St. Fitzroy.

  • Lah De Da Bazaar 

For those who live at Biero Bar in the city, consider visiting this antique market.

It’s an excellent place for cutting-edge fashion hunting for antique and local labels. They support young and unpopular Australian designers who are using vintage materials.

You may see fantastic craftsmanship and a treasure trove of romantic finery. You may also get exquisite garments and accessories of up-and-coming fashion and vintage labels.

Lah De Da Bazaar is located at 525 Little Lonsdale Street.

  • Southside Handmade and Vintage Market

Do you live around St. Kilda?

Then this antique market is the right place to visit. It’s held at St. Kilda RSL Club. They allow customers to hunt down that bespoke item they’ve been looking for.

The market has many of Melbourne’s talented artists and vintage purveyors. They offer vintage collector pieces, stylish preloved gems, millinery creations, and quirky bits and pieces.

Further, Southside Handmade and Vintage Market has an excellent atmosphere with RSL-priced drinks. You’ll also have the opportunity to lounge around or walk to the beach.

The market is open on the last Saturday of every month. Their opening time is 11 am to 4 pm.


Melbourne salvage yards and old-fashioned markets are ideal places for budget-conscious people.

You can get used items at affordable prices. For those in the automobile sector, you can visit their salvage yards for replaceable parts to complete your restoration projects.

Meanwhile, if you need vintage fabrics, clothing, sweet treats, shoes, and more, their vintage markets will be the right place to visit.

As you can see above, we’ve highlighted a few Melbourne salvage yards and vintage markets to narrow your search.