While reading, you will learn more about military salvage yards near me.

Several things to discuss are their operating style, the nature of their inventory, and warranty for used parts. We’ll also highlight the perks and cons of buying automotive parts at military salvage yards.

Military Junkyard Near Me

Do you own a collection of military vehicles in your garage? Consider going to an army salvage yard for inexpensive automotive parts.

These facilities feature quality spare parts for military cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Regardless of their make and model, you can find replaceable parts for fighter aircraft, tanks, and hummers.

  • What is a Military Salvage Yard?

Military yards are companies that venture into purchasing used military vehicles and sell their functional parts for profit. Practically, all military salvage yards are owned by individuals.

However, they abide by specific environmental health and weapons regulations.

Most vehicles towed in salvage yards courses are involved in accidents. Others are junked because of malfunctioning parts.

Notwithstanding, there are derivable Automotives among the junks. Those types of vehicles are repaired and auctioned off. At the same time, the badly damaged are stripped naked.

  • Style of Services

Military salvage yards offer services to clients in two ways: self-service and full-service. Military junkyards offering self-services allow customers to remove parts themselves.

Most of these installations are often unorganized and have few items on their shelves. This means that it is likely that you will not get the parts you need at their facilities.

Also, before you enter a self-serve military salvage yard, you must pay a door charge. This fee varies from one salvage yard to another.

Therefore, you have to make price claims before visiting these salvage yards.

On the other hand, military salvage yards that provide full service remove automotive parts for customers. Most of these facilities are well organized and have surplus auto parts on their shelves.

On top of that, their vehicle parts are of high quality.

  • Source of Inventory

Of course, you will expect military salvage yards to acquire their vehicles from the “Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).” Well, that’s true.

But they also get vehicles from other sources, including privately owned vendors and government auctions.

As noted, most military vehicles are damaged due to an accident or severe malfunction. Other factors include age, security, and the high cost of repairs.

What Kinds of Vehicles are in Army Salvage Yards?

While some military salvage yards only deal with military vehicles, some feature military aircraft.

Those who handle vehicles have jeeps, ATVs, Buffalos, tanks, military ambulances, JLTVs, HMMWVs, bikes, motorcycles, and more.

The military salvage yards that handle aircraft have the following in their lot: bombers, transport, trainers, reconnaissance and surveillance, multi-role, helicopters, and much more.

What Happens to Automotives at Military Salvage Yards?

What happens in military salvage yards is restoration, dismantling, and preservation. These are economic measures used by most military salvage yards to maximize profits.

Let’s go into more detail.

Expert technicians will examine their condition when vehicles or planes are dumped in military salvage yards. This is to see whether these vehicles or aircraft still have a life.

Those hopeful of a service return will be fixed. Then severely damaged vehicles and aircraft will be stripped. They’ll remove toxic liquids such as antifreeze, fuel, diesel, and coolant until then. These chemicals can negatively affect the environment in a negligent spill.

As such, they’re repackaged for recycling or reuse. Upon completion, functional parts will be removed and stored in the inventory.

The remains of the vehicle or aircraft will be sold as scrap to be recycled.

Second-Hand Parts Available at Military Junkyards

The kind of used parts you can get at military salvage yards depends on your specialty.

Those looking for car/truck parts can obtain engines, transmissions, dashboards, wings, heaters, doors, and windscreens. Other features include armor, trannies, trims, axles, tires and wheels, and dashboards.

The second-hand parts for military aircraft include the fuselage, wing flaps, flight control surfaces, speed rakes, and trim systems.

Others include elevators, stabilators, servo taps, cowling, propellers, and mots.

  • Are Second-Hand Parts for Military Automotives Obtainable Online?

Yes! Some salvage yards have online inventory, particularly those that provide full service.

The idea is to make their automotive aftermarket versatile. People from far-off places can get used items without visiting their facilities.

Besides making their market widely accessible, they also post their contact information for customers to ask questions. This could be regarding their auto parts or price quotations or something else.

Furthermore, other online businesses feature second-hand military and automotive parts in their stock. Among these entrepreneurs are eBay, Craigslist, and many others.

However, their auto parts prices are slightly higher than the salvage yards.

  • Benefits of Purchasing Second-hand Parts at Military Wrecking Yards

In addition to cost-effective second-hand parts, there’re other benefits you’ll enjoy.

First, you can get second-hand parts that weigh better than aftermarket ones. Secondly, if you visit self-service salvage yards, you may get more than you came for.

  • Drawbacks Of Purchasing Pre-Owned Parts In Military Scrap Yards

While buying replaceable parts in military salvage yards is cost-effective, there is little downside.

Certain automotive parts can have a history of severe stress. Consequently, their quality is not guaranteed and may not endure as intended.

Second, you may have trouble getting the required part at unorganized salvage sites. At times, if you get them, it will part be hard to remove such features.

Finally, a few military salvage yards do not offer a warranty for their used parts. This makes it impossible for customers to return items if something goes wrong.

Military salvage yards work the same as any other vehicle and aircraft salvage yard. However, specific rules govern their business activities.

Notwithstanding, these rules don’t limit private customers’ participation in the business. You are free to purchase a pre-owned part you need.

But until then, you’ll need to move on to the salvage yard you wish to patronize. Whether online or on land. This is because they’re scams out there.