We’ll guide you on how to re-refine engine oil, where to recycle it, and how much you’ll earn from recycled motor oil.

Before hitting the nail, let’s examine some reasons for recycling motor oil.

Motor Oil Recycling Near Me

It’s not environmentally healthy to throw away slump oil in recycling or garbage bin.

The waste can pollute waterways and soil. Instead of harming the environment, you can recycle or re-refine your waste motor oil.

Besides, some facilities might pay you for recycling waste motor oil.

Does that sound interesting to you?

  • Is Used Motor Oil Recyclable?

Used motor oil is an insulating fluid obtained from machines. This could be vehicles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc.

You can use such oil for lubrication or transfer heat when it is new. But somehow, the oil gets contaminated during usage and loses its properties.

That’s when it will be considered a waste.

But at this stage, it isn’t entirely a waste. You can recycle it. Research indicates slump motor old is 100 percent recyclable. As you keep reading, you’ll learn more.

Reasons to Recycle Used Motor Oil

There’re several reasons for reclaiming used motor oil in auto recycling. Indeed, one of your reasons for reclaiming this oil might make a massive environmental difference.

Below are some reasons to recycle waste engine oil.

First, motor oil sticks to almost everything it touches, including water.

When used engine oil is discarded in landfills or poured into gutters, it can run down to contaminate water bodies. It could be lakes, oceans, or rivers.

Plants, animals, and humans are at risk as this liquid is mixed up with water.

Secondly, disposing of used motor oil in landfills, curbside boxes, gutters, etc., is illegal. You can be fined or face jail time when caught.

In other cases, you will be held responsible for any clean-up cost it may incur.

Procedure for Recycling Waste Motor Oil

The steps in reclaiming used engine oil are brief but can be a bit tasking.

However, you don’t need a particular skill to recycle waste oil. At this point, we’ll highlight the procedure for reprocessing this liquid.

  • Drain Out the Fuel

Capturing all your used engine oil is critical to successful recycling. You can start by laying a tarp or plastic sheet/container underneath your workspace to drain out such fluid.

Next, you carefully position the container on top of your tarp and beneath the engine. The idea is to catch all the fluids as it drains.

  • Use an Oil Filter for Removal

An oil filter drains waste oil from your vehicle or machine. To make your efforts worthwhile, you can puncture a small hole in the dome of the filter.

This will allow the liquid to drain thoroughly into your drip pan. What next? Seal the oil filter into a plastic bag.

  • Repackaged the Oil for Transportation

Once you remove your waste oil, it’s time to transfer it from the drip pan to another container. It will make it suitable for storage and transportation.

However, you must repackage your waste motor oil in its original container or something decent. We mean containers/packages made up of plastic or polyethylene.

It’s not advisable to can your used engine oil in milk cartons, empty juice containers, or cans mixed with other fluids. That’s why you must use containers that haven’t been used before.

Used Motor Oil Disposal & Drop Off Locations Near Me

As for where to recycle used engine oil, there’re several options. Most of them are popular places you might be familiar with.

Amongst them are car dealerships, auto parts stores, local maintenance shops, waste management facilities, and local curbside pickup.

Let’s briefly take a look at them.

  • Car Dealership

Major car dealerships with service centers do recycle or dispose of motor oil.

If you have one of such businesses near you, they can help eliminate your waste engine oil. However, they rarely disclose their recycling or disposal abilities.

Thus, you’ll need to ask around.

  • Local Auto Parts Stores

Most local auto part stores that accept used engine oil for disposal or recycling are big-name brands. We refer to Napa, Auto Zone, Car Quest, Advanced Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, AutoNation, and more.

All of these businesses have thousands of stores around the country. Therefore, you can recycle your motor oil at any of their outlets.

However, they limit how much waste engine oil you can drop off at a time; for most stores, it’s about five gallons per person.

Some stores in specific locations arrange collection days to purchase used motor oil.

  • Waste Management Companies

Waste management firms are found in almost all parts of the country. They place huge drums strategically for people to dispose of their waste motor oil.

Unlike auto parts stores, there are no limits on how much waste oil you can dispose of at once. However, it would be best if you abode other regulations regarding the disposal of this waste.

  • Local Maintenance Shops

Most local maintenance shops will allow you to dispose of your waste motor oil with them. They offer car services such as oil changes, brakes, mufflers, etc.

Some renowned maintenance shops that accept such waste include Mr. Transmission, Tuffy Tire and Auto Service, and Jiffy Lube.

Others include Valvoline Oil Instant Change, Big O Tires, SpeeDee Oil Change, Auto Service, Midas, Aamco, Meineke, and many more.

  • Local Curbside Pickup Centers

Some states around the country offer local pickup for motor oil waste. However, most of them have schedules for their pickups.

Additionally, you’re advised to secure your waste oil in a container and bag the oil filter before dumping it on the curb.

How Much Can You Make from Waste Motor Oil?

You can resell your waste engine oil and earn some bucks. But how remunerative you’ll be depends on where you want to sell and the quantity you have.

However, you can earn around $0.30 and $0.50 for a gallon of waste oil.

We have much more to tell you about motor oil recycling near me. But with the looks of things, we only have a little time for that.

However, we hope you’re better informed about recycling engine oil.