Radiator Recycling Near Me

Do you want to know more about radiator recycling near me? You don’t have to go anywhere. We’ll provide you with all the information about radiator recycling near me.

This range from radiator parts that can be recycled to the step-by-step process of reclaiming them. We’ll also discuss whether curbside pickup accepts old radiators, if you can sell them for scrap, and more.

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Aluminum Copper Scrap Radiator Prices Near Me

Scrap radiators are items that shouldn’t be thrown away in landfills. They contain toxic substances that can damage the soil and poison humans and animals.

Instead of tossing them inappropriately, consider recycling them. That’s the best way to promote the environment and its occupants.

Now, do you know what radiator recycling is all about? Whether your answer is a yes or no, this article is here to shed more light on the subject matter above.

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During your reading, you’ll learn how to prepare these components for reclaiming, where to recycle them, step-by-step processes for reclaiming them, and more. Let’s set the ball rolling right away.

How to Prepare Scrap Radiators for Recycling

The steps to prepare this auto part are easy, even for beginners. Remove all the coolant, such as antifreeze, from the radiator to get started.

This liquid is responsible for lowering water’s freezing point. But can be bad for the environment, humans, and animals when disposed of inappropriately.

You must open the drain valve or remove the drain plug to extract such coolants. They’re usually at the bottom of radiators. Once you’re done, you may remove additional parts, such as fans or mounting brackets.

These items need to be recycled separately.

Next, you can strip the plastic sheets covering the new radiator. This is to ensure you get the best price for your scrap possible. However, you may decide to leave your radiator as it is.

Now, clean the radiator of dirt or debris. You can use a hose or pressure water for the cleaning. Recycling this auto component when it’s clean facilitates the process and ensures the safety of reprocessing machinery.

When you’re done, you head to your local scrap metal yards. Usually, these recyclers will purchase your item for a small or huge amount.

Recycling Radiators | Procedure

Same here; it’s pretty straightforward to reclaim these vehicle parts. The first thing you’ll need to do is to sort out the component into the appropriate category.

In other words, you’ll classify the radiators according to their size, type, and condition. Next, you dismantle them according to the materials they’re composed of. We refer to copper, aluminum, and brass.

When you’re done, you shred the radiator into smaller pieces. This will make it easier to sort and separate the materials it’s composed of.

Now, various techniques may be used to separate these components. You can employ the hand sorting, air classification, or magnetic separating method.

Smelting and refining is the last step when reclaiming this vehicle part. The aim is to remove impurities before molding them into new products.

Facilities You Can Reclaim Old Unwanted Radiators

Several places are available to reprocess this auto component.

The first place to visit is your local scrap metal yards. These businesses specialize in recycling scrap metals, including old or damaged radiators.

They’ll accept your component if it’s free from contaminants such as antifreeze coolant.

Furthermore, you can take your scrap radiator to local auto repair shops or salvage yards. They also accept this auto component no matter its condition. These installations will either refurbish or sell their parts for profit.

To locate these recyclers, you’ll need to search online directories. You can also ask people around for directions. Of course, one or two people will be willing to help.

Is It Improper to Dump Scrap Radiators in Trash Cans?

Whether or not you should throw this auto part in regular trash depends on the specific regulations in your municipality. But generally, throwing these auto components in standard trash cans is unacceptable.

Remember, these items contain toxic materials such as heavy metals. These materials are capable of tempering environmental health.

If you must throw this item in a household or community’s waste bin, ensure it’s properly cleaned. You must drain all fluids and ensure it’s free from contaminants.

You can check your local government or waste management provider for more details on appropriate disposal.

Selling Old or Damage Radiators

Selling old radiators as scrap is another way to promote environmental health while increasing your income.

Now, several places are available to sell old or damaged radiators. Among them are local scrap yards, auto repair shops, automobile junkyards, and more.

Meanwhile, how much you will make from your sales depends on several factors. That’s the type, condition, current scrap metal price, geographical location, and where you’re selling your scrap item.

Typically, radiators made up of copper deal higher than aluminum ones. Likewise, radiator brass is costlier than steel and lower than copper.

Before you go out to sell this scrap auto component, there’re certain things you need to do. First, it’s wise to check the current price of scrap metals in the market. This will help you to know what to expect in terms of price.

Secondly, check how many recycling facilities are available in your region. If there are plenty of such facilities nearby, you can call around and compare the prices of each.

That way, you can get the best price for your auto component.

Reusing Scrap Radiators

You shouldn’t just throw your radiators because they’re old or malfunctioning. These components can be used for purposes.

Firstly, you can transform this device into an air conditioner. You can also turn them into a table, chair, or shelf. What’s more? Won-out radiators can be used for various home decor.

However, if you can’t do the conversion yourself, you can ask for help from a friend or expert. Of course, most experts will be willing to help you out.

Pros of Recycling Old Radiators

Reclaiming this auto part comes with a few benefits.

One of them is that it reduces the number of resources used in manufacturing these items from scratch. It also protects natural habitats that overfilled landfills may threaten.

Moreover, recycling scrap radiators will preserve valuable resources such as aluminum, steel, copper, and brass. These materials are used to manufacture new items.

To top it all, reprocessing scrap radiators opens employment opportunities for many locals.

Challenges of Recycling Scrap Radiators

One of the challenges of reclaiming this auto part is ensuring that hazardous materials are removed. This can present a risk to workers in the industry.

Therefore, special safety precautions need to be taken when processing used radiators.

Additionally, many radiators contain different metals and alloys. These components require additional steps for proper separation and sorting maximum efficiency.

Recycling radiators can be tricky due to the size and weight of these materials. They may require equipment for handling them at scale.


Recycling scrap radiators is an excellent resource for anyone looking to discard their waste. You’ll get convenient and accessible recycling. Plus, you’ll help reduce waste and protect our environment from unnecessary pollution.

Whether you need to recycle your radiator or someone else’s, several options are available. Many reputable businesses offer quality services at competitive rates.

This makes the process easy for everyone.

Our time has run out. Else, we’ll give more details about radiator recycling. However,  you can reclaim this auto component with the information above.

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