7 Salvage Yards In Baton Rouge for Your Auto Needs

If you want to know more about Baton Rouge salvage yards, keep reading this write-up.

We’ll list some yards where you can meet your salvage needs. In addition to that, we’ll enumerate some services they provide, available items, and where to locate them.

Junk Yards in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Salvage yards are perfect places to obtain used items to complete a restoration project.

These items are often sold at highly discounted prices for customers on a budget. Besides selling pre-owned car parts, these businesses also serve as mini-repair shops and recyclers.

They purchase vehicles or machines declared totaled and revive the serviceable ones. Those with zero hope of returning to life will be sent to recycling facilities for reprocessing.

Junkyards in Baton Rouge

Wreck yards in this city are similar to thrift stores and are regarded as mini-recyclers. They purchase equipment, machines, or vehicles declared totaled due to accidents or malfunctions.

When scrap items are brought to their installation, they’ll separate the serviceable ones from those without hope of working again.

The serviceable machine or vehicle will be repaired and sold at lower prices. They’ll remove their functioning parts for severely damaged items and sell them at affordable prices.

The remaining portion will be taken to recyclers to be reprocessed into something entirely new.

  • Salvage World of Baton Rouge

Contact this salvage yard if you’re looking for a discount retail store that sells almost everything. They sell return merchandise, liquidations, salvage items, overstock commodities, and more.

This makes them an ideal buying and selling spot for significant retailers and big-box stores. You can get merchandise at highly discounted rates.

For more details, you can visit the yard at 1819 Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70816, U.S. Alternatively, you can place a call at +1 225-317-7176.

  • Black’s Auto Salvage, Inc.

If you live in Baton Rouge, you can count on this wrecking yard for quality used parts.

They supply pre-owned parts for most makes and models of cars to clients in need. These components come with exchange warranty coverage.

With nearly 40 years of business experience, they can provide full service to vehicle owners needing recovery or repairs. These salvage yard covers include Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and online.

You can locate Black’s Auto Salvage Inc. at 3425 Famco Rd., Brusly, LA 70719, U.S. If this doesn’t suffice, call them at +1 225-749-3161.

  • All Star Automotive Group Auto Parts

This is another facility you can count on for quality used vehicle parts. Regardless of where you live in Baton Rouge, you’ll experience their all-star price, service, and selection.

The yard has about 14 brands across 13 dealerships within the city. These include areas such as Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and Prairieville.

If you’re a Louisiana driver, you have an incredible inventory of luxury vehicles, trucks, and used cars. These vehicles are offered at affordable prices. Contact the salvage yard at 13000 Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70815, U.S.

  • All-Star Chevrolet North Auto Parts

Is your vehicle a Chevrolet? This could be an ideal spot to get used car parts at affordable prices.

The salvage yard is a top-notch and trusted destination for all auto needs within Baton Rouge City and surrounding areas. Some areas they serviced include Zachary, Baker, Central, and beyond.

The yard has everything you need for a seamless car-buying or ownership experience. All you need to do is visit their facility at 9352 Plank Rd., Suite C, Baton Rouge, LA 70811, U.S.

You can also call them at +1 225-341-4386.

All-Star Chevrolet North Auto Parts has comprehensive new Chevy models like the popular Silverado, Equinox, Blazer EV, and more. They also have a knowledgeable sales team eager to help you find the perfect Chevy for your needs and preferences.

  • Citi Auto Parts, LLC, La

This facility is an excellent option if you’re looking for quality OEM auto parts at competitive prices.

They sell pre-owned parts that will fit all vehicle makes and models. Some used auto components include transmission, engine, cylinder head, lights, and car electric parts.

You can also get free quotes and the best prices for the items mentioned earlier.

The yard aims to get your vehicle back on the road with peace of mind while driving. By patronizing City Auto Parts, you can save money by not paying hugely for salvage items.

For more details, visit the wreck yard at 3867 Plaza Tower Dr., 1st Floor, Baton Rouge, LA 70816, United States.

  • Buy Junk Cars Direct

You can consider selling your junk or scrap car to this salvage yard. As their name implies, they buy scrap vehicles directly.

They pay cash for any used car or truck of nearly all makes, models, and mileages in almost any condition. One of their sole purposes for purchasing those vehicles is to make it easy for people to dispose of unwanted cars.

For further inquiries, call this number: +1 225-220-5648.

  • BYOT Auto Parts in Baton Rouge, LA

This premier vehicle recycler buys and sells used car parts and cars in Baton Rouge.

Whether you live in Lafayette, Port Allen, Prairieville, or Denham Springs, you’ll get the components you need for your restoration project. You can bring your tools and pull the vehicle parts you need.

For those looking for junk car buyers, this might be the end of your search. BYOT Auto Parts pays instant cash for salvage cars and offers same-day free pickup.

They do so to obtain abundant used parts and keep the environment safe and organized. This will help clients source excellent pre-owned parts.

For further inquiries, you can visit the salvage yard at 4007 I-10 Frontage Rd., Port Allen, LA 70767, U.S. They also respond to calls via +1-225-269-5300.

We have so much to discuss about the salvage yards in Baton Rouge.

But we need more time to do that. Several other salvage yards need to be included on this page. However, the few we’ve provided can help you restore your equipment or vehicle to functioning order.

While true, you must be aware of scammers when choosing a salvage yard to patronize in Baton Rouge. Many fraudsters are waiting for ignorant buyers or sellers to take advantage of.

It would be best to research the authenticity of the junkyard you opt for.