7 Best Salvage Yards in Bloomington, Illinois

If you’re here to learn about the salvage yards in Bloomington, IL, then you’re in the right place. This article will provide you with a list of reputable junkyards in the city.

You can visit any one of them who holds the components you need. Let’s check them out.

Junk Yards in Bloomington, Illinois

Salvage yards are businesses that benefit both the buyer and seller.

These companies provide several outstanding services, including selling cheap automotive parts. You can get replacement or spare parts for your trucks, SUVs, vans, and sedans, regardless of their make, model, and year.

In addition to buying used vehicle parts, you can sell your junk car to these businesses. They offer top dollar regardless of the type and condition of your car.

  • Car Donation 2 Veterans¬†

Do you want to donate your scrap car to a charitable auto salvage yard? Then, this facility can be your best bet. They accept donations of vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, and vans to SUVs. Whichever money they make from these salvaged cars, they will pay for veteran support programs.

Patriotic Hearts offers such schemes and is fully endorsed by some leading government agencies and veteran groups. Call their official line at (888) 566-1883 for further details or visit their online page.

  • Ligori Auto Wrecking

Contact this wrecking yard if you need vehicle repairs or a towing service. It’s a locally owned and operated business that has existed since 1930.

They sell new and used vehicle parts at highly discounted rates. Additionally, they offer excellent towing services for cars and heavy-duty trucks.

So, you can call for their assistance if you’re faced with an accident, breakdown, or illegal parking.

They’ll offer you safe and professional transportation at a friendly price. Some towing services they provide include motorcycle transport, car towing, roadside assistance, and more.

The contact line for Ligori Auto Wrecking is (815) 673-7954. You can also visit their 405 Oakley Ave., Streator, IL yard.

  • Behr Iron & Metal

Whether in Bloomington, IL, or surrounding areas, you can benefit significantly from this auto wrecker. They offer the most significant condition car parts for city residents at low prices.

If you’re having a restoration project, you can reduce costs by getting the items you need from them. Call them via their official line or visit their facility in person.

  • Barker Motor Company Service & Parts

In Bloomington, IL, you can visit this junkyard for quality used vehicle parts and services. At affordable prices, they sell vehicle components such as brakes, transmissions, engines, suspensions, heating and cooling systems, steering, etc. These components also come with warranty coverage, which gives room for replacement or refund.

Besides selling used car parts, the yard also ventures into auto repairs. They understand that fixing a car can be a stressful event for most residents of the city. Therefore, they employ experienced and skilled mechanics to fix any auto issues, major or minor.

So, if your car is faulty, call for their assistance. Their repair center will get your vehicle back on the road more efficiently. Call them via their official line or visit their facility near you.

  • Sam Leman Ford Bloomington Parts

You can count on this junkyard for quality and genuine OEM parts and accessories. These items are delivered with high quality and come with excellent warranty coverage. Whether you’re into a home auto project or need replacement Ford vehicle parts, they’ve got you covered.

You can also get quality OEM parts for other makes such as BMW, OEM BMW, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Jeep, Mazda, Toyota, and Ram parts. Their expert service team can have them installed, no matter your location.

But why choose Sam Laman Ford Bloomington Parts? Well, we have several reasons. The yard is always stocked with an expansive inventory of quality OEM auto parts. They also help customers determine the exact item they need for their cars. Regardless of your location, you can order used car components and get them within a few hours or days.

You can call them via their official line for further questions or inquiries. But you can also visit their installation using the address on their official page.

  • Leman’s Chevy City Parts

Are they still looking for the best Chevy wreck yard in Bloomington, IL? Then consider visiting this facility for your salvage needs. They are in the business of selling quality secondhand car parts at cheap prices. They also have a strong and committed sales staff to assist you in finding the item you need. These workers have significant experience in satisfying customers’ needs.

We encourage customers to buy used vehicle parts from this yard for two reasons. First, they provide the highest-quality used vehicle parts. Secondly, they can ship items to every city corner and beyond at affordable rates.

Besides selling used car parts, they purchase junk cars from private hands, the government, and insurance companies. But before buying from you, they’ll check the vehicle that has yet to work for them for three months prior. This will enable them to decide whether to purchase or not.

For more details, call them at (309) 663-4311. You can also visit their installation in person and see what you can get for your restoration needs.

  • Alter Scrap Metal Recycling

For those who want to sell their scrap cars for recycling purposes, this is the right place for you. They are among the leading recycling facilities in the world, with over 125 years of experience. Because of their excellent financial base, they can maintain absolute dependability for their customers.

They also have a web-based order and tracking system that facilitates timely and accurate product delivery. Customers can also use the system to see all transactions, including corresponding details and updated status.

You can get more information by visiting the official website of the business. Alternatively, you can also drive to their installation using the address on their site.

Their experienced staff will be waiting to respond to your needs, including any queries you may have.

Even if you give us the whole day to list the salvage yards in Bloomington, IL, we cannot. There are so many that we can’t list them all now.

However, in our subsequent articles, we may include the remaining ones. But for now, you can do with the ones listed above.