6 Great Salvage Yards in Camden, New Jersey

Here are the best salvage yards in Camden, NJ.

Salvage yards are the best place to get low-quality replacements or spare parts. But those in Camden, NJ, offer other services besides selling recycled or aftermarket components.

They can provide excellent towing, junk removal, vehicle repairs, and recycling services.

Junk Yards in Camden, NJ

As you keep flipping your screen, you’ll encounter these businesses.

While some specialize in automobiles like cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, others are into home improvement. So, you’re free to pick any that match your requirements. Look at them below.

  • Hill Scrap Iron & Metal

Do you know that you can make extra money from your scrap metal?

If you’ve recently renovated your home or business, you may uncover some scrap metal around your basement, backyard, or garage. Please don’t take them to the landfill.

Instead, you can call the attention of this salvage yard and turn them into cash.

It’s a family-owned and operated business that pays top dollar for unwanted metals. These include aluminum, brass, and copper. They’ll buy these items regardless of their condition.

You’ll not be instantly credited when you take your scrap items to them. They’ll first evaluate the scrap to determine its monetary value. After assessing them, they can give you a fair price for your items. You don’t have to worry; you’ll be happy with their price offer.

If you have some metals to sell, you can contact them at +1 609-332-7056. You can also drive to their office at 270 Atlantic Ave., Camden, NJ 08104, United States.

  • My Auto Store

Are you looking for places to buy cheap recycled auto parts? Then contact this facility. They are recognized as one of the largest vehicle recyclers in Camden, NJ.

You can get what you want with an inventory of more than 200,000 recycled vehicle parts. The facility also has a part specialist to help locate the needed item.

Every car component in this yard is sold at a highly discounted rate. Moreover, they come with a six-month warranty.

Regardless of where you live in the city, you can order the items you need. My Auto Store has an online inventory that makes it easy for customers to order used parts right in their comfort zone.

Some car parts in this yard include engines, axles, transfer cases, transmissions, compressors, and more. You can locate the junkyard at this address: 1605 Thorn St., Camden, NJ 08103, United States.

Their official line is also open for calls. Just dial +1 888-900-1545 and speak with their customer care.

  • Steve’s Auto Parts, Inc.

If you want to save money on your restoration project, this is the right place to be.

The salvage yard has several used auto parts that will meet your needs. These used automotive parts are sold cheaply so the average man can afford them.

Some items include engines, alternators, transmissions, axles, body parts, starts, and more. Just call them via their official line and inquire about the items they have in stock.

You can also visit their installation in person to see it for yourself. Their address is 635 Jackson St., Camden, NJ 08104, United States.

  • Camden Iron & Metal

You may scrap metal waste lying in your homes. Consider checking your basement, garage, or store.

If you find such items, it means you’ve been lying down on wealth. Why do we say so? You can turn those scrap pieces into cash by contacting this salvage yard.

They accept various unwanted metals, including iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. Instead of sending them to landfills, they’ll process these metals and recycle them back into the market.

No matter their condition, you can get top dollar for your scrap.

Call them at +1 856-541-5577 to sell your scrap metals or inquire. You can also visit their yard at 2714 Mitchell St., Camden, NJ 08105, United States.

  • EMR Camden (6th Street)

As with other scrap metal recycling centers in Camden, NJ, you can also make money by taking your scraps to this company.

The company offers competitive prices for junk metals, regardless of their condition. But before you get paid, they’ll weigh and grade your metals to determine their current price in the market.

Once your items are valued, you’ll receive your cash, check, or debit card payment. Until then, you must present your valid government ID and credentials. It’s their unique way of keeping records and identifying who they transact with.

Some scrap items you can take to this facility include ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, fridges, auto batteries, and scrap autos. Others include scrap cars, fridges, aluminum cans, cables, freezers, minor electrical, and large domestic appliances.

However, certain items are prohibited in the yard. Among them are radioactive materials or containers, asbestos, CFCs, PCBs, aluminum shells, and other costly ammunition shells or other expensive ordnance.

For more information, visit their location at 1500 S 6th St, Camden, NJ 08104, United States. You can also give them a call via their official line.

  • Kendzierski Brothers

You can count on this junkyard to make handsome money from your scrap metal, including your car.

They’ve been paying a fair price for unwanted metals for several decades. These include aluminum, brass, and copper. Whether these scrap items are in working order, you can get money from them.

Besides buying scrap metal, Kendzierski Brothers also sells recycled auto parts.

Those items come with considerable warranty coverage and are sold at high discounts. Residents who wish to get their old or broken car up and running again can patronize them.

The yard is at 1829 Tioga St., Camden, NJ 08104, United States. You can also give them a call at +1 856-365-2890. But before you call or visit, ensure you have enough details about their inventory and other vital services.

There are many more salvage yards in Camden, NJ. The ones listed above are just a few out of many. As stated earlier, they can meet your needs depending on your preferences.

Before making any significant move, you must find more details about their offers, whichever you choose. That’s because there are scam businesses out there.

They can take advantage of your ignorance and scam you.