10+ Best Salvage Yards In Hidalgo, Texas

As you read this article, we’ll list some magnificent salvage yards in Hidalgo, TX.

Any time you have a restoration project, you can visit these facilities. Their components are typically sold at very affordable prices. Just take a look at them below.

Junk Yards In Hidalgo Texas

Indeed, wreck yards are home to different classes of salvage items. You can find unwanted articles ranging from automotive parts to home improvement components.

If you judge an entire junkyard on the basis that there are many invaluable items, you might miss out on a lot. Among these items, you can get functional ones that can be used for restoration.

In most cases, whether you’re looking for vintage or modern items, you are sure to get them.

  • M & J Auto Parts

Anytime in Hidalgo, TX, visit this salvage yard for your used auto parts needs. They have one of the largest selections of high-quality OEM components.

You can get recycled items for late and recent models of vehicles. Every vehicle part you pick up in this facility comes with a 30-day warranty. Moreover, they are sold at highly discounted prices.

Some used car parts include hoods, engines, fenders, radiators, alternators, starters, and batteries.

You can also get axles, chassis, suspension, headlights, windshields, fans, and more if you’re driving a Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mazda, Honda, Chevrolet, Jeep, Ford, etc.

Visit their installation at 2701 N McColl St., Hidalgo, TX 78557, and check for yourself. You can also give them a call via their official line.

  • La Quinta Used Auto Parts Inc.

There’s a 99–100% chance you’ll get the used vehicle part you need at a cheap rate.

This salvage yard has over a million recycled car parts in its facility. You can get items suited for both domestic and imported cars. They also have replacement parts for late models of vehicles.

Some items available in their facility include clutches, evaporators, compressors, relays, pulleys, dryers, and fittings. Others include hoses, engines, transmissions, radiators, windshields, starters, rims, wheels, air conditioners, and more.

All these auto components come with warranty coverage. This means you can return items you’re not satisfied with.

La Quinta Used Auto Parts Inc. has an online inventory that makes it possible to order items online. From your comfort zone, you can place an order for the used vehicle parts you need.

However, it may take some hours or days before your shipment arrives. For more details, visit their yard at 2801 Las Milpas Rd., Hidalgo, TX 78557. You can also make a call at (956) 843-5212.

  • GLG Collision Auto Parts

You can count on this salvage yard for your new or aftermarket auto parts needs. They are among Hidalgo, TX’s largest wholesalers of used vehicle parts.

You can get high-quality items from their shop at highly discounted prices. Some components you can buy include engines, hoods, fenders, transmissions, starters, axles, suspensions, and more.

Buying from GLG Collision Auto Parts comes with lots of benefits. Aside from getting secondhand car parts at affordable prices, they also offer world-class service to their customers every single time.

Every item available in their store comes with warranty coverage. You can return any vehicle part you purchase that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

For more details, visit their address at 2801 Las Milpas Rd., Hidalgo, TX 78557. You can also call their official line at (956) 843-6333.

  • Compressors & Used Auto Parts

If you’re on a budget, this is the right place to restore your broken or old vehicle cheaply. You can get alternate parts for antique and classic cars at excellent prices.

All you need to do is call their office at (956) 843-6287 or visit their yard at 3407 E US Highway 281, Hidalgo, TX 78557. They have reliable staff who will respond to all your needs.

  • John’s Salvage Co.

This salvage yard has satisfied residents’ automotive needs in Hidalgo, TX, for about four decades.

They sell high-quality car parts for late and recent models and vehicle makes. You can buy used engines, transmissions, hoods, axles, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, alternators, etc.

  • Martinez Auto Parts

You can significantly cut your restoration project costs by visiting this salvage yard. It’s a family business that sells preowned car parts for all makes and models at competitive prices.

They’ll be glad to get a call from you for used vehicle parts. Their contact line is +1 956-843-9300. You can also visit them at 3409 E Hwy 281, Hidalgo, TX 78557, United States.

  • El Gran Chaparral Used Parts

Are you looking for wholesale used vehicle parts in Hidalgo, TX?

Then, include this yard in your list. They’ve been serving this city with dependable used car parts since 1993. With a rich inventory and experienced staff, you can be sure to have your salvage needs satisfied.

Visit their facility in person at 3512 E Hwy 281, Hidalgo, TX 78557, United States. You can also give them a call at +1 956-843-9289.

  • Omega Used Parts & Auto Sales LLC

This salvage yard is open to assist anyone needing cheap used car parts.

Their inventory includes thousands of recycled vehicle parts for every make and model. You can also get alternate items for late models of cars. All their car components come with excellent prices and guarantees.

In addition to selling preowned car items, the yard provides customers with helpful information about autos.

They have knowledgeable and experienced staff who will respond to all your queries about their range of products. Their objective is to help you get everything you need within the shortest possible time.

If you want to contact them, you can visit this address: 2901 W Las Milpas Rd., Hidalgo, TX 78557, United States. They also receive calls and emails at +1 956-843-9697.

  • Besar Auto Sale & Parts LLC

This is another dependable junkyard in Hidalgo, TX. They are in the business of selling used car parts at very affordable prices.

Residents of the city and surrounding areas can get the components they need to complete their restoration project without any stress. Visit their location at 802 Dicker Rd., Hidalgo, TX 78557.

You can also send them an email or call their official line.

  • Besar Auto Sale & Parts LLC Company Information

You can also rely on this salvage yard for used auto parts needs. They are recognized for selling high-quality vehicle parts at highly discounted rates.

Some items you can purchase in their facility include fenders, engines, transmissions, engines, bumpers, starters, axles, body parts, and more.

For more information, call the yard using this contact line: +1956-843-5195. You can visit their office at Dicker Road 802, 78557, Hidalgo, United States.

  • South McColl Used Auto Parts

For 26 years now, this junkyard has been servicing Hidalgo, TX, with its used car parts needs.

They are recognized for distributing high-quality recycled vehicle items at affordable prices. They also ensure their customers have access to world-class services every single time.

You can get what you want with an inventory of thousands of preowned car parts.

Every component you pick in this facility will serve you for a long time. Just give them a call any time you need alternate parts for your car.

Salvage yards are ideal places to cut costs on your repairs. As you can see above, these facilities provide customers with used auto parts at highly discounted prices.

If you also want to sell your scrap car, they’ll buy from you at a reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Visit their yards to meet your salvage needs.