10 Salvage Yards in Hot Springs, Arkansas | Good Ratings

This article discusses salvage yards in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

We’ll highlight wreck yards in this city where you can get replacement parts for your restoration project. After that, we’ll tell you what services they provide, some items you can get, and their location.

Junk Yards in Hot Springs Arkansas

Salvage yards are your best shot to save on new components. These businesses sell high-end OEM items at lower rates to suit people on a budget.

Besides selling used items, they purchase equipment or automobiles that are no longer functioning. You can get instant cash for your junk and sometimes free hauling.

It all depends on the yard you’re dealing with.

Several facilities are open to purchasing pre-owned parts or selling junk equipment or vehicles. Depending on your salvage needs, you can visit either to save costs significantly.

Let’s take a look at them.

  •       Walker’s Auto Ranch & Salvage, LLC

Are you looking for replacement parts for your vehicle? Consider visiting this salvage yard in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s a family-owned business with over 33 years of experience.

They offer pre-owned vehicle components for cars or trucks at fair prices. In addition to that, they also provide scrap metal for recycling purposes.

For more details, you can visit them at 2300 Spring St., Hot Springs, AR 71901, U.S. You can also call their line at +1 501-321-2852.

  •       Scrap Metal Buying

If you’re looking for a wrecking yard to help you put cold cash in your pocket, don’t hesitate to contact this facility. They are mini-recyclers who protect the environment by reclaiming unwanted metals.

These include copper, aluminum, brass, car bodies, and radiators, among other components. You can sell any metal to them and make cool cash.

Besides recycling metals, they have used, rebuilt, and made new auto parts for foreign and domestic vehicles.

  •       Rynders Auto Supply Inc.

This is a wholesale and retail business that has been operating since 1956. They specialize in selling motor parts & accessories, as well as the maintenance and repair of vehicles within and outside Hot Springs.

If you need some vehicle parts to complete your restoration project, this is an ideal place to visit. They are at 920 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901, U.S. You can call them at +1 501-624-4687.

  •       B&M Towing & Recovery

If you have a scrap car to sell or tow for accident recovery, this salvage yard can handle your towing needs professionally and skillfully.

They’re a locally owned business established in 1988 Hot Springs, Arkansas. They have well-trained staff and truck operators with many years of towing experience.

These workers will provide you with quality services at affordable rates. To get in touch with them, call this number: +1 501-321-2232.

Alternatively, you can visit their yard at 1300 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs, AR 71901, U.S.

  •       Emergency Towing

As their name suggests, they provide 24-hour emergency towing services for immediate assistance.

They’re the right people to call if you’ve been in an accident or your car has broken down. You can also visit their facility to seek assistance or inquire further.

  •       Dixon Road U-Pull-It

Are you still looking for used vehicle parts at the lowest possible price? Consider taking a walk to this facility in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

They have many used tires, engines, transmissions, brake paths, alternators, etc., which can be installed during business days or hours. These items come with a seven-month exchange warranty.

Besides selling pre-owned vehicle parts, they also purchase running cars and trucks. You don’t have to worry about paying for pickup because it’s toll-free.

  •       Village Shell JunkYard

Are you looking for wrecking yards focused on the marketing of scrap metal close to the vicinity of Hot Springs Village (Arkansas)? You can count on this facility for your scrap needs. They have many choices that won’t deceive.

Moreover, you can get second-hand vehicle parts to get your broken car up and running.

Village Shell JunkYard thoroughly checks these second-hand vehicle spares and delivers the most complete guarantees. So you can be sure to buy them with total confidence.

If you need to contact them, you can dial this number: 501-922-1161. You can visit their 101 Calella Rd., Hot Springs Village, AR facility, if more is required.

  •       Burks & Mahoney Wrecker Service

If you live around Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, this salvage yard can be your best shot when inquiring about spare vehicle parts. They also provide junk car estimation and buy or sell scrap cars at affordable prices.

Contact them at 1300 Malvern Ave., Hot Springs National Park, AR. Or you can call their line at (501) 321-2232.

  •       Combs & Burks Wrecker Service

As with other salvage yards, you can also count on this junkyard for second-hand spares that will fit your car. Their items are of high quality and have long-term warranty coverage.

You can also find scrap metal without having to spend an excessive amount of money or compromising the expected warranties.

For more details, you can contact them via their contact line or visit their address. They don’t have a functioning website at the moment.

  •       Tracy Auto Sales

Consider walking to this wrecking yard for Benton (Arkansas) residents.

They deliver used vehicle parts and scrap metal to their visitors. This makes them an ideal place to get components to kickstart your restoration project.

For more details about their second-hand parts and junk auto quotes, call 501 778-4141. You can also visit their 812 Military Rd., Benton, AR facility.

As with the facility above, Tracy Auto Sales’ operating schedule info isn’t available on the web.

  •       Beason Wrecker, Svc JunkYard

Are you a visitor aiming to find businesses focused on marketing scrap metal near Arkansas? Consider reaching out to this salvage yard.

They have rich inventories of high-end used vehicle parts. This makes them an excellent place to secure items you’ll need to fix your broken vehicle.

Furthermore, they have skilled professionals who thoroughly review the second-hand auto pieces they trade and offer. These components are delivered with the most complete warranties. For details, you can call their phone at 501 332-3320 or visit their facility at 1526 Gardiner St., Malvern, AR.

These aren’t the only salvage yards in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

There are many more you can explore. However, the ones we’ve listed above are among the most renowned and dependable yards where you can meet your salvage needs.

Before choosing one, learn more about their services, charges, and prices.