9 Top-Rated Salvage Yards in Louisville, Kentucky

This blog page comprehensively lists general and car salvage yards in Louisville, Kentucky.

Their services will become more apparent as you read this post. We’ll also provide you with their addresses and phone numbers to contact them. Ready? Let’s move on now.

Junk Yards in Louisville, KY

Are you looking for strategies to cut costs on auto repairs or house remodeling? Next, have a look at a few nearby salvage yards.

These businesses market recycled materials from automobiles and architecture. They charge pitiful prices for these goods. Finding parts is always possible, regardless of how old they are.

  • Pull-A-Part

For those in the market for a working vehicle, Pull-A-Part Louisville offers cheap used car sales. The salvage yard specializes in discount-used auto parts for car repair.

You’ll find an organized junkyard with the quality salvage items you need here.

Moreover, if your old car has seen better days, you can exchange it for cash. They buy old or junk cars for money and provide free towing. No matter the condition of your vehicle, they can pay you handsomely.

Visit the head office to find out what items are available in their lot. They are located at 6825 Recovery Road, Louisville, KY 40214, U.S. You can also call their official line at +1 502-375-9375.

  • Cash for Cars, Sell My Junk Car—Bessler’s U-Pull & Save

Have an old clunker taking up space? Say goodbye to it hassle-free while pocketing top-dollar cash. At Bessler’s U Pull & Save in Louisville, KY, you can quickly transform your unwanted, old, wrecked, junk, or scrap vehicles into cash.

Their smooth and straightforward process makes it an ultimate one-stop solution for all your automotive needs.

Moreover, if you’re looking for top-quality used auto parts and tires, look no further! You can explore their vast selection of dependable auto components with warranty options for your peace of mind.

You can call their official line at +1 502-912-8399 or visit their installation at 4700 Strawberry Ln., Louisville, KY 40209, U.S.

  • Grade A Auto Parts & Scrap Metal Recycling

Several auto services are offered at this facility. You can get quality used vehicle parts at very affordable prices.

The yard has an inventory of auto parts for trucks, vans, SUVs, and sedans. Some include used engines, fenders, transmissions, chassis, alternators, differentials, tires, starters, axle assemblies, and more.

Apart from selling used car components, the yard also buys and sells old clunkers from customers in Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas. Regardless of the condition of your car, they can pay you handsomely.

Moreover, they accept various ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling purposes. So, if you have some metals to sell, they can be your best shot.

For more information, visit the facility at 7301 Grade Ln., Louisville, KY 40219, U.S., or call +1 502-368-4040.

  • Louisville’s Best Cash for Junk Cars

This junkyard offers an excellent offer when selling your junk car. They can pay you top dollar regardless of its make, model, and current condition.

Once you call their official line, you’ll receive an instant quote for your scrap car. They aim to help you sell your wrecked car for cash, hassle-free.

  • Blue Lick Truck & Van Parts, Inc.

Do you want to turn your scrap vehicle into a treasure? This wrecking yard can help. It is renowned for supplying quality car parts to Louisville, KY, customers at very affordable rates.

They have replacement or spare parts for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. You can get what you want, whether your vehicle is domestic or foreign.

Some components you can buy from them include used engines, chassis, hoods, panels, door assemblies, and tires. Others include differentials, suspensions, windshields, axle assemblies, transmissions, fenders, bumpers, and more.

  • Embry’s Auto Parts

This salvage yard understands how frustrating it can be to hunt for quality auto parts. Therefore, it provides customers with new and recycled car parts at very affordable rates.

In addition to their high-quality items, they come with a standard warranty of 30 days. Extended warranties for specific items are also available.

You can order what you need online if you live far from Louisville, KY. They have tools that will help you get the exact auto part you want easily and quickly.

They’ll ship whatever you buy to your doorstep. While true, you must know that the yard doesn’t refund special orders. The same rule applies to labor costs and electrical parts.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their installation at 7001 Grade Ln., Louisville, KY 40213, U.S. They also welcome calls from this number: +1 502-361-7878.

  • Johnny Junk! Cash For Junk Cars!

Don’t go anywhere to exchange your scrap vehicle for cash. This wrecking yard can provide you with excellent service at excellent prices.

They specialize in buying junk cars from customers in the city and surrounding areas. Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, they can pay you handsomely on the spot.

They can provide free towing services if you need help hauling your scrap car. They accept cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats.

For more details, visit their yard at 1000 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219, U.S., or call them at +1 502-368-9057.

  • Elmwood Auto Salvage-Crushing

You can add this junkyard to your list. They provide outstanding junking services to Louisville, KY, customers at very competitive prices. If you need cheap auto parts, they can be your best bet.

Their inventory has thousands of secondhand parts for foreign and domestic vehicles. You can get what you need, whether you own a truck, car, SUV, or van.

You can visit their installation at 6730 Elmwood Ave., Shively, KY 40216, U.S., or call their official line at +502-447-4135 if you are away from home.

  • Eagle Auto Recycling

You’ll not regret patronizing this junkyard. Why do we say so?

They strive to supply your needed items efficiently while maintaining the most reasonable prices possible. With their knowledgeable staff, your needs will be met professionally and excellently.

Those far away can utilize their computerized inventory to get what they want. The yard offers fast delivery for items purchased online. Call them at +1 502-345-8898.

Salvage yards are abundant in Louisville, Ky. We can only use a fraction, even with the entire clock. But the list above should be more than enough to satisfy your salvage requirements.