Salvage Yards in Marietta, Georgia

As you keep reading this article, you’ll become familiar with some salvage yards in Marietta, GA. While some specialize in providing automobile replacement items, others specialize in home improvements.

You only need to pick the one that matches your salvage needs.

Junk Yards in Marietta, GA

You don’t have to worry about the cost of buying new items for your restoration project. Marietta, GA, has many salvage yards that provide high-quality recycled vehicles and architectural components.

These items are sold to customers at a highly discounted price. From these yards, you can get whatever you need to complete your repairs.

  • Moore’s Family Used Auto Parts and Junk Cars

This salvage yard has served Marietta, GA, with its automotive needs for several decades. They provide quality recycled parts for all vehicle makes, models, and years.

Their inventory includes over 6,000 pre-1960s vehicles. They also collect antique cars, both family-owned and those from 1998. You’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for.

In addition to selling used car parts, they buy junk vehicles for recycling. If you have a scrap car occupying your home, consider taking it to them.

You’ll receive top dollar, regardless of its type and condition. For more details about their services, visit their installation page or call their official line.

  • More Cash for Junk Cars in Atlanta

Visit this salvage yard to make money from your scrap car.

They buy all junk vehicles in Marietta, GA, and surrounding areas. Whether you’re driving an SUV, truck, sedan, or van, they’ll give you instant cash regardless of the make, model, and year.

If you cannot tow your car to their lot, they can provide you with free towing services.

All you need to do is give them a call. They’ll give you an estimate about their offer over the phone. If you’re comfortable with their payment, you can continue the transaction.

Their head office is at 1218 Franklin Gateway SE #230, Marietta, GA 30067, U.S. They are open for calls at +1 404-468-4589.

  • A-1 Sanford & Sons Junk Buyers

You can also make the most of your wrecked car by selling it to this salvage yard. It’s a family-owned and operated business that buys and sells scrap cars.

They can pay you reasonably for your scrap vehicle, regardless of its type and condition. Because of their client-friendly policy, they are unique and different from other businesses.

For more details, visit their lot at Marietta, GA 30067, U.S., or call them at +1 770-912-6307.

  • ATL Cash for Junk Cars

Do you still want to exchange your unwanted car for cash? This junkyard can be your best bet. Like other businesses, they specialize in buying and selling used or broken vehicles.

You’ll surely get an excellent deal, as they pay top dollar for scrap cars. They accept every automobile, no matter its make, model, or year.

This salvage yard aims to help customers see the benefits of selling their scrap vehicles. Therefore, they buy junk cars at a price that benefits the seller.

Their services are very systemic and straightforward. You can call them during duty to sell your old or broken vehicle. For more details, give them a call at +1 678-437-7358.

  • Deaver Scrap Metal

Do you have any scraps you wish to sell? Then don’t hesitate to contact this wrecking yard. They are experts in the dealership of scrap metals.

You can take various ferrous and non-ferrous metals to them for recycling purposes. They pay handsomely for such items. If it’s your scrap car you want to sell, you can go home with an appreciable amount.

Their head office is at 717 Cheatham Hill Rd., Marietta, GA 30064, U.S. They also take calls at +1 770-427-2400. Their friendly staff will provide you with the details you need.

  • Ace Auto Parts Towing & Repair

Visit this salvage yard to significantly reduce the cost of your restoration project. They sell quality used car parts at very affordable prices.

Some items from them include engines, panels, hoods, fenders, suspensions, transmissions, door parts, and brakes. Others include alternators, bumpers, axle assemblies, and more.

In addition to selling cheap vehicle parts, they provide outstanding repair and towing services.

They have expert mechanics who work on cars and light-duty trucks, performing significant repairs and maintenance. You can also call them for roadside services anytime you need them.

Their mechanics will use modern diagnostic equipment to run a thorough check. They will implement high-tech tools to ensure your car is repaired or serviced correctly.

For more details, visit their installation at 1550 W Oak Dr, Marietta, GA 30062, U.S., or call them at +1 770-419-3331.

  • Marietta Reclamation

If you need architectural pieces or electric items, visit this facility. They have reclaimed items obtained from period residential and commercial structures.

You can also find a vast and constantly changing variety of authentic vintage pieces, including doors, mantles, hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, and stained glass.

All these items are high-quality and distributed at very affordable rates. Whether you’re involved with renovation, historic restoration, or new construction, you can get what you want.

The yard also works with homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers to help you with installation.

To meet your salvage needs, visit their head office. They are located at 2201 Dixie Ave. SE, Smyrna, GA 30080, U.S. You can call them at +1 404-556-3127.

  • Gem & Co. Autos

Although this salvage yard’s head office is in the UAE, it has offices in other parts of the world, including the U.S.

They provide outstanding automobile services in their country of service. One of their exceptional services is the provision of high-quality OEM car parts.

Whether you own a truck, SUV, sedan, or van, you can get the item you need. All you need to do is visit their outlet at 614 Cobb Pkwy N, Marietta, GA 30062, U.S.

They also pick up calls from +1 678-908-2732.

There are many more salvage yards in Marietta, Ga. Whether we have the whole day to ourselves, we can only list some of them.

Therefore, we’ve selected the most reliable and renowned yards to explore. Having seen the yard that matches your requirements, you can get more details by contacting them.