10 Junk Yards in Waterbury Connecticut | For Salvage Needs

You will become acquainted with a few Waterbury salvage yards as you continue reading. Some focus on selling car replacement parts, while others specialize in house renovations.

You merely need to select the one that best suits your demands for salvage.

Salvage Yards in Waterbury CT

Concerning the expense of purchasing new components for your repair job, you don’t need to worry.

Numerous salvage yards in Waterbury, CT, offer premium recycled automobiles and building materials. Customers purchase these goods at a steep discount.

These yards have everything you need to finish your repairs.

  • Economy Tire

This junkyard has been a saving grace for car owners in Waterbury, CT, for several decades. They sell quality used vehicle tires at very affordable rates.

You can also get new tires and wheels for your car without breaking the bank. You only need to visit their yard at 838 Main St., Oakville, CT 06779, U.S.

They also take calls from this number: +1 860-274-0295.

  • Waterbury Auto Salvage Inc.

Visit this wrecking yard to avoid spending your fortune bringing your car back to life.

They are among the leaders in selling recycled vehicle components at meager prices. Some items include electrical parts, engines, tires, batteries, transmissions, chassis, differentials, etc.

All these vehicle parts come with tremendous quality and warranty coverage. You can get the item you want regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. Just give them a call at +1 203-754-2189.

You can also visit their yard at 55 Eagle St., Waterbury, CT 06708, U.S.

  • Better Way Junk Cars

Do you want to turn your unwanted car into cash? This salvage yard is the right place to call. They specialize in buying old or broken vehicles and offering free removal services.

No matter its condition, you can get top dollar for your old clunker. They accept trashed cars, total wrecks, vehicles with lots of mileage, and vehicles broken beyond repairs.

To take advantage of their services, visit their head office at Waterbury, CT 06702, U.S. You can also call them at +1 203-482-1738. Their staff will be waiting to respond to all your needs.

  • Denver Place Auto Salvage, LLC

You can depend on this junkyard for your recycling needs.

For decades, they have been processing tens of thousands of cars for reuse annually. If you need a cheap vehicle to drive, contact them immediately.

Besides selling used cars to customers, they buy scrap automobiles at appreciable prices.

If you have an old or broken vehicle, truck, or SUV, consider selling to them. Because they know the value of an excellent customer, they’ll offer you the finest deal.

For serious business, you can visit their facility at 77 Denver Pl., Waterbury, CT 06708, U.S. They also receive calls from this phone line: +1 203-754-3811.

  • Connecticut Used Parts & Auto Wrecking

Don’t worry if you cannot afford new vehicle parts. This wrecking yard delivers outstanding used car components at affordable prices.

Their items are of fantastic quality and come with extended warranty coverage. Their primary objective is to provide their customers with a level of quality service.

For car parts that are challenging to get, this salvage yard has them. Their inventory is stocked with thousands of used car parts.

You can always get what you want, regardless of your car’s make, model, and age. Call them at +1 203-575-9642 or visit them at 36 Brewery St, Waterbury, CT 06708, U.S.

  • Reidville Used Auto Parts

Once you contact this facility, your used car parts problem will be resolved. They have recycled parts for all types of cars and trucks, from the oldies to the goodies.

Some parts you can get include engines, differentials, brakes, starters, radiators, batteries, headlights, bumpers, alternators, and more.

If you need help locating an item, you can call. They have experienced and knowledgeable staff who can respond to all your needs promptly. Their contact line is +1 203-754-8100.

You can also visit their yard at 260 Mulloy Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705, U.S.

  • Massconny Recyclers

This is one of the facilities in Waterbury, CT; you can call anytime you need recycling services. They specialize in reclaiming scrap and waste materials, including metals.

They are the right people to call if you want to turn your old clunker into cash. They’ll offer you a handsome amount, no matter the condition of your vehicle.

Call them at +1 203-575-9877 or visit their head office at 323 Chase River Rd., Waterbury, CT 06704, U.S. They’ll gladly receive your orders.

Don’t worry; their services are very affordable and reliable.

  • Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts

Are you looking for ways to reduce the cost of your restoration project? You’ll find this junkyard ideal for your needs. They are experts in selling secondhand car parts at highly discounted prices.

Some items include used chassis, bumpers, engines, axles, differentials, starters, transmissions, brakes, and more.

These car components are high quality, come with a no-hassle guarantee, and have extended warranty coverage. Whenever you buy from them, you’ll go home with a beautiful smile.

You have a complete inventory of over 40,000 new and recycled parts. Whether driving a foreign or domestic vehicle, you’ll always get what you want.

For more details, visit their yard at 35 S 5th St., Waterbury, CT 06708, U.S., or call them at +1 800-255-6656.

  • Brookside Auto Salvage

You can also depend on this wrecking yard for reliable car parts.

It’s a family-owned and operated business serving the needs of car owners in Waterbury, CT. The car parts are at lower rates. Their primary objective is to make vehicle repairs affordable for city residents.

Besides selling recycled car parts, they buy scrap vehicles from customers. So, if you wish to dispose of an old or broken car, you can call them for a deal.

They’ll pay you handsomely for your old clunker, depending on its condition.

  • Gary’s Auto Parts

You don’t have to break the bank to bring your broken or old car back to life. This salvage yard offers an alternative to new OEM replacements and aftermarket car parts.

Their items come without compromising quality and customer satisfaction. Whichever component you purchase from them will last a long time.

Gary’s Auto Parts also ventures into vehicle repairs to ensure customers enjoy a safe ride.

So, if your car gives you a headache, you can take it for excellent repairs. Their head office is at 652 Watertown Ave., Waterbury, CT 06708, U.S. You can also call their official line at +1 203-575-9422.

Waterbury, CT, is home to a large number of salvage yards. We are limited to listing a portion of them, even if we have the entire day to ourselves.

As a result, we’ve chosen to investigate the most trustworthy and well-known yards. You may contact them for further information once you’ve found the yard that meets your needs.