Satellite Dish Removal Services Near You

You’ll learn about satellite dish removal services near me as you read this post. In addition to that, we’ll tell you how to book an appointment with them.

Satellite Dish Removal Companies Near You

Is your satellite dish too old or severely damaged? In that case, you’ll look forward to replacing it with a new modern satellite dish.

While it’s good to upgrade, removing an old or broken satellite dish from the roof can be challenging. If not done correctly, you can damage your roof or get injured. This may incur additional expenses on your budget.

To efficiently remove an old or broken satellite dish, you’ll need the help of removal services. Such companies employ experts to dethatch dishes from rooftops and other installation areas.


Companies That Remove Old Satellite Dish

Several companies are available to help remove your old or damaged satellite dish. It doesn’t matter whether your item is large or small; they’ll reduce the burden of removal and disposal. Some reputable companies you can trust for your satellite dish removal include load up, DishDisposal, Satellite Dish Removal Guy, and more. Let’s briefly take a look at them.

  • LoadUp

LoadUp is a quick and dependable satellite dish removal and disposal expert. They dismantle dishes that come in many shapes and sizes. These include motor-driven, potable, mounted, in-motion, and multi-satellite satellite dishes. Moreover, they can help remove satellite television, VSAT satellite dishes, cabling, gear, etc.

  • DishDisposal

If you want a trusted satellite dish removal service, look no further.

DishDisposal offers 100% satisfaction, guaranteed service, and excellent value for its customers. All you need to do is call and speak with the removal company about what you want.

Regardless of your dish’s shape, size, and age, they can remove it hassle-free. Their services include large satellite dishes, standard dishes, small antennas, and tiny towers.

  • Satellite Dish Removal Guy

You can also trust the Satellite Dish Removal Guy for unwanted dishes and antennas. Furthermore, they’re committed to improving the appearance of your homes and businesses.

They’ll offer upfront prices, punctual service, and the utmost care and attention. Their satellite dish removal includes brackets, wires, holes, and more.

Apart from the companies mentioned earlier, you can contact the following service providers: Fixer Chicago, Handy Randy Homer Service, Kenmark Handy Services, Rooftech Systems, and more.

Cost of Removing Satellite Dish Near You

You must know the cost implications of removing an old satellite dish.

That way, you can make an appropriate budget for your mission. The cost of removing this gadget near me ranges from $80 to $500, with an average of $150.

However, certain factors may influence the price of removing this item. Generally, larger dishes on higher roofs are higher than small ones. It will cost you more if you need to remove the footplate.

For instance, eliminating satellite dishes at ground level on a pole may cost $149. Then removing the satellite dish from a first-story roof costs around $179.

You can pay up to $199 for a satellite dish on a two-story home.

How to Book a Satellite Dish Removal Service

Scheduling a satellite dish removal isn’t a challenging task.

First, you’ll contact your preferred removal company via phone call, email, or visit their official page. Next, you tell them what junk items need to be removed.

They’ll immediately send you a quote to get a guaranteed upfront price.

Moreover, you can select a convenient pickup date and time. After choosing a convenient time, the removal service or loaders will arrive based on your schedule.

They’ll work quickly to haul your item from your home with no price haggling.

Most companies may give you a chance to rate your removal experience. However, choosing a curbside pickup to skip booking may be cost-efficient.

How To Remove Old Satellite Dish Near You

You can do it yourself if you don’t want to invite a satellite dish removal service. Besides, you’ll be saving the cost of removing your old dish. Plus, you’ll have vast experience in dismantling such an item.

Now, to disassemble your old satellite dish, you’ll first climb to where the satellite dish is located. Unscrew the cables connecting your satellite dish to the inside of your home before proceeding.

Next, you remove the satellite dish itself using the appropriate tools. You can use a wrench to separate the satellite dish from its mounted footplate.

For most satellite dishes, two bolts are tied to keep the satellite dish in place. Once you remove the satellite dish, the next thing to remove is the footplate.

This is often the most challenging part of dismantling a satellite dish. The process is energy and time-consuming. Plus, it can cause damage to the roof if proper care isn’t taken.

To remove the footplate, unscrew the bolts attached to the top.

When dethatching, you’ll need to pry the plate off the roof using a crowbar. But before you go down, inspect your roof for possible holes. If found, use silicon or tar to fill the roof holes to prevent possible leakage in the future.

Right now, we’ll respond to some commonly asked questions. Our answers will add to your knowledge and guide you on properly removing and disposing of this item. Let’s head on.

How Can I Dispose of a Large Satellite Dish?

If you have a large satellite dish, you don’t have to worry about the disposal. Several companies are available to assist you with that.

For instance, companies like Dish and DirectTV have drop-off systems for large dishes. However, they’ll not take down your satellite dish from the roof.

Apart from Recycling, What Else Can I Do with Old Satellite Dish?

You can upcycle your dish if you want to avoid recycling it.

Some creative individuals do turn their old dishes into exciting art pieces. It’s another fantastic way of preventing these items from ending in landfills.

Some satellite dishes can be large and heavy. Removing such satellite dishes alone may take time and effort. You can contact either of the removal services above to help you out.

However, if your satellite dish is small, you can remove it yourself. How you’ll go about removing it is outlined above.