Scrap Value of a Car By Weight | Junk Vehicle Prices Near Me

As you keep reading, you’ll learn more about the scrap value of car weight prices near me.

One of the things that will come your way is the factors that influence scrap car prices. We’ll also highlight the costs of scrap cars in a few states.

Let’s quickly review what a scrap vehicle is and the average junk car prices near me.

Junk Car Price Estimator

To know exactly how much your trash car is worth, you must read this text right to the end. We’re going to focus on the junk car price estimator.

In particular, we will discuss the factors used to estimate the price of junk vehicles. By the end of our talk, you should know how to negotiate for your junk car.

Following the proper procedure to assess a salvage car is a viable way to maximize profit.

However, the amount of money you can make depends on many factors, including its condition. In most cases, cars in good or reasonably good condition are worth more than fully damaged cars.

Car Scrap Value By Weight

Scrap cars are often valued for their auto parts and metal frames.

That is why auto junkyards, scrap metal facilities, and auto repair shops trade them for cash. Believe it or not, these businesses make enormous profits from these scraps.

However, when it comes to prices of scrap cars, it’s determined based on several elements.

The main ones are weight and metal content. But others may include the make, model, year of manufacture, and condition of your car.

  • Why are Certain Vehicles Call Scrap?

When a car is called scrap, it has reached the end of its life. It could be either through a road accident, age, parts malfunction, or other vehicle damage.

In such conditions, they’re valued for their parts or metal. As mentioned, auto salvage yards and scrap metal facilities are reputable buyers of such vehicles.

Auto salvage yards will strip functioning components such as engines, transmissions, alternators, radiators, bumpers, etc. Then scrap metal facilities will crush down their metal shell and create something new.

Aluminum, brass, lead, copper, silver, etc., are some highly valued metals by scrap metal yards.

Factors Affecting Scrap Value of Cars

How much can you scrap a car for? Remember, the scrap value of vehicles is calculated based on certain elements. The weight, metals, make, model, age, and location.

Let’s take a look at these elements.

  • Weight of Scrap Vehicles

You may wonder how weight influences the pricing of scrap cars.

Before scrap metal facilities and other businesses purchase your item, they’ll weigh in on a scale. This is to determine how much money your scrap car is worth concerning the current market price.

For instance, if your scrap car weighs 2300 pounds, the figure will be multiplied by the current price of scrap metal. As such, the heavier your scrap vehicle, the better you get reimbursed.

  • Make and Model

The make and model of your scrap vehicle can significantly impact your payout.

If your car’s make and model are in high demand, you can get a greater return by scraping it. But if otherwise, you must lower your expectation.

Most buyers prefer something they’ll sell quickly and make a profit.

Nowadays, scrap vehicles that are in high demand are the most recent brands and models. Thus, you can get high returns from your scrap if you drive cars such as Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, Honda, and more.

  • Age of the Vehicle

This is another factor that significantly influences the price of scrap cars.

Older vehicles are less appreciated than recent ones. That’s because when an inoperable car sits for a long time, its parts depreciate rapidly.

In this case, they’ll be more valued by scrap metal yards.

  • Location

Where you reside can also affect how much you can sell your scrap car. You’ll always be charged a transportation fee if you live near a scrap yard.

Most scrap yards that purchase your items differ from those turning them into new products. After collection, they’ll have to transport your scrap vehicle elsewhere.

Can I Receive Cash Payment for the Scrap Vehicle?

Unfortunately, it’s illegal to receive raw cash for your scrap automobile. Any company or buyer who offers to buy your scrap car for cash is acting against the law.

Thus, they will face the consequences when caught. If you must get paid for your item, you must complete the transaction via a cheque or e-banking.

Most municipalities adopt this law to address the rising cases of theft and scams. Some criminals move around stealing cars and then selling them for scrap.

Price of Scrap Car By Weight

As mentioned earlier, the prices of scrap cars are influenced by several factors, as outlined above.

However, the current price of scrap vehicles per ton is around $203 or $0.10 per pound. If you have a midsize car, you can earn between $150-$300.

You can then use this to calculate your car scrap price per ton.

Prices of Scrap Cars by State

Do you know how much you get for scrapping a car in each US state?

Before highlighting the prices of scrap cars by state, we’ll want you to remember something. The national scrap metal prices vary from one state to the next.

States located near cities, transport hubs, and ports have low business costs.

For that, the prices of scrap vehicles are high. The same is true of regions near still mills and other manufacturing industries. Enough with the long talk.

Regions like Maryland have the highest average scrap car prices at $844.044. next is New Jersey, with about $708.90; Arkansas, with about $707; and Arizona, with $671. 52.

Places such as Pennsylvania, California, New York,  Delaware, Colorado, etc., sold scrap cars for $624.24 to 671.13.

Proper Way to Estimate a Junk Car Price

You’ll be dissatisfied if you are here to find a mathematical formula to estimate a trash car. There is no unique formula used to determine the value of scrap cars.

Most estimates are made with the help of several factors. Location, condition, the present value of scrap, market demand, model, complete, and age of vehicles.

Let us briefly discuss these factors individually to gain an understanding of them.

  • Your Vehicle’s Location

The region of the car can significantly determine its value in two distinct ways. This includes the current price of junk cars in your area and the cost of transporting the vehicle to a salvage yard.

If you take the car yourself, you’ll cover the freight bill. But if it’s an auto salvage yard, they’ll charge you for gas, time, and workforce to move your scrap car from point A to point B.

  • Current Condition of your Car

How good or bad your current car conditions ion significantly affects calculating its value.

You will get a better payout if your car can be serviced again. That is because it can be fixed and resold to someone who needs an affordable vehicle.

But if this is not the case, the valuable parts will be removed and sold cheaply. After that, the leftovers will also be marketed as scrap to be recycled.

With that, the price you get is going to be lower than expected.

  • Actual Value Of Scrap

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, this factor will always play a part in determining its value. Why? Because most aspects of a junk car often go to scrap.

So if the scrap price is high right now, you will make a reasonable amount. But once the price goes down, you won’t get as much as you expect.

Here is how to calculate your car’s scrap value by weight.

  • Market demand for Pre-owned Pieces

The demand for spare parts is often significant. We speak of alternators, engines, exhaust systems, starters, radiators, and more.

Given the high cost of repairing or replacing those parts, most car owners prefer to buy used parts in salvage. This is because these parts are often sold at significantly reduced prices.

In this case, if your vehicle still holds some of the listed operating parts in high demand, you can expect a high gain. But if vice versa, you should lower your high expectations.

However, some factors may affect demand for the price of second-hand parts. Gasoline prices state your state, the condition of the details, and how long your car has been on the ground.

  • Model, Make, and Age of your Car

This is another factor used in determining the value of scrap cars.

New, popular, classic cars typically fetch more money than the old models. The great demand for their pieces can best explain this.

They’re often expensive, too.

Before making money off the old models, your car should be from a vintage family. If not, even his expensive parts may not bring you the good money you want.

Not many car enthusiasts are fond of old models. Consequently, the demand for these parts is lower.

  • Mileage of a Junk Car

Several junkyards and companies dealing with problematic cars use mileage to estimate the value of junk cars. Vehicles with high mileage mean that the engine-mounted components are in poor condition.

As such, they will not pick up the money as planned. If a high-mileage car brings you money, it has a good engine. However, this is usually not the case.

  • Can Kelly Blue Book Be Used to Estimate the Value of Junk Car?

Yes! You can use Kelley Blue Book to estimate the junk car’s value.

However, it does not apply to all junk cars. To get a precise estimate, your vehicle must be in good shape (it must be too good).

Cars that are damaged or have severe mechanical issues are most likely to give you an inaccurate price.

  • I heard Some Junkyards are Using Scrap Car Value Calculator

Yes! That’s true. Several junkyards have online platforms where you can estimate the value of the trash car with the help of the car value calculator.

However, the calculator relies primarily on the factors above. For some, you will need to input your vehicle model, the value of the scrap metal, and its spare parts.

Additional calculators will require your vehicle registration number and postal code. All of this information is aimed at helping the calculator identify two things.

The make and model of your vehicle and the best scrap rates in your region.

Vehicles Model with the Highest Scrap Prices Near Me

Around October, Hyundai had the highest scrap price across the country. Some sellers specifically sold Hyundai Sonata for around 818.84. next to Hyundai is Chevrolet Cruise.

Some businesses pay this version of this car $776.15. Other vehicles, such as Toyota Camry/Corolla, Mazda MAZDA3, Honda CR-V, and Ford F-150, were sold at $657.50 to $588.81.h

Vehicle Brand with the Lowest Scrap Price Near Me

Same here; some car models will only fetch you a little when sold under the umbrella of scraps.

Models such as Pontiac Grand Prix often go for $239.44 and Chevrolet TrailBlazer for $301.25. Other cars, such as Nissan Maxima, can be sold for $355.97, and Jeep Grand Cherokee for $383.69.

Must I Do Paperwork to Sell my Scrap Car?

When selling or scraping a vehicle, you must do some paperwork.

DVLA could fine you if you don’t complete the required legal ownership. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for your car if it ends up in the wrong hands. Of course, you don’t want to get into trouble with the police.

Where Can I Get Fair Market Prices for Junk Cars without Estimation?

We understand that estimating the value of junk cars can be very costly. If not your time, your money, or maybe both. Either way, we want to make your journey a lot easier.

Here with us are a few companies that will pay you the value of your junk car. In other words, you’ll get serious cash for your junk cars.

Also, you can sell your junk car as quickly as possible.

Among these companies are QuickCar, Junk Car Traders, JunkCarsUs, Junk Car Masters, Sturtevant Used Auto Parts, CR Consumer Reports, and lots more.

Practically all listed enterprises operate online. You can choose one of them to buy or sell your junk vehicles.

The best estimate you can use to determine the value of a scrap car is to focus on the factors identified. As you can see, even the calculators used at a salvage depend upon these factors.

To be on the safest side, log in with a reputable business and know the exact value of your junk car.


Selling a scrap car is another way of compensating for your loss.

However, it would be best to find out how much your scrap car is worth before transacting with a buyer. Some buyers, such as auto salvage yards, may offer you a low price so they can make a profit.