Below, we’ll tell you everything you need about snowmobile salvage yards.

A few things to discuss are their business style, ways of serving customers, and used parts for snowmobiles. You’ll also learn about their source of inventory and how these autos are processed.

Snowmobile Junkyard Near Me

Only people with deep pockets can afford new replaceable parts for snowmobiles. Some go for salvage parts to cut expenses and have a balance to settle other bills.

If you’re among those saving costs, you’ll find snowmobile salvage yards your best bet. They are businesses that dispose of valuable parts from wrecked or old snowmobiles.

Those used parts are obtainable at lower rates compared to new ones.

  • What’s a Snowmobile Salvage Yard?

You can also refer to them as Ski-Doo, sled, snowmachine, motor sled, skimobile, or snow scooter salvage yard.

It’s a business that purchases wrecked or old snowmobiles and makes a profit selling their valuable parts. They have a physical installation where you can visit and pull the kind of salvage part you need.

Alternatively, you can make a purchase online.

Most snowmobile salvage yards near me employ experts to handle their business. They can help you get whatever you want, including pulling parts.

This is the right place for vital information about snow scooters.

Besides selling functional salvage parts, these businesses are into restoration projects. We mean they restore snowmobiles in near running condition and auction them off.

They can also sell them directly to customers in their lot.

  • Where Can I Find a Snowmobile Salvage Yard?

You can find these businesses in almost all parts of the country. However, most of them are situated around the Northern region of America and Canada.

If you want to purchase online, you may need more results. Not many of these enterprises feature their inventory online. However, a few sell salvage snowmobile parts on Craigslist and eBay platforms.

Before you visit a snowmobile salvage yard, you must hunt for those with a high reputation and quality parts. You may do so by checking the review of customer satisfaction.

Additionally, check the price quotes from different wreck yards. This will help you get the best possible price for snowmobile salvage parts.

Ways Snowmobiles End Up in Salvage Yards

Snowmobile salvage yards near me obtain their inventory from multiple sources.

Among them are private sellers, auctions, ski lodges, rental businesses, and lots more. All the entities we’ve mentioned have a specific reason (s) for dumping their Ski-Doo.

For some, the cost of repairs supers the worth of their autos. Others remove their old model snow scooters to space for new ones. We still have people who junked their snowmobiles due to accidents.

Whatever the case, all junked scooters aren’t worthless. You or the salvage yards can strip one or two valuable parts from those autos.

Processing Motor Sled

While salvage yards aim at maximizing profits from a junked snowmobile, they also adhere to some government regulations.

The procedure for processing wrecked snowmobiles depends on their type. We have snow scooters that are gas and electric-powered.

Salvage yards dealing with gas-powered Ski-Doo siphon toxic liquids such as fuel, brake fluids, motor oil, etc. These fluids shouldn’t be disposed of inappropriately as they can harm the environment.

Thus, they’re repackaged for reuse or recycling.

For electric-powered snowmobiles, they will remove the battery. Batteries with little life will be recharged, while completely dead batteries will be safely disposed of.

For these businesses to avoid allowing some delicate snowmobile parts to get rusted, salvage yards strip them off. They clean, inspect, test, and store those parts in the warehouse.

What next? Some salvage yards dump them for pick and pull. In other words, customers are allowed to strip valuable parts themselves.

  • What About the Remains of the Snowmobile?

Only the metallic skeleton remains after removing functional salvage parts from these machines.

Salvage yards sell them off to scrap metal recyclers for a few bucks. That’s because snowmobiles aren’t valued much for their scrap metal.

How Can I Obtain Salvage Parts from Snowmobile Junkyards?

There are primarily two ways of getting salvage parts at a snow scooter scrap yard.

Either you visit a pick-and-pull or salvage yard offering complete services. As mentioned earlier, you can see a pick-and-pull snowmobile salvage yard and remove the required salvage part yourself.

Such businesses have a lower inventory, as most parts have already been removed. Most leftover pieces are often less quality for older snow scooter models.

Snowmobile salvage yards offering complete services remove used parts upon customer’s request. Such kinds of businesses have numerous auto parts in their inventory.

Additionally, their salvage parts are often of high quality for newer skimobiles. However, you’re likely to pay for labor in addition to the price of parts.

Brands of Snowmobile Available in Salvage Yards

If you visit a snowmobile salvage yard near you, you’ll see snow scooters from major and minor brands.

For instance, you’ll see snowmobiles from Yamaha, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and more. You can also spot snowmobiles designed for trail, crossover, performance, utility, maintenance, and touring.

Well-organized Salvage yards arranged these machines in rows according to their brands. You can see the section of Yamaha snowmobiles, Ski-Doo, and so on.

This makes it easy to walk through their facility.

More importantly, finding used parts will be pretty straightforward.

However, we have some snowmobile salvage yards that could be unorganized. They dumped various kinds of skimobiles together, making it hectic to get the right salvage snowmobile parts.

Used Snowmobile Parts Near Me

You can get numerous used parts at snowmobile salvage yards. Most of these businesses have over a thousand machine parts in their inventory.

Amongst them are engines, mirrors, transmissions, throttles,  ski springs, tachometers, spindles, reflectors, and hoods.

Other valuable parts include tracks, bogie wheels, handlebars, suspensions, skag/wear bags, batteries, warmers, starters, kill switches, and more.

There’s no better place to get quality salvage parts for snowmobiles at lower rates than salvage yards.

These businesses can help you save a significant percentage off the cost of new auto parts. However, remember that not all salvage parts obtainable in these facilities are high quality.

Some are problems in waiting.