If you list one of the world’s most extensive recycling companies, Staples will be one.

They offer specific recycling services for e-devices such as computers, ink cartridges, and more. Staples also embarked on a scheme that provides customers with inducements while lowering environmental consequences.

Staples Recycling Near Me | Battery, Ink, Printer, Electronics

You can learn more about Staples reprocessing if you keep reading this post.

We will discuss how staple recycling operates and the items they deal with. You’ll also learn to trade in at a local staple store near you. All that’s needed is to read carefully.

  • What Business is Staple Recycling Into?

The staple recycling near me functions like thrift stores. They primarily collect wrecked or used toner cartridges and manufacture new products.

Such products include office trays, paper holders, pens, etc. They often have carriers who deliver used cartridges to their collection center.

Before recycling, collected articles are critically examined.

Furthermore, Staples doesn’t only deal with cartridges. They also recycle inks and toner, and rechargeable batteries. Moreover, they offer free delivery services for most locations across the country.

Electronic Items That You Can Recycle at Staples

Before highlighting some of the electronics accepted by Staples, you’ll need to remember a few things. Their programs are pretty expensive.

One needs to be financially able to meet specific demands. Secondly, each customer has a limit of seven reprocessing items per day at any staple facility.

Most Staples recycling accepts non-working, outdated, and damaged electronics for reprocessing. They take copiers, desktop computers, cable/satellite dishes, camcorders, computer speakers, and coffee brewers.

Other items include cordless phones, digital projectors, scanners, calculators, all-in-one computers, flash drives, and modems.

Hard drives, GPS devices, routers, scanners, monitors, shredders, tiny receivers, laptops, and mobile phones, are additional items you take for reprocessing.

  • Recycling Ink and Toner Cartridges on Staples

Electronics aren’t only the items you can recycle with Staples.

You can take your ink and toner cartridge for recycling at any of their facilities. They have fantastic reward agendas for things you’ll always want to take advantage of.

You can get up to $2 on each toner cartridge you junk. Additionally, you can buy at least $30 in toner or ink in-store or via the Internet within 180 days of reclaiming.

Moreover, you can order free shipping when you want to take your unclogged ink cartridges. Their carriers will transport your gadgets to their installation.

  • Reclaiming your Computers at Staples

You can get free reprocessing for your laptops and desktop computers with Staples.

It’s a beautiful opportunity awarded to those with faulty or damaged devices. Other recycling facilities charge a certain amount for recycling these electronics.

Throwing your damaged or faulty computers in a curbside trash or recycling bin is improper. Additionally, wipe all personal data before you turn your laptops or desktops for recycling.

You may not want your sensitive details to fall into the wrong hands.

  • Recycle Battery on Staples

You can also junk your dead or unwanted battery on Staples. Battery reclaiming in this facility is accessible. The industry sorted and recycled them into unique appliances.

However, before you take your battery for reclaiming at Staples, there’re a few things you need to know. Such items to be recycled should be at most 11 lbs.

Additionally, it would be best not to dump batteries in curbside trash because they contain poisonous chemicals that can harm environmental health.

Some accepted batteries at Staples include lithium-ion (Li-Ion), nickel-cadmium, small sealed lead acid (SSLA/Pb), nickel metal hydride, and more.

Batteries that aren’t accepted are single-use or alkaline, lithium, automotive, or moist batteries.

Items that Aren’t Acceptable at Staples

You must know that not all electronics are accepted at Staples, whether they come from your home or office. These include alkaline batteries, huge speakers, lamps or light bulbs, smoke detectors, and massive servers.

Others include kitchen electronics, floor-model printers, appliances, and non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

Trade Your Tech for eCash.

It’s possible to trade in electronic items for Staples. They have a particular trade-in page on their official website.

Partaking in trade-in is better than recycling your electronics. The reason is that it’s a win-win for both parties. Additionally, it will be a plus if your gadgets still have some life left in them.

If you want to participate in trade-in at Staples, there’re two options: at your local Staple or online trade-in. Let’s quickly go over these two options for better understanding.

  • Trade-in Your Electronics at Local Staple Store

Trading your e-gadgets at the local staple store is a manageable task. You do that in three simple steps. Firstly, bring your electronics into your local staple store for inspection.

Secondly, research how much your items are worth. You can do that in their facility. Lastly,  get paid depending on the worth of your electronics using an eCash card.

  • Trade-in Your Gadgets with Staples Online

This is another effective way of participating in trad-ins. Here you start by finding your gadget on Staples trade-in page. You’ll be required to answer a few questions.

Carefully complete this step and get a quote. Now send it to the mail using a delivered free shipping label. Once you’re done, you’ll also get paid for the worth of your property in eCash.

Answers to Important Questions

Before we round up our discussion, let’s respond to some critical questions. Sure, it will add more knowledge while clarifying certain misunderstandings.

  • Can I collect products sold at Staples? The answer is no. staple reclaiming program accepts items from all brands sold anywhere.
  • Will I pay to participate in Staple’s recycling program? There’s no direct cost to you now. Staples is currently sponsoring their nationwide recycling program.
  • Must I clean my electronics before sending them to Staples for reprocessing? Cleaning your items before dropping them off for reclaiming at Staples is unacceptable. Most drop-off locations don’t accept wet items. They need them dried.

You can do the right thing by throwing your outdated or damaged electronics to Staples. It’s the best way to promote the atmosphere, as these items can harm humans and wildlife.

Additionally, you can get paid for dumping some things at this recycling center.