Now, how do you dispose of an old toilet properly? It’s pretty simple. But you must continue reading this article. We’ll be discussing toilet recycling and disposal near me.

One of the things you’ll learn is some efficient ways of disposing of old toilets. Others are the reasons to recycle old toilets and more. Let’s set the ball rolling.

Old Toilet Recycling, Disposal & Pick Up Near Me

At some point, your toilet may become too old or clogged and require replacement. Having acquired a new toilet, most people have less concerned about what happens to the old one.

But this is an essential factor to consider. Dumping your old or damaged toilets in landfills isn’t good environmental news. It can damage the earth in many ways.

Excellent Reasons to Recycle or Disposed of Old Toilets

Ultimately, toilets succumb to wear and tear like any other fittings in your home.

When your bathroom becomes too old, it wastes a lot of water. In other cases, it may develop stubborn stains or even crack. When this happens, you’ll be left with no option than getting a new one.

New water-efficient toilets will help reduce the amount of water you use. According to experts, it reduces the usage of water to flush by 50 to 75 percent. Additionally, it’ll remain clean and crackles for an extended period.

Recycling Old Toilets

Reclaiming your unwanted toilet is an efficient way of preventing it from ending in landfills. Fortunately, many recycling centers will take this item from you.

However, preparing your old toilet before visiting a recycler nearby would be best. How do you prepare to recycle an old bathroom? Carefully read the paragraph below.

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove non-porcelain parts. We refer to toilet seats, interior plumbing, metal bolts, handle, etc. These items are recycled separately.

When you’re done, the next step is to find a local recycling center. Choose facilities that accept porcelain toilets. You can get several of them on the Internet.

Some of the recyclers will direct you on how to reclaim specific items. However, you may be demanded to pay a small fee for drop-off. You can compare individual prices to get the best deal possible.

If your preferred recycler doesn’t have pickup options, don’t panic. You can take your old toilet yourself. Some recyclers may compensate you for such efforts. Until then, call beforehand to check their hours and fees.

Additionally, avoid breaking your item to ensure your comfort and safety while transporting them. Broken toilets often have razor-sharp edges that may injure you if proper care isn’t employed.

Efficient Ways of Disposing of Old Toilets

Apart from recycling, there’re other efficient and safe ways of disposing of old toilets. One option is donating to organizations specializing in refurbishing and reselling reusable building materials.

Other options are to look into private junk removal service, hire a dumpster rental company, take it to salvage yards, and more. Let’s briefly discuss these options.

  • Donate your Unwanted Toilet

Donating your old toilets is a safe disposal method to consider. Several organizations, including the charity, will be willing to take this item from you.

Some charitable organizations you can donate to include Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, and more. These organizations will use your old toilets to build better sanitary facilities for low-income communities.

Outside these organizations, some communities have reuse centers you can donate to. These centers are into renovating furniture, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

As such, they’ll be interested in your old toilet to complete their renovation project.

  • Hire a Private Junk Removal Service

Many private junk removal services help remove old toilets for individuals and businesses.

They have an experienced team who can disassemble your old toilet quickly and dispose of it responsibly. However, you must keep your hand in your pocket and settle them.

  • Invite a Dumpster Rental Company

You can also invite a dumpster rental company to help discard your item appropriately.

Just like junk removal services, they can remove your unwanted toilet and get rid of it responsibly. To rent such a company is relatively easy, and their charges are budget-friendly.

However, you’ll need to opt for service providers that have ample experience and abide by environmental safety laws.

  • Sell Your Old Toilet

Consider selling your item if you want to make extra money.

You can get sites to list your item for sale. Such sites often have people in need of such things to buy from. All you have to do is take pictures from different angles and upload them.

You can include a close-up of the bowl. This will enable potential buyers to see the condition of your toilet. Moreover, you can provide enough details about your item. Don’t forget to state any damage or repairs that must be done.

Meanwhile, some reputable sites to sell your old toilets include Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

What You Should Do Before Recycling or Disposing of Old Toilets

Before you take a step to dispose of old toilets, certain things need to be done. First off, empty all the water and waste in the toilet. You can do that by tuning the water supply and flushing it severally.

Having emptied the bathroom, you remove the toilet seat and lid. Next, you untie the metal bolts to allow you to remove the toilet from the floor.

What next? You cut the supply line from the toilet to the water source. Then you can go ahead to dispose of your item responsibly.

Cost of Disposing of Old Toilets

It’s essential to know the cost implication of disposing of old toilets.

That way, you will know whether to embark on the mission. Now, it’s pretty costly to dispose of unwanted toilets. Generally, the cost is around $60 to $300.

However, the charges may differ based on certain factors such as location and size.

Disposing or recycling an old toilet can be frustrating. Most toilets are often heavy and delicate to handle. However, the text above can guide you to dispose of old toilets responsibly.

It contains different efficient ways of disposing of aged or damaged toilets. All you need to do is choose a convenient option.