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If yes. You will appreciate your time here. We will discuss some of the largest organizations that recycle plastic across the country. You can visit any of their establishments for your recycling needs.

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Top USA Plastic Recycling Companies

Several businesses are venturing into plastic recycling to maintain a greener environment. Recycling existing plastic materials reduces the production of new plastic products.

Not only that, but creating space for landfills.

In addition to promoting environmental health, these companies are interested in capitalizing on the high-value plastic recycling chain.

Looking at the massive disposal of plastic waste daily, the requirement for recycling will always be there.

Biggest Plastic Recycling Plants in the USA

At the moment, we are going to present some of them to the best plastic recycling companies. We’ll specifically tell you about their service and where you can get them.

  • Accel Polymers LLC

It is one of the finest plastic recycling centers in Missouri, USA. The business offers complete recycling services in any category of plastic waste.

They aim to recover, treat and reintroduce plastic waste streams into the raw materials applicable to plastic manufacturers.

Other specialty services include grinding, shredding, palletizing, and quality control. Their recycled products are in the form of snowflakes and pallets.

The materials allowed are mainly plastic waste.

  • Beta Plastic Inc

You can also contact this reprocessing factory for your plastic recycling needs. They are situated in Michigan, United States.

Beta Plastic INC specializes in custom-built plastics such as fiberglass, PVC, and Polypro. Other products include pipe headers, ventilation systems, valves, fittings, plastic welding, PVDF, and more.

Some plastic materials they accept for recycling include ABS, PVC, PET, LC, HIPS, PP, PS, LDPE, PC, and more.

  • ACI Plastics Inc

This recycling center is likewise based in Michigan, US. They specialize in engineering plastics for building or domestic purposes and more.

They also deal with plastic construction and graphic materials. Some plastics they take to recycle include ABS, PC, PMMA, PBT, HDPE, and more.

  • Conigliaro Industries, Inc.

Since 1990, Conigliaro’s industries have been addressing recycling needs across the country. They specialize in the reprocessing of a variety of materials, including plastics.

Conigliaro industries have a trained and professional sales team who walks through the neighborhood to solve the needs of reprocessing plastics.

Once you get in touch with them, within 24 hours, they will visit you.

They have dedicated staff who will provide reliable transport and handling services while remaining sensitive to recycling legislation.

  • Deltco Plastics INC

For more than three decades, the recycling company has been providing reprocessing solutions to customers with plastic waste management issues.

They have a well-developed recycling system that deals with different types of plastics. You can take the following plastics for reprocessing: ABS, ASA, HDPE, PET, PVE, PP, PC, SAN, TPC, waste plastics, and lots more.

They also buy clean, recyclable thermoplastics, regardless of shape, density, or color.

Landfill sites and incineration operations make Deltco Plastic Inc. a cost-effective facility for recycling purposes.

  • Alandro Plastic Recourses LLC

This excellent recycling center is located in Texas, US. They provide a comprehensive service in the fields of recycling and the preparation of customized plastics.

Other services include purchasing, processing, and distributing recycled goods. Some of the products they deal with, in addition to plastics, include metals, electronics, and cardboard.

Meanwhile, if you have the following plastics, you may bring them to their installation. Or call them to arrange transportation. HDPE, PA, PVC, PBT, PC, PBT, PP, ABS, and lots more.

Their recycled products are produced as flakes, pellets, or pallets.

  • Denton Plastics

It is also a first-class processing facility for all types of plastics. They have experience in plastic recycling, durability, and innovative commercial solutions.

As well as helping businesses manage their plastic recycling, they can mix resin to meet the most demanding satisfaction.

Some plastics they accept include polyvinyl chloride, HDPE, PE, PP, ABS, LDPE, PS, TP, and more. Their plastic products are granulated or palletized.

You can find them in Oregon, US if you want to visit them.

  • Kasha Industries, Inc

We can list the best thermoplastic recyclers without mentioning them.

They specialize in the reprocessing of plastics of various types. Thus, if you have ABS, ASA, HDPE, PET, PVE, PP, PC, SAN, TPC, or PMMA, you can take it to them for recycling.

In addition to recycling plastics, Kasha Industries, Inc. provides general and special services.

This includes custom preparation, blending, blobs shredding, grinding, toll preparation, custom coloring, proprietary compounds, and many more.

  • Jet Polymer Recycling

It is also a large recycling business based in Alabama.

They provide recycling solutions for companies that process plastic waste. They approach customer needs by analyzing the plastic waste stream and developing a custom solution.

Jet Polymer has specialized logistics personnel who implement and coordinate a personalized logistics plan. If you have logistical requirements concerning plastic, you can contact them.

In addition to plastic recycling and logistics, this company installs and maintains an extensive suite of customized recycling equipment.

Whether it is its bale and waste compacting system, air and conveyor systems, or crushing and densification systems.

  • GAR Plastic, Inc

GAR Plastic, Inc. is a leading recycling company that is embarking on the purchase, recycling, and sale of plastic products.

They are also renowned for their reliability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness in recycled plastic.

On top of that, they also provide toll treatment for cost-effective reprocessing of your materials on pallets or regrind forms.

Some plastic materials they accept include ABS, HIPS, PE, HDPE, PET, PS, PVC, PMMA, LDPE, HIPS, and many more. If you want to visit their establishment, they are situated in Wisconsin, USA.

There are more than 50 recycling businesses beyond those listed above. Time will never be sufficient to discuss them all. That’s we select a few of them.

As you can see, most of them deal with diverse types of plastic. We believe that you will find one of these companies a helpful resource for your plastic recycling needs.