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Are you here to know the current tungsten scrap price? This article will help you better understand how much money you can make from such scraps.

In addition to that, you’ll know what type of scrap you can sell, who will buy it from you, and more. But before we hit the nail on the head, let’s briefly discuss what this scrap metal is.

Scrap Tungsten Price

Tungsten is a highly robust and essential metal you can ever think of. It’s used in many applications, such as producing golf clubs, bracelets, and other daily equipment.

Having a lot of tungsten scrap means money. Just as the pure resource is valuable on the market, so are the scraps. However, the worth of your junk will mostly rely on the tungsten class.

  • What Do You Know About Tungsten Scrap?

Typically, tungsten is a metal resource that comes from natural ore. However, it’s commonly found mixed with carbon to form tungsten carbide. Its stiffness is approximately twice that of steel.

As highlighted above, it’s an ideal resource for various industrial applications. It’s used to make machines, armor-piercing shells, and jewelry.

Other applications include heavy-duty sporting gear, hand drills, surgical equipment, and other construction tools.

Current Price of Tungsten Scrap 

You can make handsome money by selling your scrap. The current price of this metal is around $6.66/lb.

However, the average monthly cost is approximately $6.14. If you take your chips to junkyards, they’ll break out their metal analyzer to get an accurate composition of the metal.

That way, they can determine the true worth of your scraps.

Factors That May Affect the Price of Tungsten Scrap 

You must know that certain factors can influence the price of this material. Firstly, the grade of tungsten can influence its scrap value.

Secondly, the ratio of tungsten to carbon can affect the price of this scrap. Because it is incorporated with other materials, separating it is time-consuming. Therefore, it also influences your junk’s value.

Finally, the current demand in your location can affect the cost of this metal. As such, you must regularly check with your local scrap yards for the latest price range.

Where to Sell Your Tungsten Scrap

Remember, this metal is an important material used in dozens of tech industries. On a global scale, hundreds of buyers will be willing to purchase your junk.

However, the list of people buying your item at competitive rates is much smaller. Of all the tungsten available, only 66% can be used in manufacturing industries across the US.

Fortunately, a few companies still make it possible to sell scrap at competitive rates. They include Galaxy Metals, Tungco, and more. You can also sell your chips to scrap metal recyclers and dealers.

These businesses primarily deal with scrap metal, including tungsten. They’ll be willing to pay cash for your items, regardless of their condition.

However, you might not get a better payout than anticipated. These businesses will always make room for profit from every scrap they purchase.

Another place to sell your junk is online. Several individuals and businesses may be interested in purchasing your unwanted metal.

Some reputable sites where you can reach out to these buyers include eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, and more.

All you’ll need to do is register and upload pictures and details of your items. In no distant time, those interested will send you a notification.

How To Get the Best Price for Your Tungsten Scrap

Of course, you’ll want to make the most of your scrap.

But the question is, how do you maximize profit from this metal? It’s easy. All you need to do is carefully follow the procedure we’ll outline in the next paragraph.

First, do not mix the different types of this metal scrap. That’s because it’s challenging to sort them out, even at a standard recycling facility.

Clean your junk from trash, floor sweepings, and other metals. Thirdly, you remove excess oil from turnings and then package them safely. This will ensure the safety of your scrap when shipping it to potential buyers.

For those wanting to sell their items online, you should take an in-focus picture of your scrap. Ensure it has excellent lighting before you upload it on the site. By doing so, interested buyers will see what they’re bargaining for.

They’ll be willing to pay a handsome price for your item.

Types of Tungsten Scrap You Can Sell

Having seen the current price of this metal, you must know what kind of metal you can trade. There are three kinds of tungsten scrap you can make money from.

They include tungsten hard scrap, soft scrap, and alloys. I still need more clarity. Here’s a deeper dive into these essential and sought-after metals.

  • Tungsten Hard Scrap

The tungsten hard scrap is further classified into three categories.

We have the tungsten carbide trencher tools, tri-cones, and the tungsten carbide fixed cutter Metrix bits. All these categories of tungsten scrap can fetch a reasonable amount of money.

  • Tungsten Soft Scrap or sludge

Same here; there’re different classes of tungsten soft scrap. Among them are tungsten powder, tungsten carbide swarf, and many more.

  • Tungsten Alloys

As for its alloys, you can sell the following categories: tungsten heavy metal, elknonite, vacuum, dense alloy, Mallory, and steel tools. You can also make money from alloys found within the tungsten family.

Can Tungsten Scrap Be Recycled?

The answer is yes! This metal scrap can be recycled; there are a few reasons to reclaim it.

The first reason is maximizing its value. It has a higher scrap price on the secondary market. Its value is comparable to other precious metals like copper, steel, and aluminum.

The second reason is that obtaining tungsten ore is relatively challenging, and sustainability is crucial when keeping tungsten in circulation. Therefore, recycling this scrap is virtually vital. It contributes to the supply of raw materials.

Finally, metal scrap in most forms is considered toxic. In most cases, they can cause lung issues when left unattended.

It’s excellent to consider selling your tungsten scraps. You can make unimaginable money, depending on the quantity of your junk. But before you head on to a buyer, ensure you know the current price of this scrap.

As you can see above, the chip has a high monetary value in the market.

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