Can you sell used cast iron radiators? The answer to this question is right below.

As you keep reading this blog post, you’ll know whether this material can be sold. Moreover, we’ll also tell you the monetary value of this scrap, where to sell it, what to do when selling it, and more.

If you’re set, let’s begin our discussion.

Salvage Cast Iron Radiators For Sale

do you have any old cast iron radiators on display within your home? Or you some antique models smashed away out of sight? It may be time to consider selling it and making extra cash.

Typically, vintage cast iron radiators provide a decorative dimension to heating. It also offers several nostalgic reminders of the old-school days.

What’s more? This kind of radiator supplies more heat than you can imagine.

  • Can Use Cast Iron Radiators be Sold?

The answer is yes. You can sell your used cast iron radiator in excellent or imperfect condition.

However, selling one in proper working condition fetches more money than dead ones. These materials are made of aluminum, steel, and cast iron/ These are valuable resources in the market.

Furthermore, used cast iron radiators are energy-efficient. According to some experts, the conductivity of used cast iron rads is higher than steel.

This means heat transfer from the surface of this material into the room is far better than steel.

Cost of Used Cast Iron Radiators

Used cast iron rad is truly an investment piece.

It can be worth something secondhand if you want to sell. Unfortunately, it has no set price because several factors influence its pricing. While some models cost around $800, others can be sold for about $3000.

Radiators with more complex finishes can reach about $2,500 or more. Nevertheless, the average cost of a used cast iron radiator is around $1,400.

Factors that Determine the Price of Used Cast Iron Radiators

As highlighted above, there’s a multitude of factors that will influence the price of this component.

Authenticity and originality are critical factors in driving the valuations of these scraps upward. Moreover, old cast iron rads in proper working order are more desirable than a classy model that doesn’t function correctly.

The presence of spare parts for an older model is another factor that significantly bolsters the value of this scrap. Then because cast iron radiators are out of circulation and no longer in production, the demand is high.

This means high chances are that you’ll make handsome cash from your sales.

Places to Sell Used Cast Iron Radiators

Several areas are available to sell your scraps. Conventional rads that are broken or faulty are best for recycling.

Therefore, you aim to sell it to any local household waste collection center near you. Some recyclers will not only purchase your item, but they’ll offer you a free pickup.

Another place you can sell your used cast iron radiator is in scrap metal recycling facilities. Such businesses also deal with scrap metals extensively.

Because this material comprises about four kinds of metals, they can pay you a reasonable amount. However, you must call ahead and inquire if your scrap iron rads are acceptable.

What’s more? You can also get potential buyers for your scrap online. Several sites, such as eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, Facebook Marketplaces, etc., can link you with these customers.

How much you’ll get from your sales depends on whom you’re selling to. But you can get clients willing to pay your asking price.

Finally, antique shops, car boot sales, and local hardware stores are other places to sell cast iron rads. If you’re fortunate, one of these buyers could net you an appreciable amount.

Selling Used Cast Iron Radiators

You’ll need to know a few things when selling used cast iron radiators.

First, gather the details about your item and how it operates. You can dig out any paperwork you still have about the item. The buyer may need it to clear his benefit of the doubt.

If there’re other accompanying features and specifications, you can add them.

What’s more? You shouldn’t disregard older models that cannot provide significant heat output. Such components could deliver a perfect finishing touch to home décor.

For those selling their rads online, offering free delivery may be necessary. Most potential buyers may not want to pay for shipping, especially if they live outside the States.

Moreover, using reputable payment sites to accept customer payment plans would be best. Some buyers may prefer to purchase your item in installments rather than at once.

What to Do When Selling Salvaged Cast Radiators

Before selling your used cast iron rads, seek knowledge and evidence of service history. In other words, have the original papers of your item to enhance its value.

Secondly, arrange for warranty coverage for your item before approaching a buyer. Most of them will demand a written guarantee before committing to purchase.

Furthermore, familiarize yourself with the internal state of your device. Some models may display a perfect external aesthetic but account for poor storage.

In other cases, it may have internal damage or be prone to build-up rust in no distant time. Remember, buyers will only want to purchase something that will last.

What if I Don’t Want to Sell My Old Cast Iron Radiator?

It’s okay if you don’t want to sell your old cast iron rad, particularly the bad ones. Such kinds of radiators are almost hundred percent recyclable. As highlighted above, you can take it to any nearby radiator recycling facility.

Alternatively, you can donate them to junkyards or scrap metal dealers. Such businesses are into the dealership of scrap metals. So they’ll appreciate your donation and even reward you with some peanuts.

Selling a used cast iron radiator is an excellent way to make extra income from your scrap. Allowing this item to lay down waste will only succeed in reducing its market value.

As you can see above, this device has valuable metals that will attract a lot of money.