Used Polaris Ranger Salvage Parts

Are you interested in knowing what salvage parts you can get for your used Polaris Ranger? Look no further. This article lists many salvage parts you can get for this utility tasks vehicle.

In addition to that, we’ll tell you where to get these auto parts, their prices, warranty coverage, and more.

Salvage Polaris Ranger Parts

Fixing a broken Polaris Ranger can be costly. Its replaceable parts are scarce in auto parts stores, which makes them very expensive.

The only way you can reduce the costs of restoring your vehicle is to get salvage parts. These functional components obtained from Polaris rangers are either broken or aged.

  • What Car is Referred to as Polaris Ranger?

Some of you may have little to no idea what a Polaris Ranger is.

Don’t worry; you’re about to find out. A Polaris ranger is a recreational off-highway vehicle designed to be used on trails and unpaved terrains. It’s illegal to drive such cars on public roadways.

Before cruising a Polaris Ranger off public roads, you must ensure it is street-legal.

Furthermore, Polaris Ranger is a groundbreaking lineup for hunters, trail riders, landowners, and farmers. Those seeking adventure at every turn may also find this vehicle appropriate.

Depending on the model, the average price of a Polaris Ranger starts at $11,699 to $34,399. However, depending on the model, the price may be more or less than the mentioned amount.

What kind of Salvage Parts Can You get for Polaris Ranger

You can get hundreds and thousands of salvage parts for your Polaris Ranger.

Among them are engines, transmission, gears, frames (complete or straight), transmission, bare motors, and cylinders. Other used parts are pistons, cranks and rods, shift modules, swing arm, hubs, axle, brake, and rear differentials.

You can also get electrical parts such as a fuse box, headlight, taillight, wiring harness, fog light, and speedometer.

Body parts such as the front fender, gas tanks, footwells, brackets, side covers, and seats are also available. What’s more? You can get unique parts such as a tachometer, brake master, brake caliper, stay, bumpers, and guards.

Prices of Used Polaris Ranger Parts

You must know the prices of used Polaris Ranger parts before buying one.

This will give you an idea of how much it’ll cost to complete your restoration project. Additionally, you can make other informed decisions regarding your finances.

The prices of used Polaris Ranger salvage parts are determined based on certain factors. The type and model of Polaris Ranger, salvage yard you visit, and location.

Additionally, the type of auto part you’ll purchase significantly affects its pricing. Nevertheless, the paragraph below will hint at what to expect regarding prices.

Used Polaris engine cost about $2,989, front differential diff $1,000, tire set $888, and bar ROPS roof assembly $629.

Next, the salvage speedometer costs $506, the steering unit $499, the dash panel covers $435, and the wiring harness costs $399.

Support frame cost $218, bumper $200, speaker system $245, basic hood $320, and motor compression $1,400.

Places to Get Polaris Ranger, Salvage Parts

Several places are available to purchase used parts for your utility tasks vehicle.

UTV salvage yards, auto repair shops, private owners, online marketplaces, and scrap metal dealers are among them. Allow us to review these places you can get salvage parts briefly.

This is the first place to visit when looking for used Polaris Ranger salvage parts. These businesses sell salvage parts for all UTVs, including Polaris Ranger.

They typically purchase inoperable utility task vehicles and strip the valuable component. After making them usable, they’ll sell to individuals and technicians affordably.

You can check for ATV or other auto junkyards if you don’t have a UTV salvage yard near your street. They often have sections for UTVs, including Polaris Ranger. So you may get what you need from these facilities and restore your vehicle.

As for how to locate a nearby UTV salvage yard, several options are available. You can use the internet to search for such yards near you.

Several websites have a list of all UTV junkyards across the country. Apart from searching online, you can ask people around. You can get a family, friend, or stranger who can give you a lead.

  • Auto Repair Shops

You can visit your local auto repair shops for Polaris range salvage parts. They operate similarly to salvage yards but with a small inventory of used parts.

Therefore, you may not get some necessary components, especially for rare models of Polaris Ranger. Additionally, the prices of their items are higher than that of auto salvage yards.

  • Private Owners

Some private owners may decide to part their operable Polaris Ranger for cash. You can reach out to such individuals for salvage components.

Such owners may choose to sell their vehicle parts at affordable prices. However, finding a private seller with the specific auto parts you need may be challenging.

Some may have auto parts for brands that contrast with yours.

  • Online Marketplaces

This is another viable place to get used parts for your Polaris Ranger. There’re reputable sites that make it easy and convenient to buy and sell auto components.

You only need to search for a seller with the specific parts you need.

One reputable online site you can purchase salvage parts for your Polaris Ranger is Craigslist. Others are eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Groups, Freecycle, and more.

Warranty Coverage for Used Polaris Ranger Salvage Parts

Most sellers of these auto components offer warranty coverage, especially salvage yards. However, you’ll be required to pay a certain amount to cover those items.

The fee is around $15 more or less, depending on where you buy.

As for the duration of the warranty, it last between 30 to 90 days. But you can get sellers who may offer your six months to a-year warranty.

Within these periods, you can return any salvage part with defects. While some may reimburse you, others will only let you pick another component.

Salvage Polaris ranger parts are ideal for individuals running on a low budget. As you can see, you’ll save a significant amount compared to brand-new auto parts.

If you’re wondering what used parts to get for your UTV, many of them are above. You can also see where you can obtain them at cheaper prices.

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