Do you know where to donate books in San Diego? Of course, you don’t, which is why you’re here. As you scroll down your screen, you’ll know where to donate your used books.

Additionally, we’ll highlight the kinds of books you can contribute and more.

San Diego Book Donation

While recycling books and other paper-related documents is economical, donating them is also helpful. It’s a great way to reuse and keep such articles from ending up in landfills.

Your used books can significantly impact the lives of families and veterans in San Diego. They’ll be needed and appreciated no matter how big or small.

Places You Can Donate Used Books in San Diego

If you’re looking for places to donate your old books in San Diego, there’re several of them.

Friends of the San Diego Public Library, Goodwill San Diego Kearny Mesa Bookstore, Friends of Santee Library, and San Diego Rescue Mission.

Other places are Local libraries, school or community book drives, little neighborhood libraries, charity organizations, local museums, neighborhood thrift stores, cultural organizations, and lots more.

Let’s take a look at these places individually.

  • Friends of the San Diego Public Library

One of the best places to donate your old books is the Friends of the San Diego Public Library. The facility is wonderfully run by a group of volunteers who supports the library and collection.

Beside accepting book donations, they also offer services such as fundraising events, book sales, programming support, etc.

Books they accept are gently hardback and paperback, as audiobooks on CD, DVD, and Vinyl. Others include sheet music, technical and professional books, textbooks less than five years old, and more.

For each book you donate, you’ll get a receipt.

However, you must know certain books aren’t accepted here. They include damaged or moldy books, encyclopedias, castle tapes, VHS, high school textbooks, and books that are six years old.

Travel books, monthly magazines older than six months, and books published by magazines are additional rejected articles.

They are open every Tuesday and Thursday if you wish to visit their facility. Book donation hours start from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. Their donation box is kept for 24 hours on Howard avenue.

The office address is 7061 Clairmont Mesa Blvd #201.

  • Goodwill San Diego Kearny Mesa Bookstore

This industry accepts book donations throughout the 50 locations in San Diego County. If you wish to donate an old book or textbook, you can drop them at Kearny Mesa Bookstore.

In addition to books, they also accept clothing, toys and games, movies, electronics, household appliances, furniture, and more.

Items they don’t welcome from donors are automotive fluids, light bulbs, batteries, used cosmetics, and toiletries. Others include solvents, wet and soiled clothing, mercury items, charcoal, explosives, weapons, etc.

This establishment is open from Monday to Saturday.

The time designed for book donations starts from 9:00 am-7:00 pm. However, they often work for a limited time on Sundays, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Friends of Santee Library

This is also a great option if you’re looking for where to donate your used books.

However, they only accept used books that are in decent condition. Other articles they take besides books are videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and more.

Free Santee Library is Located at Santee, ca 92701. Opening days are from Monday to Sunday, and work hours vary accordingly.

  • Reservation

As a resident of San Diego, you’ll also have significant experience dumping your books with reservations.

They help people discard old books and other articles such as DVDs, comics, and more. One good thing about this establishment is that they pay book donors a certain amount as compensation.

To reach out to them, you can visit them at 4240 Kearny Plateau rd. #128, San Diego ca 92111. Their hours of donation are from 10:am to 8:00 pm.

Working days start from Monday to Sunday.

  • San Diago Rescue Mission

You can also count on this establishment anytime you want to donate your old books. They accept books from individuals at their thrift stores.

Their programs are aimed at helping women and families in crises with emergency housing and food. With your books donation, they can help fund those helpful programs.

Some of their thrift stores you can drop your old books include Point Loma thrift Store, North park Thrift Store, and City Heights Thrift Store.

  • Charity Organizations in San Diego

If you want your used books to be read and enjoyed again in Sandiego, you donate them to charity organizations.

They used such books to change the lives of people going through difficult times. You can search for a nearby charity organization in San Diego through the DonationTown.Org. Website.

  • Local Library

Some local libraries in San Diego accept books donation with permission to use the books as they want. Whether to sell and raise funds for the library or keep them in its collections.

However, there’re specific guidelines you’ll need to comply with when donating books at local libraries in San Diego. Such policies vary from one library facility to the next.

Additional Places to Donate Old Books

Beyond the places listed above, there’re several additional spots you can donate your old books in San Diego.

They include School Community Book Drive, Neighborhood Little Library, Local Museum, and Neighborhood Thrift Stores.

Books that You Shouldn’t donate in San Diego

You must know that certain books aren’t accepted. Many facilities in San Diego don’t buy wet books and magazines.

Also, books and papers that have turned brown are often recommended to be thrown in the recycling bin. This is because such damaged articles have no monetary value in the market.

Procedures for Donating Books in San Diego

The steps taken to donate books in San Diego vary amongst collectors. However, you can donate books to certain facilities in a few steps.

First, schedule a donation pickup online. Several book collectors have scheduling forms online. Fill out the form and pick a suitable date or day.

Next, leave the bags or boxes of books outside your apartment. But ensure you label them. Their pickup personnel will come and pick them up whether you’re home or not.

This is what we have for you regarding book donations in San Diego. The above establishments are suitable if you have a pile of old books and want to know where to donate them.