Now, where do you donate old paints? There’re several options.

We’ll tell you where to donate paint for a charity near you. After we’ve answered your question, we’ll like you to know how to identify an expired color. Of course, you don’t want to donate harmful paint to charity.

After that, you’ll also learn how to dispose of dead paint.

Let’s get on without discussion.

Paint Donation Near Me

What do you do with your leftover paint cans? Throw them in landfills or save them for possible touch-ups? When paints go wrong, you must dispose of them.

But throwing old paint in landfills inappropriately can harm the environment. Why not consider donating them to charity? It’s the best way to recycle old paint while helping the community.

Places You Can Donate Paint for Charity

There are several options if you’re looking for where to donate paint to charity. You can start by taking it to non-profit organizations and missionary groups.

They collect leftover paint from diverse sources to renovate orphanages, schools, sports centers, homeless shelters, veterans homes, and more.

  • Community Organizations that Work with Kids

Your leftover paint will be resourceful if you donate to a high school or community drama club. Most of these establishments work on a limited budget.

As such, they need paint to execute various kinds of projects. Such projects could be creating sets and scenery or other aesthetic projects.

  • Homeless Shelters

Buying paint is not a significant priority for homeless shelters.

Their attention is always focused on handling basic and security needs. But they still need paint. Your paint can be used in renovation projects, as said earlier.

Kits in these facilities can as well used for their arts.

  • Local Scouts Groups

Like community organizations, local scouts groups also work on a limited budget. They got young boy scouts who are zealous and eager to work on community service projects.

But the capacity to afford paint is there. Therefore, no matter how few or many colors you have, it will go a long way. They can use it to paint benches in parks, markets, and other commercial centers.

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore

This is a famous firm that accepts donations of used paints.

Those paints are used to set up decent places for people to live. In other instances, they resell them at the ReStore to benefit the organization.

However, before you donate your old paint, you’ll need to research whether your local branch offers this program. Most often, they accept colors strictly on appointment.

  • Police Athletic League (PAL), Centers

Children are also allowed to participate in many creative activities here. Painting is one of their after-thought. They need more funds to achieve their targets.

If you donate used paints, children in this creative center can use them well. They usually create an outlet for painting murals, classroom painting, and weight room.

  • Low-Income Areas

If you stay around camps or localities full of people with low earnings, you can consider taking your old paints to them. Virtually all of them live on a tight budget.

Thus, they don’t save an extra penny for colors.

While your leftover paints can help renovate their houses, they can also give a new life to picnic tables, benches, etc. On the other hand, you can volunteer to help paint parks and other recreational departments.

Goodwill Doesn’t Accept Paint Donations

Quite a lot of folks have been asking whether Goodwill accepts paint donations or not. If you happen to be one of them, today you’ll walk away with a satisfactory answer.

Yes, Goodwill accepts donations of various items and resells them. But they don’t get such contributions when it comes to leftover paint.

This is because of the toxic chemicals used in formulating such paints.

How Do I Know a Paint Has Gone Bad?

Since nothing lasts forever, you should know that your leftover paint can go wrong, no matter your storage level.

Typically, latex paints can last up to 10 years, while oil-based paint can stay up to 15 years. to identify if your color has expired, there’re a few viable approaches.

Firstly, use your nose to perceive the scent of the paint. Expired paints usually erupt a robust stinky smell. Next, you mix the paint to see whether the particles have separated from the solvent.

If it blends back smoothly, it means you can reuse it. You can also confirm the status of your paint by brushing a bit of it on cardboard.

If you want to dispose of your lousy paint, the following section will guide you. But if otherwise, you’ll still see some options for donation.

Disposing Expired Paint

How to dispose of old paint depends on the type of paint you’re dealing with.

It would be best if you dried non-oil-based paint. If your old color isn’t much, you can pop off the lid and leave it open. If the sun is too hot, you can add cat litter, sand, or sawdust.

This is to facilitate the absorption of moisture in the paint.

However, if you’re dealing with a larger quantity of paint, you can line cardboard and dump the paint. Once the paint is thoroughly dried, you can toss it in the trash.

Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with oil paint, the approach for disposal is solidly different. Because the color is considered hazardous, it’s primarily disposed of by the government.

Alternatively, you can take it to dangerous waste vendors. Some municipalities host hazardous household waste collection events. You can attend one to know what exactly you can dump.

Regulations Regarding Paint Disposal

Each local municipality has its unique regulations regarding paint disposal.

Thus, before you step toward disposing of unwanted paint/expired paint, you’ll need to know your local municipality’s regulations.

Take, for instance, some communities that demand you take your old paint to an approved drop-off location. Others might allow you to dispose of yourself.

It’s eco-friendly to donate paints to charity than dumping them in regular waste. As we’ve highlighted earlier on, throwing colors in landfills is hazardous.

Instead of wondering what to do with your leftover paint, you can donate them to the above organizations. You’ll attract a lot of heavenly blessings.